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Thesaurus Palaeohibernicus, Volume II  (1903) 
Whitley Stokes and John Strachan, eds.
Broccán’s hymn

[ 327 ]V. BroccIn's Hymn.

Locus huius ymni Sliab Bladma, i Chluain* m6r M6ed6c. Perso Broccdn" Cloen. Tempus Lugdach*' raeic Loegaire rfg H6renn^ ocus Ailella mac Dunlange rig Lagen. Causa .i. Ultan Airdbreccain^ aaite 5 dorothlaig fair co roinnised' ferta ^rigte trea chumbair itibriathar*' cuibdius fileta'* arise""* Ultan rochomthinoil ferta Brig^e ule'.

The place of this hymn was Slieve Bloom, or Cluain Mor Moedoc ; the person Broccan the squinting ; the time, of Lugaid son of Loegaire, King of Ireland, and of Ailill son of Dunlaing, king of Leinster ; the 10 cause, Ultan of Ardbreccan his tutor had requested him to relate all the miracles of Brigit compendiously (and) with poetic harmony, for it is Ultan who had collected all the miracles of Brigit.

Ni car"^ Brigit^ buadach' bith* • siasair'^ suide eoin* inailt^:
coMtuil cotlud cimmeda • ind n6eb"* ar dcnairc ammaicc^
15 Ni mor^ ndcnaig etade" • Trlnoit" con iiasaP hiris^*',
Brigit mathair morurech'*" • nime flatha ferr cinis^^
5 Nirbu ecnairc^, nirbu elc^ • nibu cair" banchath brigach^
nibu nathir*" bemnech"brecc • nl rir* mace De ar dibad®.

Victorious Brigit loved not the world ; she sat the seat of a bird on a cliff:
the saint slept a captive's sleep for the sake of her Son.
Not much to blame was found (in her)^ with the noble faith of the Trinity :
Brigit, mother of my Lord, of Heaven's Kingdom best was she born.
25 5 She was not absent (?), she was not evil, not dear (to her) was^C?) vehement women's war :
she was not a stinging speckled snake : she sold not God's Son for wealth.

1. .i. ni rochar 2. .i. hreosaigit 'they flame-seek' 3. .i. in bonis operibus T 4. .i. in hith 5. .i. rosaidestar^ 6. .i. auis uel lohan- 30 nis T, .L auis Eoin .i. in uirginitate F'"^ 7. .i. in altitudine (suae e)tati8 T, ingen ait i inailt in altitudine 'pleasing maiden' F™^ 8. .i, Crist T 9. .i. ni bu assa^ A. a hecnach ' it was not easy, i.e. to carp at her ' 10. .i. ...^ rohoi coniris uasail^^ na trinoite occai 'it is she who was with lofty faith of the Trinity with her' 11. .i. mororlg 'of my great 35 King' T 12. .i. is ferr rogenciir 'she was the best-born' T 1. .i. nibu^^ ecnaigthid .i. ni d'enad ecnach neich 'she was not a de- tractor, that is, she used not to detract from anyone ' 2. ,i. nibu olc 'she was not bad ' T, nirbo 1 nibu elcside I nibu emilt 'she was not evil, or she was not troublesome' F 3. .i. ni rocharastar cath (namban) mbronach 40 'she loved not the battle of the sorrowful women' T 4. .i. nirorecc'^ 'she sold not' 5. .i. ar indbas . . .daide 'for the wealth ' T [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13] [14] [15] [16] [17] [18] [19] [20] [21] [22] [23] [24] [25] [26] [27] [28]

[29] [ 328 ]

Nipu* for seotu^® santach • ^rnais'^' cenneim* cen mathim :
nirbu*^ chalad^ oessachtach • nicair* indomuin® cathim".
Nibo^ fri oigthea*^ acher" • cainbdi*^'^ fri lobru triiagu**'^ :
10 for maig" arutacht'^^ cathir^^ • dollaid^" ronsnade^^^ sltiagu".
Nibu" airgech° airsldbe^ • genais^ for med6n^ maige : 5
amra^ d.rad" do thuathaib • d'ascnam^* flatha Matcc Maire.
Amra* sdmud* sanctBrigte^ • amra Plea^ conh6ala"^ :

She was not greedy for treasures^; she gave without gall, without abatement :
she was not hard, penurious: she loved not to enjoy the world, lo
She was not harsh to guests : gentle was she to the wretched sick :
10 on a plain she built a convent: may it protect hosts into the Kingdom !
She was not a milkmaid of a mountain-side ; she wrought in the midst of a plain :
wondrous was the ladder to peoples to attain the Kingdom of Mary's Son.
Wondrous was St Brigit's congregation : wondrous was Plea to which it went :

6. .i. nirho^ santach fri seutu 'she was not greedy with regard to *o treasures' 7. .i. roernastar^ 8. .i. cew imcZergrac? 'without putting to the blush' 8a. .i. nirhi gand^ 'she was not niggardly' 9. ni rochar in domun T, ni rochar F 10. .i. caithem^ in domuin di fein quidem** ' the consumption of the world by herself 11. A. fergach feochur 'angry or fierce' T, ferchach fechuir acer .i. a^hir .i. ira F '5 12. .i. cdin nobiid ' good she used to be' T 13. .i. airchisecht na loh{ar) truag 'compassionating the wretched sick' T'^" 14. .i. Laigen 'of Leinster' T 15. .i. rochumtaig 'built' 16. .i. cell dara 'Kildare' T 17. .i. de 'of God' 18. .i. Brigit i ciuitas

1. .i. gniis bonum 'she did honutn' T 2. .i. inchathir I Brigif"^ 3© 'the convent or Brigit' 3. A. doathascnam 4. .i. bona 5. .i. a sancto 6. Am.ra Plea .i. Bl(asantia) .i. cathir sen fil do Brigit in Italia ; 1 Plea, cathir fil do Brigit for Muir Icht, -j ise a hard side fil ic muintir Br(igte)...^t sic factum est id .i. Brigit rofoid morfeisiur uadi CO rRoim d^oglaim uird Petair j Poil, ar narocomleced di fein o Dia 35 a techt • Intan doroactatar co Brigit, ni romar oenfocul occu dia nurd • 'Hofitir Mac na hingene,' ar Brigit, 'ni mor uar tarba, cid morfor sathar.' Misit iterum alios .vii. uiros 7 similiter contigit eis quam primis ; 7 tunc misit alios .vii. uiros 7 a m&c dallse leo, arcachni nochluned sede ha mebuir leis focetoir • Intan tra rossiactatar co Muir let, tanic anfud doib 40 fair corralsat sis anchoram ; rolend ar hendchopor in derthaige, co rolaset chrandchor inter se im techt sis, conid don dull dorala tect sis • 7 exiuit 7 absoluit ille anchoram et stetit andsein cocend mbliadne icfoglaim ind uird, CO doruachtatar infiallach aile cucai anair, co tarla anfud mor doib [30] [31] [32] [33] [34] [35] [36] [37] [38] [39] [40] [41] [42] [43] [44] [45] [46] [47] [48] [49] [50] [51] [52] [53] [54] [55] [56] [57]

[58] [ 329 ]

bahden im Christ* congaba* • dal^ as chomtig" fri dama*^^
15 F6^ huair®" congab'* Mace caille* • caille os chinn* sanctBrigte :

'twas only about Christ the meeting that is customary with
In a lucky hour Mac Caille held the veil over Brigit's head :

heus isin hale c^tna, co rolasat anchoram sis adhuc, co tanic in 7»ac dall leo anis co nurd celebartha illius ecclesiae secum ad se ; 7 tuc leis clocc anis cucu, 7 ise clocc in «laic daill indiu in clocc sein ic muiniir Brigte, j ise ord fil occu int ord tuc in dall leis Plea, ' .i. Placentia, 10 a convent which Brigit has in Italy. Or Plea, a convent which Brigit has on the sea of Wight, and it is its Rule that the folk of Brigit have. Et etc. Brigit sent from her seven men to Rome to learn the Rule of Peter and Paul, since she herself was not permitted by God to go. When they got to Brigit, not a single word of their Rule 15 remained with them. 'The Virgin's Son knows,' said Brigit, 'your profit is not great, though your labour be great.' Misit etc. and her blind youth with them, for whatever he heard he remembered at once. So when they reached the Sea of Wight, a storm befell them upon it, and they let down their anchor. It stuck on the dome of the oratory, and they 20 cast lots among them for going down, and it fell to the blind youth to go down. Et...stetit there for a year learning the Rule, when the rest of the party reached him from the east. And there befell them a great storm again in the same place, and they cast anchor again. Their blind youth came to them from below with the Rule of celebration illius etc. And he 25 brought with him from below a bell to them, and that bell belonging to Brigit's folk to-day is the bell of the blind youth; and the Rule they have is the rule which the blind youth brought from Plea ' F""^ 7. .i. roealai .i. as a hard rocdinhui co brig, ' departed, that is, from her Rule, which was fair with might' T, .i. icoanual F 8. .i. ba im Crist aoenur io roboi aggabud corogabastar .i. conerbailt^ 'it was about Christ alone was her..., or co rogabastar i.e. till she died' 9. .i. as gnathach fri hegeda^ 'which is customary towards guests' TF, t ba menic a dalsi fri truagu ' or her meeting with the wretched was frequent ' T

1. .i. maith in sen' 'good (was) the hap' 2. .i. Fofuair .i. in tan 35 ropo ail do Brigit grad nathrige do thabairt fuin'i, luid tra. co Cruachan Bri Ele inUib Failge, o rochtuila epscop Mel do bith and 7 morfeisiur challech immalle fria ; 7 intan rancatar, ni robai int epscop ara ciund acht dochuaid i crich Ua Neil fothuath ■ Luid si dixx. iarnabdrach 7 M-ac caille d' eolus rempe dar Moin Faichnig folhuaith, 7 dorigne Dia corbo mag 40 minscotach in moin • rancatar tra i comfocraib cosin baile i rrabi epscop Mel, asbert Bngit fri Mac caille go rosudiged calle dar a cend, arna digsed cen fial dar a cend cosna cleircib ; 7 coinad e sen caille foraitkmentar • lar riachtain dissi dano issin tech i rrabai epscop Mel, rolas coluiii tentide assa cind coclethe na hecailse • Atcondairc tra, epscop Mel sen 7 roiarfaig : 45 ' caiche na caillecfui't arse • Asbert Mac caille fris : 't« hi sen,' arse, 'in caillech irdirc a Laignib .i. co Brigit (sic) ' Mocen di,' ol epscop Mel, ' is mese dosrairgert intan boi i mbroind a mitiat/iar,' ar se, — .i. fecJU dochuaid epscop Mel do tig Dubtliaig, atcondairc setig fo brbn ; roiarfaig : ' ced das in ben maith ' 1 arse ; ' ata limsa adbar,' arsi, ' ar is tochu la Z)u6thach in 50 chumalsen Jil ic indlat duibsi annaas mese.' 'Is deithber duitsiu on,' ar epscop Mel, 'ar fogenaid do silsu do sil na cumaile.' — 'Cid dia tancatar na [59] [60] [61] [62] [63] [64] [65] [66] [67] [68] [69] [ 330 ]caillecha ille?' ar epscop Mel. ^ Dothabairt grad aithrige,' ar Ma^ caille. ^Dober sa on,' ar epscop Mel. larsein tra. doerlegait gradafuirri, 7 is grad ejoscuip dorala do epscop Mel do thabairtfor Brigit, ciarbo grad athrige nama rop ail disi fein ; 7 is andsein rochongaib Mac caille caille uas cind Brigte, ut ferunt periti ; 7 is dosen dliges coinarba Brigte do gres grad n-ejoscuip 5 Juirri 7 honoir epscuip : Cein robas ic erlegind grad Juirrise, is amlaid roboi, 7 coss na haltore na Idini ; 7 roloscthe secht necailse forin chois sein, 7 ni rolosced hi and • Dicunt alii commad i Feraib Telech nobeth ind eclas i tarla grada for Brigit ; 1 is inAi-dachud epscuip Mel ata, ut alii dicunt. larsen tra ropi-idchai epscoip Mel .uiii. biate euangelii doib anoctor caillech 10 iar ndul doib ule fo gradaib, 7 doraiga each, ai dib a biait ; doraiga dano Brigit biait na trocars • Is and asber^ na tomelad biad cen (joraicept) di reme dogres; 7 Nait Fraig (ise) robo fer legind disi o sen amach, 7 do Feraib Turbi doside, ' When Brigit desired to have the order of penitence conferred on her, she went to Cruachan Bri Ele in Offaly, since she had 15 heard that bishop Mel was there, together with seven nuns. And when they arrived, the bishop was not there to meet them, but he had gone northward into the district of Hiii Neill. So on the morrow she went, with Mac Caille to guide her, northward over the Bog of Faichnech. And God so wrought that the bog became a smooth flowering mead. 20 Now when they drew nigh to the stead wherein was bishop Mel, Brigit bade Mac Caille place a veil over her head, so that she might not go to the clerics without a veil over her head. And that would be the veil which is commemorated. After she had arrived in the house wherein was bishop Mel, a fiery column flamed out of her head up to the ridge- 25 pole of the church. And bishop Mel beheld that, and asked : ' Who are the nuns?' said he. Mac Caille said to him: 'That,' said he, 'is the famous nun from Leinster, even Brigit.' 'My welcome to her,' said bishop Mel. ' It is I who foretold her, when she was in her mother's womb,' said he. (Once on a time when bishop Mel had gone to the house 30 of Dubthach, he saw (his) wife in grief. He asked : ' what ails the good woman.' 'I have reason,' said she, 'for the handmaid who is washing your feet is preferred to me by Dubthacli.' 'That is fitting for thee,' said bishop Mel, 'for thy seed shall serve that of the handmaiden.') 'Where- fore have the nuns come hither 1' said bishop Mel. 'To have the order 35 of penitence conferred,' said Mac Caille. 'I will confer it,' said bishop Mel. So thereafter the orders were read out over her, and it came to pass that bishop Mel conferred on Brigit the episcopal order, though it was only the order of penitence that she herself desired. And it was then that Mac Caille held a veil over Brigit's head, ut ferunt periti. And 40 hence Brigit's successor is always entitled to have episcopal orders and the honour due to a bishop. While the order was being read over her, thus she was, with the foot of the altar in her hand. And seven churches were burnt over that foot, and it was not burnt there Others say that the church in which Brigit was ordained was in Fir Telech. Or it is in 45 Ardagh of bishop Mel, ut alii dicunt. So after that bishop Mel preached the eight beatitudes of the Gospel to the eight nuns, after they had all been ordained, and each of them chose her beatitude. Now Brigit chose the beatitude of mercy. On that occasion she said that she would never partake of food without being previously preached to, and Natfraich was 50 lector to her always from that time forward, and he was of the Fir Turbi"' F™*^ 3. ,i. rochongaib T 4. .i. mac mathair side do epscop Mel J ise side rosen caille for cenn niBrigte. Mac caille ro(s)gaib in caille ipsa) ciund cein roboi Mel oc senad inna cail{leY, 'he was brother to bishop Mel, [70] [71]

[72] [ 331 ]

ba raenn*' inna himthechtaib • for nirn rocloss^ a hitge".
DIa nodguidiu^ fri cech tress*^ • nach mod- rosasat®* mo beoil,
domnu* murib m(5o' turim' • triar, oenfer^, amru sceoil*^®.
Fua chni' don chath"* Coemgen^"* cloth** • snechta' triasfn
5 luades gdeth"»:

it was clear in her goings that her prayer had been heard in Heaven.
"God, I beseech Him" for every struggle, in every way that my lips
can reach :
deeper than seas, greater than count, three Persons, one Person,
lo wonder of a story!"
Under his hut was the sage", famous Coemgen, whom the wind
drove (thither) through a snowstorm.

and he it is who blessed the veil on Brigit's head. Mac Caille held the veil above her head, while Mel was blessing the veil ' T 5. .i. ba ^i/olliis 'was clear'

1. .i. notguidim T, .i. nodyudim F 2. .i. cechmod T, .i. nod mod F 3. A. roseset^ 4. .i.y?tc?M?»?iwi quam mare 'deeper than the sea' 5. .i. quam potest homo eum narrare T 6. .i. Amra sceoil .1. adainra scelaib in seel sa dano ' this tale is more wonderful than tales ' 20 prng 6. .L don struith ' to the sage ' T, don chad .i. dont sruith 7 a cades dictus est ca.dus 7 cad uaidside .uii hUadna. roboi Coemgen inna sessam i Glind da Locha acht clar foi namd, 7 se cen chotlud frisin re sin ut ferunt inna crosfigill co ndernsat na heoin a nnitu inna glacaib ut ferunt, ' and cad from it. Seven years was Coemgen standing in Glendalough,

  • 5 with only a board under him, and he without sleep during that time, as

they say, in his cross-vigil, so that the birds made their nests in his hands' F"*» 7. .i. coem in gen i agin .i. a drech, t maith aerlabra 'fair the smile, or his mouth, i.e. his face, or his speech was good' F 8. noihercanad Brigit do Choemgen chaith airdirc conidluaithfed gceth tre Z° snechta 7 tre sin fonchro inGlinn Da Locha • arised innister corabdi Coentgend cocenn .uii. 6/iadan inna sessam cen chotlud, 7 cro a chubalfein imbi inarda, (n)o coniad athrec tantum (n)ofeib robai Coemgen (/)on chro cen chotlud, sic {n)i rabai sanct Brigit [s)ttanach ' Brigit used to pro- phesy to Coemgen sage, illustrious, that a wind through snow and storm 35 would drive him under his hut in Glendalough. For this is related that Coemgen was standing to the end of seven years without sleep and the hut his own length about him on high, or it may have been ... tantum. Or as Coemgen was under his hut without sleep, so Saint Brigit was not given to sleep' T^^ 8a. .i. clotliach .i. airdirc 'famous, i.e. illustrious' 40 9. Luades gaeth A. roluadestar in gaeth snechto^ tre sin do tothacht • iar- comairc sen ar is imedon na trilect dobQvtar a.nte quod non additur in fine 'the snowy wind drove (him) through the coming of a storm. That belongs to the end of the line (?), for that is put in the middle of the ... ante quod etc.' F"««  [73] [74] [75] [76] [77] [78] [79] [80] [81] [82] [83] [84] [85] [86] [87] [88] [89]

[90] [ 332 ]

InGlinn* Ai,^ loch" c6sta° croch • conidnarlaid" sith iarsaeth'^'l
Nibu sanctBrigit suanach^'-^* • nibu uarach^^ ira seirc D^.
sech ni cmir»=* ni cossena'^" • ind noeb dibad'^ bethad*" ce^«.
Andorigenai in rl • dofertaib^ ar sanct Brigti",
madorontai ardiine" • cairm°^ icualaP cluas nach bi*^.
25 ^Cetna thogairt dia foided"" • la cetim* hi fenamaiti^,

20 In Glendalough a cross was suffered, till peace came to him after
Saint Brigit was not drowsy, she was not intermittent* about the love
of God : ro
the holy one neither bought nor sought the profit of the present
What the King has wrought of miracles for Saint Brigit,
if it has been wrought", for any (other) one, where hath ear of any
one alive heard (it)? i5
25 When the first dairying^ was sent with the first butter in a hamper,

10. .i. da locha F 11. .i. co roairlestar 'took counsel for' T, •i. conairtnig F 12. .i. ar ngcdur^ i iar saethur 'after disease or after labour '

1. sic sancta Brigida fuit sicut Coemgen F la. .i. cotuUach 'given to 20 sleep' F 2. .i. nibu^ iarnuaraib nohld 7 tan cele nadbid^ sere De occi' sed semper habebat, ' it was not at times there was, and at another time there was not, the love of God with her sed etc. TF'"^, .i. ni hi nuairib sercc De aice acht dogves ' her love for God was not at times but always,' F 3. .i. nirochren 4. .i. ni rochosnastar 5. .i. indbas ^.s ' wealth ' T 6. A. in domuin chentar T, i. centarach F 7. .i. cennadarf^^ fona fertaib inso^^ sis 'this below is a pillow under the miracles' 8. .i. ubi T, .i. cid cairm .i. ubi F

1 . Cetna ^ogairt : feet tanie int angel go Brigit co ros/oid do fuaslucud a mathar roboi icon druid .i. mac Midrui esside. Do Chonnachtaib a 30 tnathair side 7 do feraib Muman a athair, 7 i mMaig Fenamna in Cliach roboi side indinbaidsin . Intan dano rosiact Brigit coi'rici sen, is and roboi a Tnathair inggalur sida ieond inis, co ndeochaid si 7 ara in druad le dochom a mmathar corragaib si in cucnecht da hes 7 co ndenad deire moir dend airliud, 7 rochuala in drui sen . Luid int ara dia thig . 35 ^Cinnas,' ar in drui, 'atathar icond inis?' 'Am buidechsa ce^us,' ar int ara, ' 7 at remra na loeg, 7 it buidig na hoegid ' ; Ocus robo olc lasin druid 7 la mnai in dearc do denam do Brigit, co tancatar 7 ruse mor leo do gabail etm,a [91] [92] [93] [94] [95] [96] [97] [98] [99] [100] [101] [102] [103] [104] [105] [106] [107] [108] [109] [110] [111] [112] [113] [114]

[115] [ 333 ]

nisgaib* do rath a' h6eged • nlsdigaib allenamain*.

it kept her not from bounty" to her guests; their attachment
was not diminished.

for BHgit 7 dia doerad iarsein mani het&r im imda acce . 7 ni robe 5 immorro accese acht torud co lleith, co raigaib se in rand sa :

          Mo culese
          cule Fiadat find,
          cule rohentiacli mo ri
          cule CO nni ind.
«o 7 dixit iterum
          Ti Msic Maire mo chara
          do henna{chod mo chule) ;
          Jlaith in domain co immel,
          robe immed la sude.
15 7 dixit tertio
          A mmo ruri se
          connic na hulese,
          bennach, a De — nucdl cen geiss —
          dot laim dels in culesa.

roraind intorod "^ sub numero Trinitatis ; letorud tra tuicsi asin chulid. ' Is maith^ ar ben in druad, ' do liyiad ruisc moir indsen.' ' Linaid-si /or ruse' ar Brigit, '7 dobera Via ni ind' ^ sen in drui 7 abeii , 'once an angel came to Brigit, and sent her to release her mother who was with the wizard, named Mac Midrui. Her mother was of 15 Connaught and her father of the men of Munster, and she was at that time in Mag Fenamna in Cliach. Now when Brigit got as far as that, her mother was with an eye-disorder at the milking-yard. Brigit went with the wizard's charioteer to her mother, and took the cooking in her stead, and she used to perform great charity with the wealth ; and the wizard 30 heard that. The charioteer went home. ' How is it at the milking- place ? ' said the wizard. ' I am contented in the first place,' said the charioteer, 'and the calves are fat, and the guests are contented.' And the wizard and his wife were displeased that charity was wrought by Brigit. So they came, with a large hamper, to get a chance*' at Brigit 35 and to enslave her afterwards unless plenty of butter were found with her. And yet she had only the produce of a churning and a half. So she repeated this stave : 'My store-room, a store-room of fair God, a store- room which my King has blessed, a store-room with somewhat therein.' And she said again: 'May Mary's son, my Friend, come to bless my 40 store-room ! The Prince of the world to the border, may there be plenty with Him !' And she said a third time : 'O my Prince, who hast power over all these things ! Bless, O God — a cry unforbidden — with Thy right hand this store-room ! ' She parted the churnings (into three) sub etc. A half-churning she then brought out of the store-room. 'That is good to 45 fill a big hamper!' said the wizard's wife. 'Fill ye }'our hamper,' said Brigit, 'and God will put somewhat therein' ...' F™« 2. fdn douc a bantigema chuci dond arge ar chend imbi, * a waggon which her mistress [116] [117] [118] [119] [120]

[121] [ 334 ]

Allucht saille* iarsuidiu • fescor^ — ba hard^ in^coscur^ —
sech ba sdthech'^ in cu de • ni® bu bronach int oscur^
Lathe^^ buana^di^ madbocht® • ni frith* locht and" lam chr^bdig'^
30 ba tair™" coidchi" inna^gort • fonmbithP ferais anbig^> ""l
Epscoip^ dodaascansat*^ • nirbo' diuir"^ in gabud di, 5

Her charge of bacon after this, at evening — high was the triumph —
though the hound was satisfied therefrom, the company was not
On her day of reaping good reaping was there ; no fault was found
there by my pious one : lo
30 till evening there was dry weather in her field, throughout the world
rain poured.
Bishops who visited her, not trifling was the danger to her,

brought to her to the herding-place for butter' T 3. .i. do biathad bocht 'from feeding the poor' T 4. A. in lenamain tucsat oegid fuirri 'the 15 attachment which the guests shewed to her' T

1. .i. ba 7)ior 'was great' T 2. .i. in mirbail 'the marvel' T 3. .i. int oegi .i. int ascurda i intuata i in...cugud t in"^ gnim dorigne Brigit oc tabairt in biid don^ choin, 'the guest i.e. the or the peasant or the deed which Brigit did in giving the food to 20 the dog' 4. Lathe : % T'lr na bennact ic Airiud Boinne i toeb Cluana haird doronad in firt sa I ic Domnuch 7nor i toeb Cille dara .i. Jiechud in each inud 7 turad i ngort Brigte, ' one day : in the ' Land of the Bene- diction' at Aired Boinne beside Clonard, or at Domnach Mor beside Kildare, this miracle was wrought, to wit, wetness in every other place and 15 dryness in Brigit's field' F™^ 5. .i. maith roboinged 'well was it reaped' T, Madbocth .i. maith roboinged, ut quidam poeta dixit :

          Do bargen
          o fotira foss nui
          dianastabra d! oegedaib
          mad bocth dia chuslind chu.
          Nochotabrad do duine
          ni Triad coire ract dia buain
          in {ni 1) maith seis dia June r"*« 35

6. .i. la Brigit 'with Brigit' 7. .i. ba terad 'it was dry weather' T, ba toerad. chaidche 'it was dry till evening' F"»» 8. .i. snigi an 'splendid raining ' T, .i. Jiechud mor ' great rain ' F'"^

1. Epscuip .i. 'Uii- nepscoip tan'catar co Brigit a Huib Briuin Chualand o Thelaig na ne.pscoTp sainrud co Gill dara ; corroiarfaig Brigit 4° dia coic .i. do Blathnait, in raba biad acci. Ilia dixit: 'non.' 7 robot imloscud la Brigit ani hisen .i. gen biad occi illis; connerbairt int aingelfri Blathnait co tucad na bu co Loch Lemnachta fri Gill dara atuaith dia mblegon, da robligte/odi reme • Tuctha din na bai 7 robligtea, condeochaid in loim darna lestraib, 7 nolinfates cid lestru Lagen ule dobertais chuccu ; 45 [122] [123] [124] [125] [126] [127] [128] [129] [130] [131] [132] [133] [134] [135] [136] [137] [138] [139] [140] [141] [142] [143]

[144] [ 335 ]

Mainbad* — fororaid"* in ri — • blegon inna mho fo thri.
Argairt^'^ lathe^ anbige*^* • cdercha*^ for medda r^de' :

but for — the King helped — the milking of the cows thrice.
On a day of rain she herded sheep in the middle of a plain :

et unde siagnum nomen accepit, ' seven bishops who came to Brigit out of Hui Briuin Chualann, from Telach na n-Epscop (' Bishops' Hill ') in particular, to Kildare. Brigit asked of her cook Blathnat whether she had food. She said ' No.' And Brigit was greatly ashamed of that, to wit, that she had no food for them. An angel told Blathnat to take the io cows to Loch Lemnachta ('the Lake of New Milk'), to the north of Kildare, to milk them, though they had been milked twice before. So the kine were brought and were milked till the milk came over the vessels, and they would have filled them, had all the vessels of all Leinster been brought to them ' F""^ 2. .i. roathascansatar'^ 3. .i. nihu bee 15 t^ nibu dereoil 'it was not small, or it was not mean' 4. manifortach- taiged ' had He not helped ' T, .i. mani fured F

1. roingair 2. Jr^^airt: .i. hoi Brenaind .iiii. i^iadna for muir oc iarrair Tire Tarngere ■ Boi heist icoa lenamain frisin re sin i ndiaid in churaig • Fecth and tanic heist aile cud dia marhad, co roattaig in heist 20 Brenaind 7 noebu Erend olchena frisin heist ole, 7 ni rosanact co roattaig Brigit; co nerhairt Brenaind iarsen na biad ni fod siriu fov muir nocofessad cidara ndernad ar Brigit infirt sa sech each • Tanic iarum Brenaind for set do soegid Brigte 7 rofoilsiged do Brigit anisen ■ Is and rohoi Brigit an tan sen ic ingaire cairech i Cuirriuch Liphe, co ndeochaid i comdail Breneiind 25 CO Domnach mor fri Cill aniar, co rohennach each dlb dia chele • Ic lice brenaind lo iarsin isin tes foceird^ Brigit a eoeholl fliuch forstia goo grene 7 stetit form ■ Atrubairt Brenaind fria^ gilla achochull do chur forro, CO torchair dih fa di • foceird brenaind fein in tres feet co feirg, 7 tarrasair Jovru tunc • Roiarfaig Brigit dia coic cia met roboi occa do biud • 30 Atbertside na rahai occa acht oen octmad gT&in eorna • Rucad iarum do^ muliund Hatha Cathair fit fri Cil dara anair fa di 7 foremthes a hleith and, ar is and dorala Elill mac Dunlaing rl Lagen ind inbaid sin ic Rath Cathair • Dochuaid dano timthirid Brigte in tres feet, co rolad i llinne in inulind cona bide; conid iarsen dorat Brigit hrethir for Raith Cathair cona 35 be^ de na tente na doene inti co bi'ath, 7 co ndechaid in mtdend ule fon talmain ■ Tvx: tra timtirid Brigte a hole asin linne^ 7 a leth aile do msin bracha, co ndernad fed desen do Brenaind 7 do Brigit 7 dia muntir, CO rabatar • xxx • lathe ic tomailt na flede sen simul ; 7 co tarat each dih a ehobaii dia eele • Asbert Brenaind ar thus na deochaid riam o rogab crabud 40 dar -uil- nimmaire cen a menmain inDia. ^ Is mnith,' ol Brigit, 'Deo gratias ago.' Asbert immorro Bi-igif^ a menmain inDia, na tue ass etir • A(^a^mraigid /brenaind innisen; ^budfer dii,' ol Brenaind 'cia noderseaigthe 8u dinne a each leth. Sic narrauit ei omnia quae in mare a bestiis audiuit, 7 doronsat iarsen' ' Brendan was four years at sea seeking 45 the Land of Promise. During that time a monster was following him behind his boat. Once another monster came to it to slay it. The [145] [146] [147] [148] [149] [150] [151] [152] [153] [154] [155]

[156] [ 336 ]

scarais' iarum^ a forbrat^ • i taig for desleinn*^ gr^ne.
35 In macc^ ainnas^ rodasgaid^* • Brigtse*' ar ecnairc a rrlg*,

she afterwards spread'* her mantle in the house on a sunbeam,
35 The fierce lad, who had besought Brigit for her King's sake,

monster besought Brendan and the other saints of Ireland against the 5 other beast, and that protected it not till it besought Brigit. After that Brendan said that he would be no longer at sea till he knew why this miracle had been wrought for Brigit and not for others. Then Brendan set out to go to Brigit, and that was revealed to Brigit. At that time Brigit was herding sheep in the Curragh of the Lifiey. She went to 10 meet Brendan to Domnach Mor to the west of Kildare, and they greeted each of them the other. At Brendan's stone on the day after in the heat Brigit cast her wet cloak on the sunbeams, and it remained upon them. Brendan told his servant to put his cloak upon them, and it fell from them twice. The third time Brendan himself cast it with 15 anger, and then it remained upon them. Brigit asked her cook how much food she had. She said that she had only one eighth of barley grain. Then it was taken to the mill of Rath Cathair west of Kildare twice, and they would not grind it there, for Elill son of Dunlaing, king of Leinster, chanced to be there at that time at Rath Cathdir. Brigit's 20 servant went a third time, and he was cast into the mill-race along with his sack. Afterwards Brigit cursed "^ Rath Cathair that there should be neither smoke nor fires nor men in it for ever. And the whole mill sank beneath the earth. So Brigit's servant took his sack from the mill-race .... and its other half of meal of malt. Therewith a feast was made for 25 Brendan and for Brigit and for her household, and they were thirty days consuming that feast together. And each of them confessed to the other. Brendan said first that ever since he became pious he had never gone over seven furrows without his mind on God. 'It is well,' said Brigit, 'I thank God.' Brigit said however (that since she had fixed) her mind on 30 God, she had never taken it from Him at all. Brendan marvelled thereat.

  • It will be just then,' said Brendan, 'that thou shouldest surpass us in

every respect.' Sic etc. 'and which they had done' F 3. .i. illo 'on a day' T 4. A. Jlechuid moir 'of great wet' T, .i.Jlecud mor 'great wet' F 5. .i. imMaig Life 'in the plain of the Lifiey' 6. .i. scailis^ 'she 35 spread out' 7. .i. iarsen 'after that' F 8. .i. acocholl t secip etach uachtorcich archena^ ' her cloak, or any other upper garment whatso- ever' 9. .i. for desred .i. fovsna go grene rohdtar (in)a laini deis 'on (her) right hand, i.e. on the sunbeams that were in her right hand' T,/or deis les for deis [under the line]...acsi diceret ybma goo grene F 40

1. .i. in meirlech^ tanic co Brigit 'the robber who came to Brigit' 2. INmac amnas : ic Raith Derthaige i nHu[i]b Failge doronad in firt sa .i. tanic merlech co Brigit fo • uii • co mbered molt cech uare uadi do chair- chaib mnd Dubthaig, coroaitliferad for Brigit; conerbairt Brigit: ^fegaitse for caircha dus in marat ule ; rofegsat iarmn .i. Dubthsich 7 a ben, 7 45 fuaratar eat ule i corrdane cen esbaid neich ' at Rath Derthaige in Offaly [157] [158] [159] [160] [161] [162] [163]

[164] [ 337 ]

36 dobert" secht multu liade* • a tret** nisdigaib a llin.
Isdom" sous' matchous^'^ • a ndorig^nai" do maith.
amra^dl in fothrucud^^ • senta^' impe, baderglaid^
Senais* in caillig comail*"' • baslan cen neim cen galar^

36 carried off seven wethers from her; the number of her flock was not
It is of my knowledge if I relate all the good that she has done :
a marvel of hers was the bath ; she blesses it about her, it became
red ale.
lo She blessed the dropsical" nun; she was whole without poison, without

this miracle was wrought, to wit, a robber came seven times to Brigit, and he used to carry off from her every time a wether of the sheep of Dubthach's wife. Reproach was cast on Brigit. Brigit said : Look at 15 your sheep to see if they all remain. Then they, to wit Dubthach and his wife, looked, and they found them all complete without any missing ' B^* 3. .i. rogudestar T, .i. rogadestar .i. rogudestar F 4. .i. '■arin rig itai^ ecnarcMS, (tab)air ni dona {cair)chaib {d)am-sa^,^ olse, "'for the King who is interceding for thee (?), give me of the sheep,' said he " 20 5. .i. rue T, .i. roctis (?) F

1. .i. is dom dan ' it is of my art ' TF, .i. is dom filidecht ' it is of my poetic skill ' F 2. itiad dia ninnisiur^'^ ' if I relate ' 3. .i. maith 'good' T, Amra .i. maith. I Cilldara doronad in firt sa .i. dune trdag dia rodlect ri Lagen lind, 7 ni rahai adhar a denm,a co tdnic co Brigit • Is and «5 rohoi brigit i/othrucud ara cind, co roattaig in duine truag sin hise CO rocohrad e, co rosen Brigit iarsen infothrucud i rrahai co ndernai lind de 7 co tardad don dune iarsen 7 co tarait side dond rig ' at Kildare this miracle was wrought, to wit, there was a poor man on whom the king of Leinster had a claim for ale, and he had not wherewith to 30 make it up, so he came to Brigit. Brigit was in (her) bath when he came. The poor man besought her to help him. Then Brigit blessed the bath wherein she was, and made ale thereof. Afterwards it was given to the man, and he gave it to the king' F'"^ 4. .i. irraha sifein 'in which she herself was' T 5. .i. bennachais^ .i. rosenastar 'blessed' 6. .i. 35 6a litid derg" A. ba jlaith derg° 'it was red ale'

1. Senais .i. rosenastar F™* 2. .i. comaillig'^ 'dropsical' 3. .i. caillech irrabdi comaille dodeochaid co Brigit 7 rosic 'a nun in whom there was a dropsy came to Brigit and she healed her' T, .i. caillech roboi i CluMin Moiscna 7 comaille inti, co tarla Brigit dochuni na cille, co tanic 40 iarsen co Brigit 7 corbo glan iarum ' a nun who was in Cluain Moiscna and a dropsy in her. Brigit chanced to come to the church. She came to Brigit and was clean afterwards' F™» [165] [166] [167] [168] [169] [170] [171] [172] [173] [174] [175] [176] [177] [178]

[179] [ 338 ]

40 ba m(5* amru* arailiu • din" chloich dorigne saland'.
Ni rurimiu^' ni airmiu'*' • andorigenai ind n6ebduil®^:
bemiachais' in clarainech • comtar^ forr^ili^ adi s1iil^
Ingen amlabar^ dobert' • Brigtse" ba hoen^ a'amra:
44 ni luid a 11am™ assa° laim° • combos reiP a coralabra"".

40 'twas a marvel greater than any other; of the stone she has made
I cannot reckon, I count not what the holy creature hath done :
she blessed the flat-faced^ man, so that his eyes became visible.
A dumb girl was brought ; Brigit's miracle was unique :
44 her hand went not from her hand till her speech was clear.

4. .i. ha mode int amru firt aile do denam ' the marvel was the greater from the working of another miracle ' F 5. .i. i Cuirritich Liphi doronad in firt so .i. fer tanic sech JBrigit 7 saland /ova muin, conerhairt Brigit ris : 'cid fil fort?' 'Clocha,' olse. 'Bid ed,' ol Brigit • »5 rocomallad amlaid. S(te)tit ille qwic^ewi. Tanic dano iterum sech Brigit, et ilia dixit ei : 'cid fil fort muin?' 'Saland' olse. 'Bid ed,' ol Brigit ■ 7 rofirad amlaid 'in the Curragh of LifFey this miracle was wrought, to wit, a man came past Brigit with salt on his back. Brigit said to him: 'What is on thee?' 'Stones,' said he. 'It will be so,' said Brigit. 20 It was fulfilled even so. Stetit etc. He came again past Brigit, and she said to him: 'What is on thy back?' 'Salt,' said he. 'It will be so,' said Brigit. And it was verified even so ' F'"^ 6. .i. ni roairmius 'I have not counted' T, .i. ni etaim athurim '1 cannot recount it' F 7. .i. ni etaim a arim i ni airmim^ cecha ndernai^ do fertaih ' I cannot 25 count it, or I do not count all the miracles that Brigit has wrought' 8. .i. Brigit T, .i. induil noeh F 9. BennachahB in clarahxiech. .i. robennach. ICluain Ghorcaige inUih Failge doronad in firt sa .i. clam tucad CO Brigit, co nerbairt fris in torn luachra roboi inna arrad do thabairt asind inud i rraba, co tuc ass dano, co tanic topur usci assind 30 inud sin corrobroen/o agid corbo {sl)an, ' i.e. she blessed. In Cluain Corcaige in Offaly this miracle was wrought, to wit, a leper was brought to Brigit. She told him to take out the clump of rushes that was beside him from the place in which it was. So he took it out, and a well of water came from that place. He sprinkled it over his face 35 and was whole' F"»»

1. Ingen amlabar : i Cluain I. dorigned in firtsa: ingen amlabor tucad CO Brigit corragaib Brigit laim na hingine inna laim, 7 ni roleic se lam na hingine assa laim corbo /ollus a herlabra 'in Cluain ... this miracle was wrought. A dumb girl was brought to Brigit. Brigit took the 40 girl's hand in her own, and she let not the girl's hand go out of hers till her speech was plain ' F'"^ 2. .i. do fertaib Brigte ' of Brigit's miracles' T [180] [181] [182] [183] [184] [185] [186] [187] [188] [189] [190] [191] [192] [193] [194] [195] [196] [197] [198]

[199] [ 339 ]

Amra' tinne* s^nastar*' • ba nert D6 rodglinnestar*",
rob(5i mi Ian lasin coin" • incti nicon'^millestar.
Ba mo amru arailiu' • mir dotlucbestar^" dind lucht".
48 ni coin datha mmaforta** • brothach' focress* inna hucht**'.
5 In clam^ g^de"' ailgis' di^ • ba maith conidrualaid* do :

Marvellous the flitch that she blessed ; 'twas God's might that secured it.
it was a full month with the hound ; the hound marred it not.
'Twas a wonder greater than any other wonder, a bit that she
asked from the (cauldron's) charge,
lo 48 it spoiled not the colour of her scapular; (though) boiling' it was
thrown into her bosom.
The leper who begged a boon of her, 'twas well that
to him :

3. Amra (tinne) .i. tinne saille tucad disi inedbairt, i Cill Finnend i 15 Fine Gall doronad so, co narbo cuman lia muintirsi a breith leo do Cill dara, CO rabai andsin cu cend mis 7 cu ica comet, sech ni roleic do anrmmina cde corpud 7 niro " amaX no cat{h)eth ahaith cetna 'a flitch of bacon which was given to her as an oflfering. In Cell Finnend in Fingal this was wrought. Her people did not remember to bring it with them to Kildare. 20 And it was there till the end of a month and a dog guarding it. Not only did it allow no other animal to defile it (but it did not touch it itself), just the same (?) as if it had eaten its fill' F"'^ 4. .i. saille 'of bacon' T 5. .i. ^Hgit F 6. .i. roglinnig 7 rochomet in nasill 'guarded and preserved the joint' T, .i. roglinnig estar F

1. ba mode in tamra ailefris 'it was the greater of the other marvel (added to) it' F 2. rothothlaigestar^ T 3. .i. roboi isin chore 'which was in the cauldron' T, .i. dune truag rocunnig mir fov Urigit do{n)b{iad) roboi isin chore, 7 nirbo bruthe in biad and etir, co rochuinnig se for (a) lvx:ht (t)ria/eirc erchor don mir frisin du)ie, co tarla i 30 nucht Brigte, 7 ni rochoill aetach sen 'a poor fellow asked of Brigit a bit of the food that was in the cauldron, and the food in it was not at all cooked ; so he asked of her folk in anger cast a bit at the man and it fell into Brigit's bosom, and that spoiled not her dress' F 4. .i. nothad" sen, ondi as mafortis .i. copchaille^ .i. breit bis dar cend iCill 35 rd(^)...dano doronad infirt bee sa 'in the singular, that is her vest- ment from mafortis, that is coif, i.e. a strip of cloth which is over In Cell... this little miracle was wrought' F™« 5. .i. te 'hot' 6. .i. roland ' was cast ' T, .i. rolaad inna uct .i. i nuct Brigte ' it was cast into her bosom, that is, into Brigit's bosom ' F 7. .i. Brigte T

1. /?i clam .i. combad clam Patraic tanic co B(rigit) (do chuinchid) bo, 7 ni ragaib acht inbo ba ferr ininis Brigte do (j) in loeg b{a fe)rr . . 7 combad (e aV) loeg fen co robennach Brigit in loeg rob ferr isin buale co rochar in-bo e 7 . . . . don chlam iarsin, ' it may have been a leper of Patrick's who came to Brigit to ask for a cow, and he took none but the best cow 45 in Brigit'.s milking yard and the best calf So Brigit blessed the best calf in the byre, and the cow loved it ' F™*' 2. .i. roguid T, .i. roguid a ailgais F 3, aitge 'his prayer' T 4. .i. co roernestar'^ 'so that she gave ' [200] [201] [202] [203] [204] [205] [206] [207] [208] [209] [210] [211] [212] [213] [214]

[215] [ 340 ]

senais" forglu^ innaloeg* • carais" forglu inna^mbo.
Reraig^ iarum a carpat^ • fothuaith'^ do BrI® Cobthaig Coil^;
52 in loeg^ lia clam i carput • inb6 indiaid^ ind 16ig*^.
Indaim^ dodaascansat"^ • f6^ le(5 rodascload'* nech:
friu^ conuccaib' indoub^ • matain^ tancatar a tech'.

the choice of the calves she blessed; the choice of the cows loved (it).
She then directed her chariot northwards to Bri Cobthaig C6il :
52 the calf with her leper in the chariot : the cow after the calf.
The oxen which parted from her(?), it seemed good to them that
some one should turn them back : lo
the river rose against them ; in the morning they came home.

5. .i. rosenastar F 6. .i. togu ' choice ' T 7. .i. rocharastar in loeg togu^ nambo^ 'the choice of the cows loved the calf 1. .i, roraith° .i. roleic arith do do Bri 'permitted it to run to Bri' T, .i. Nadfraich fer legind Brigte .. (ro)b6i... uair nad rabi 15 int ara ifos, co tarla alaile cuci int co roattaig inni Brigit imnia lecud isin ass, 7 roleced som ind iarsen • Rocuinnig seom dano bain CO Brigit 7 doratad do acht icon loeg lee, rochuindig Brigit loeg nagebad no coroch robennach dano Brigit in loeg co tarda iarsin isin car . ... in loeg aid dar Erind dechsed • Reraig conimad n<5 20 F""^ 2. .i. proprium nomen loci iniBregaib T, bori Br eg Cobtach Coel, Natfraich dano is e ropo imthusid in charpait tunc 'Cobthach Coel was king of Bregia^ ; as to Natfraich, moreover, he was then the driver of the chariot' F

1. Indaim .i. cara tdnic co Brigit carad Mbr a Cuirriuch Liphe, 7 25 duthracht lais di coronasta Brigit occai inn aidche sein, co tallad a hesrech^ dia es 7 corucad co habaind Liphe, 7 co neracht friu ind aband co tartsatar na meirligh a netaige for adarca^ nandam oc tec[ht] doib tairse • Tecait in daim uadib for culu dia tig 7 tiagait dano do Cill dara co Brigit 7 etaige na merlech leo co Brigit, *a friend came to Brigit... it/or in the 30 Curragh of the Liflfey, and he desired of her that Brigit should be pledged (to stay) the night with him. In her absence her team was stolen and was brought to the river Liffey. The river rose against them, and the robbers put their clothes on the horns of the oxen as they crossed it. The oxen went away back to their home, and they came to Kildare to 35 Brigit, and the robbers' clothes with them' F™^ 2. .i. roathascansatar 3. .i. maith 'good' 4. .i. roscloised F 5. .i. tuargaib^ 6. .i. ind aband 'the river' 7. .i. Cell dara T [216] [217] [218] [219] [220] [221] [222] [223] [224] [225] [226] [227] [228] [229] [230] [231] [232]

[233] [ 341 ]

Scarais' ahech cenn abr^it** • intan dorertatar*" fo° f^n.
56 nibu leithlsel'^ in mam • maccD6 reraig* in rlglaim®'.
Tathich^' tore allaid a tret • fotliuaith^ dosephain^^ anoss'^
s^nais"^ BrigtY lia' bachaill • lia mucca gabais foss™.
5 Mugart* mucc meth di*~' dobreth-* • dar Mag Fea — ba amra" —

Her horse severed when they ran (?) down a slope :
56 the yoke was not down on one side : God's Son stretched forth
the royal hand.
A wild boar haunted her herd : northwards the beast" (?) drove it :
»o Brigit blessed him with her crozier; with her swine he took up his
Mugari a fat pig was given to her : over Mag Fea — 'twas a marvel —

1. Scarais .i. ic doronndso eter Forraig Patraic 7 Cill Culind • Rohai Brigit 7 Nadfraich i noen charput doih 15 annes do Chill dara. Pridchais intan sen doib Nadfrcech hrethir De 7 lecid uad na heuchu indara ech a brdgait on ch{arput) co nibdi ac ithi feoir re conacca Ailill mac Dunlaing ri Lagen anisein... .... do M ostein co tarat a hragait fon cungai co nerbairt ris Brigit : ar in numaloit dor(6na)is bid duit rige Lagen co brath 7 [d]oi chiniud •20 itdiaid", F»"^ 2. .i. fobreit bis fobragait indeich 'ihe/obreit 'under- strap' which is under the horse's neck' 3. .i. roreithsetar^ 'they ran' 4. .i. ro/oirestar 'helped' T, .i. rofursetar roforta.ctsetar 'they helped or assisted' F 5. .i. Idm rig Lagen 'the king of Leinster's hand' T

1. Tathig tore A. tore allaid roboi inalaile caillidfri Cill dara atuaid, 25 conna leced ynucca aile cucai, 7 rosen Brigit cona bachaill in caille ic Ros na Ferta i Cill dara fri clocthech atuaith corbo chunnamain friu iarsein • robo e robo tosech doib dogres ' a wild boar which was in a certain wood north of Kildare, and it used not to allow other pigs to approach it. Brigit with her staff blessed the wood at Ross na Ferta ('wood of the miracle') in 30 Kildare north of the 'Bell-house",' so that after that it was at peace with them; it was their leader always' F"*» 2. A. rothoibnestar^ 3. .i. in mucc allaid* ' ' the wild pig '

1. Mugart .i. mucc ard mucc meth 'a high pig, or a fat pig' 2. .i. do Brigit ' to Brigit ' 3. .i. muc meth dobered ri Fotharla Tire, tir sen 35 i ndesciurt Ua Censelaig, cecha bliadna, do Brigit i nedbairt. Tict rig Ua Censelaig dia chuinchid he do Brigit. Asbert iramorro ri FotJiarta nachistibred do 7 nachistibred do Bright dar a sarugud som acht noslecjed hi ivimach 7 in leth nosfaidfed Dia di dar Mag Fea co Uachtar Gabra A. co hait imboi Brigit *a fat pig used to be given by the king of [234] [235] [236] [237] [238] [239] [240] [241] [242] [243] [244] [245] [246] [247] [248] [249] [250]

[251] [ 342 ]

tafnetar* coin alta di • combdi^ inUachtur*' Gabra^
Asrir^ in sinnach^ nallaid • doraith aaithig*^ in truaig :
dochum feda® conselai^ • ce dosefnatar^* intsltiaig^.
Ba menn^"'* inna himthechtaib • ba oenmathair*** Mai'cc Rig mair.

wolves hunted it for her, until it was in Uachtar-Gabra. 5
She gave the wild fox for' her vassal, the wretched one :
it went" to the wood though the hosts chased it.
It was clear in her goings that she was the unique mother of the Son
of the Great King :

Fotharta Tire, a land in the south of Hiii Censelaig, every year to Brigit as lo an offering. Messengers came from the king of Hiii Censelaig to ask it However, the king of Fotharta said that he would not give it to him and he would not give it to Brigit in his despite, but he would let it go forth, and wherever God should send it over Mag Fea to Uachtar Gabra, i.e. to the place where Brigit was' F"^ 4. .i. tuccad 'was i5 given' T, Z)o6re<[A] .i. ^wcac? F"'^ 5. A. ha maith^ it w&s good' 6. .i. telach mor sein^ fil iviMaig Lagen 'that is a great hill in the plain of Leinster '

1. .i. roeimestar^ 'gave' 2. Asrir .i (romarb) sinnach na hanrigna ic Mastin i nOib Muredaig, co rotriallad a marhad ind Is and lo dorala Brigit ic Mastin intan sen, co nerbairt Brigit iter mac.robad ferr .... marbad nogebtha ar scnth^ acht co ndernad inclesamacht donid in sinnach aile • Senais -iarum Brigit in caille, 7 benais boscrand co tanic sinnach na clesamnacht (etna esti, 7 dor at Brigit... dar cend in truaig • roleced ass tv& injer dochuaid isin caill in sinnach 7 ni choemastea ni 25 do cia nobetis coin Lagen ule inna diaid ' (a man killed) a fox belonging to the queen at Maistiu" in Hiii Muredaig, and it was sought to put him to death for it. Brigit chanced to be at Maistiu at that time. Brigit said would be taken in its place provided it could do the tricks which the other fox used to do. Then Brigit blessed the 30 wood, and struck a clapper, and a fox with the same tricks came out of it, and Brigit gave it for the wretch. So when the man was let off the fox went into the wood, and nothing could have been done to it, though all the hounds of Leinster had been after it' F 3. .i. roelai rosir^ 'escaped, or searched ' 4. cia rotoipniset T, ce rotaifnitar F 35

1. .i. ba /ollus 'was clear' 2. i Gill Brigte o Chill da/ra fades doronad so ' this was done in Cell Brigte south of Kildare ' F™* 3. .i. ba hoen de matribus Christi Brigit ' Brigit was one of the mothers of Christ' T [252] [253] [254] [255] [256] [257] [258] [259] [260] [261] [262] [263] [264] [265]

[266] [ 343 ]

sdnais** inn en" luamnech^ • conidnimbert*' inna laim.
Nonbiir^ dibercach*^ senais^"' • dergsait"* aminna" a Hind chr6^:
infer fordacorsatar"^ • g(5ita'^ ni frith coll and"^ do^

she blessed the fluttering bird, and brought it into her hand.
Nine robbers she blessed : they reddened their arms™ (as they
thought) from a pool of blood :
the man on whom they cast them was killed (in their opinion) ; (in
reality) no hurt was found to him therein.

4. .i. rosen T 5. Bond argait tuc alaile dune inedbairt do Bngit; lo cotaraitsi dona hingenaib hecaib hatar immalle fria, ar ha hole teosom cen ni do tabairt doib • co tanic alaile clam cucisi do chuinchid neich Jurre, CO tarait si in rond do cen Jis dona hingenaib, 7 rochisetar intan fetetar • Co nerbairt si friu : ' cia log conatchide do tabairt duib dar^ cend?' ' Robo maith lind^ ar seat, int en bee ut do bith ocund, ar is alaind he • Bennachais 15 Brigit in nen, corbo cennais as cech laim dialailiu ■ Gonid Tir indeoin sen imvtach nomen regionis iforcoemnacair infirtsa, *a silver chain a certain man gave as an offering to Brigit, and she bestowed it on the little girls with her, for they were displeased that nothing should be given to them. A certain leper came to her to beg something of her, and 10 she gave him the chain unknown to the girls, who wept when they knew. She said to them : 'What equivalent would ye seek for it?' 'We should be pleased,' said they, ' to have yonder bird, for it is beautiful.' Brigit blessed the bird, and it became tame from hand to hand. And so the name of the place in which this miracle took place is ' The Land of the 25 Bird ' from that time forth ' P"»

1. d'Uib Loscain doib, ut ferunt, 'they were of the Ui Loscain, ut /erunt' F 2. .i. rosenas[tar^ .i. ^Hgit F 3, Nbnbur derbrathar do Laignib diarb dil dul do a... I ilLeith Cuind, ar is eat rom,arb he co tancatar CO Brigit de se'nad a nairni • I sand dosralai sede tunc ic Ross naferta i CiU 30 dara • Robennach dano Brigit doib a narmu • Dochotar fa thuaith tra iar sSnad a narin ■ co tarla doib infer romarb a natliair • co rmnarbsat he, andar leosom, 7 ni tucsat immorro banne fola as, comtar budig som de sen • terna immorro in fer per gratiam BHgte ' nine brothers of Leinster, who wished to go in Conn's Half, for they had slain him. They came to 35 Brigit that she might bless their arms. At that time she chanced to be at Ross na Ferta in Kildare. Brigit then blessed their arms. So they went northwards after their arms had been blessed. The man fell in their way who had slain their father. They thought that they had slain him, yet they had not brought a drop of blood from him. They were 40 thankful therefore. Howbeit, the man escaped through Brigit's grace' F™*^ 4. aggau°, 'their spears' F 5. .i. anairm, 'their arms' T 6. .i. forrochuirsetar T 7. .i. gona i rogonad, ' wounds, or was wounded ' T 8. .i. uar ni for firduine rolaset a ngona acht is for corth{e) cloche, 'for they had inflicted their wounds not on a real man but on a stone pillar ' T [267] [268] [269] [270] [271] [272] [273] [274] [275] [276] [277] [278] [279]

[280] [ 344 ]

A ndorigne do fertaib* • ni fail doruirme^^ co cert.
68 amra^ rogab^ praind°^ Lugdach • trenfer*^^ nl digaib^* anert".
Omna^ natuargaib in sliSag^ • in fecht naile, digrais*^ cloth^,
dobert" di a mmacc^ la Brigte^ • coairm'* irrochloth'® a both".

What she hath wrought of miracles no one can rightly recount : 5
68 a marvel : she took away Lugaid's dinner ; it diminished not the
champion's strength.
A tree which the host could not lift, at another time, excellent the
fame^ —
Brigit's Son brought to her to the place in which .... that it should be. 10

1. .i. done a thurim^ 'who could make its enumeration' 2. .i. maith 'good' T 3. .i. maith dogaib 'she well diminished' F 4. tri trenfir rohdtar icclaide cluid dune Alinne .i. intres primdun"^ rig Lag en. It e a nanmand Mureth 7 Fiac 7 Lugaid. Froind cet domeled cech fer dib. Roherhad tra Lugaid i nerchomair na cell dia biathad, 7 in dias ele % ner- 1 5 chomair na tuath. Rochunnig tra Lugaid do Brigit co rodigbad a haith^ 7 na rogabad a nert. Co nderna Rrigit s(e)n do, 7 co robennach a gin conarbo mo a hdith^ inna cech dune arcena. Co ndeochaid iarsen co tuargaib in clock foremeid cet fer dib in laa reme asin dud ior mullach Ailindi and° ' three strong men were digging the ditch of Dun Alinne, one of the 20 three chief forts of the King of Leinster. Their names are Mureth and Fiac and Lugaid. Each of them used to eat the dinner of a hundred. Now Lugaid had been entrusted to the church to feed, and the two others to the laity. So Lugaid asked Brigit to diminish his appetite without taking away his strength. Brigit did that for him, and she blessed his '25 mouth so that his appetite was not greater than that of any other man. Then he went and raised a stone, which a hundred of them had been unable to do the day before, out of the ditch on to the top of Alenn there' F™^ 5. .i. ro digaib F .i. rodigaib a thuara 7 nirbo lugaide a nert Lugdach 'she diminished his food, and Lugaid's strength was not the 3° less,' T 6. .i. Ijugaid trenfer roboi i Laignib 7 ba se ad... .i. pi'aind cet; rodig{aib) apraind .. nerath 7 ni{di)gaib a nert 'i.e. Lugaid a strong man who was in Leinster, and this was his ... a dinner of a hundred. She diminished his dinner and it diminished not his strength ' T'"^

1. Omna dorochair i Fidgable fovsin chonair co ngebed...doenib 735 Jbremdetar Ui Failge a turcbdil. Co tarla brigit feet in conair sen, coroat- chiset Ui Failge hi imma turcbail assinn inud irrabe. Cotuarcaib si hi iarsen trea nert ?neic De, conisfail nahinudif) cetna osen ille, 'a tree fell on the road in Fidgable and the men of Offaly were unable to raise it. Once Brigit happened to be on that road. The men of Offaly begged her to 4° raise it from the place in which it was. Then she raised it through the strength of the Son of God, and it is in its same place from that time forth' F"^* 2. .i. ergna 'wise' F 3. .i. clothach ingnim 'famous the deed' F 4. douce .i. Crist 'brought, to wit, Christ' F 5. .i. CO hined 'to the place' F 6. .i. in rochrad .i. in robo maith ' i.e. 45 in which it was good ' F 7. .i. a bith ' that it should be ' F [281] [282] [283] [284] [285] [286] [287] [288] [289] [290] [291] [292] [293]

[294] [ 345 ]

In s^t*^ argait^ nad chlethi"'^ • arulc** fri fraicc^^ ind niad*
72 focress* immuir fut^ roit" • co frith immedon iach^~^
Amra^ dP"-' in bantrebthach* • ardoutacht"* imMaig Coil":

The precious thing of silver, which is not to be concealed, for evil to
5 the champion's woman
72 was flung into the sea the length of a cast; it was found in a salmon's
A marvel of hers : the widow, who refreshed her in Mag Coil,

1. .i. delg ' a brooch ' T 2. .L m dichelta * it is not to be con- lo cealed ' T, .i. narbo coir A. do cleith t do dicelt ' which it was not proper, namely, to hide or to conceal ' F 3. .i. fri cumail * to a handmaid ' 4. .i. Nia proprium nomen alicuius poetse T, .i. in trenfer ' the hero ' F 5. .i. rolaad ' was cast ' 6. .i. fut erchora ' the length of a cast ' T, /ot A. erchoir F 7. .i. hratan'^ 'a salmon' T 8. IN set A. delg 15 argait dor at ri Lagen illoig adana dia Hid • corruc side lets diatig coha tig CO tarat i llaim na cumaile dia tasced • Co{ruc) ben ind iled uadi e. 7 iainfarrce ar ulc/(risin cwnai)l a ben impe co rocunnig in file in delg cosin cumail co ndeochaid in file do marbad na cuniaile arnach/rith ocai in delg. Is ann dorala Brigit intansen itig ind 20 iled 7 ba trog lea sarugud ancillae. Co nderna Brigit ernigte fri Dia co rofaillsigte di in delg. Cotdnic aingel De cuci iarsen 7 co nerbairt fria na Una do chor isinusce .i. isinfarrce 7 nogebtha bratan inntib 7 in delg inna medon. Et sic factum est et liberata est ancilla de necessitate ilia, 'a silver brooch which the king of Leinster bestowed on his poet as the reward of 25 his art. He took it home to his house with him and gave it into the hand of tlie bondmaid to take care of. The poet's wife took it from her (and cast it) into the sea for evil to the bondmaid The poet asked the brooch of the bondmaid The poet came to kill the bondmaid because the brooch was not found with her. Then Brigit came to the poet's house, 30 and she was grieved at the maltreatment of the bondmaid. So she prayed to God that the brooch miglit be manifested to her. Then an angel of God came to her and told her to cast the nets into the water, that is into the sea, and a salmon would be caught in them with the brooch in its inside' F'"s

1. .i. maith 'good' 2. .i. do Brigit 'of Brigit's' 3. Amra di 35 .i. fecht dorala Brigit do dun rig Breg i mMaig Coel i Fine Gall h6die, co rodiult in banriganfria (j co ta)rat alaile bentrebthach^ roboi i toeb in dune immaig failti di 7 coromarb di 7 corosloisc a garniain nuifoe 7 robatar 6glana arnabarach eier loeg 7 garniain tria rath Brigte • Orochuala immorro inri anisen .i. Brigit do thiactain id dia acaUaim, 40 CO tarla do in bantrebtach ut • A msl atcondairc in ri hi rosc{arasta)r tria rath Brigte 7 rosfuc do mndi 7 is node ata bunad Cerbaill ut ferunt, ' once Brigit chanced to come to the fort of the king of Breg in Mag Coil in Fingal' to-day, and the Queen refused her (entertainment). A certain widow who dwelt beside the fort outside gave her a welcome and killed 45 (her calf) for her and burned her new weaver's beam under it. And on the morrow through the grace of Brigit they were whole, both calf and beam. When, however, the king had heard that, to wit that Brigit had come, (he went) to converse with her, and that widow chanced to meet him. When the king saw her, he fell in love with her through the 50 grace of Brigit, and took her to wife, and from her is the origin of Cerbaiir F""^ 4. .i. ar roertaig 'for she refreshed' 5. .i. proprium nomen loci T [295] [296] [297] [298] [299] [300] [301] [302] [303] [304]

[305] [ 346 ]

loiscis ingarmain niii* • fortein^* ic funi" ind loig*^.
Ba mo amra arailiu^ • aridralastar^ ind n6eb:
76 matan ba dg" ingarman^- lia mathair dith** ind loeg^
Inset'^"^ arggait" nadchombaig'^ • in cherd™, robo ainru di*,
rosrhbl"^ Brigit fria boiss° ■ iarum co ramebaid hi tri. 6
Focress^^ immeid lasin ceird' • fofrlth'^amra iarsuidiu:
80 ni fuirecht" cid 6en screpul ba mo triun arailiu^
Andorigne do fertaib*' • ni fail^ dune doddecha"^:

burned her new weaver's beam on the fire in cooking the calf.
'Twas a marvel greater than another that the Saint devised (?) : i©
76 in the morning the weaver's beam was whole, the calf sucked at its
The precious thing of silver which the smith did not break — 'twas a
marvel of her's —
Brigit struck it against her palm so that it then broke in three. 15
It was cast into the balance by the artisan : a wonder was discovered
thereafter :
80 it was not found that one third was greater than another by a
single scruple.
What she hath wrought of miracles, none can tell it. 20

6. .i. for tenid T, X. for ten F 7. .i. ropo mode infirtsa do denam and beos^ ' it was the more that this miracle was done there further ' 8. .i. roimoilgestar'^ 'she effected' 9. .i. rodinestar^ 'sucked'

1. .i. in main set arcait^ 'the jewel' or the precious thing of silver 2. .i. triar derhrathar diafarcaih {an)atJiair tinne ar{gait) -j foremdetar' 2 c, cerda Herenn^ achert(ra)ind i tri doib, coro{bris)^^ Brigit cona baiss. {I Cil)l dara dono doronacl infert sa'^'^ 'three brothers to whom their father left a bar of silver, and the artisans of Ireland could not divide it exactly into three for them. Brigit broke it with her fist. In Kildare was this miracle wrought ' TF"'^ 3. A. na robris 'did not break' 4. .i. robo 30 mhr infiurt do Brigit 'the miracle of Brigit's was great' T 5. .i. rosbriss roben^*^ 'broke it, or struck' 6. .i. rolaad 'was cast' 7. lasin cerddai^^ 'at the workshop' 8. .i. ni airnecht 'there was not found' F

1. .i. ni frith 'there was not found' T 2. .i. innises 'who should tell' T, .i. doene atiachtain F 3. .i. rosenastair F, Senais d. d. 35 Conlaed cerd Brigte rotrial fodi dul do Eoim d beos Brigit he • Coro triad in ires fecht 7 coroboe so ar dorat Brigit achocoU dialailiu clam .i. tan boi si icomet na certcha 7 sesem, ic beim in cluic iarna forcon[g^ra do Brigit fair, quia non fuit int astere ifos. Co ro(chundig Con)lcBd etach CO Brigit co rucad iimne do Roim, 7 ni rabai occese immorro etach doberad do • 40 Co roiarfaigse do Ronchiund .i. subdeochai7i nobid ecomet a hetaig se dogres dus innarabdi eta^h acci. 'Biaid,' arse, 'acht co7iderna-su ernaigte co Dia.' Frith iarum iarsen etach i criol roboi ic Ronchiund i carpat da roth robatar fon carbat. i ni hainm duni eter roncend acht is etach as chosmail do [306] [307] [308] [309] [310] [311] [312] [313] [314] [315] [316] [317] [318] [319] [320] [321] [322] [323] [324] [325] [326] [327] [328] [329] [330] [331] [332] [333] [334]

[335] [ 347 ]

sénais*' dillait^ do Chondlaid" • intan dobreth' do Letha*.
In tan hi ba gabud di • ammac^ rempe nisderbrath"^
84 dobert^ dillat* icriol' • Ronchinn*^ hi carput da^ rath.
AnoP~' meda di'* dobreth* • ni bo«ances' cech^ thucai":

she blessed a garment for Conlaid when it was brought from Xjetha.
At that time it was a peril to her ; her Son before her could not
defraud her (?) :
84 He put a garment in Ronchenn's (?) basket in a chariot of two
10 The vat of mead that was given to her — 'twas no hurt whoever
gave it, —

crocund cind roin, ised frith and • 7 doratad int etach iarsen do Conl§d. Luid imxaoTTO Conlaed iarsen for set do dul do Roim. Asbert Brigitfris : ^sechni ricfa ni torais'. Rofirad samlaid. ar atdotar coin alltai he ic Scetaib^, 15 * Brigit's smith who tried twice to go to Rome He tried a third time For Brigit had given his cowl to a certain leper, to wit, when she was guarding the workshop and he was striking the bell after Brigit had ordered him to do so, as the bellringer was not at hand. Conlaed asked a garment of Brigit and, howbeit, she had no garment to give 20 him. She asked of Ronchenn, a subdeacon who always took care of her dress, if she had not a garment. ' There will be,' said he, ' if you only pray to God.' Thereafter a garment was found in the basket of Ronchenn in a chariot of two wheels, which were under the chariot. Or Ronchenn is not the name of a man at all, but it is a garment like to the skin of a 25 seal's head, 'tis that that was found there. And that garment was then given to Conlaed. Conlaed, however, then set out to go to Rome. Brigit said to him : ' You will not get there and you will not come back.' So it was fulfilled, for wolves devoured him at. . .' ' F™^ 4. .i. etach 'a garment' 5. .i. notheged ' was going ' T, do breth .i. noteged .i. a semetipso ruccad 30 * was carried by himself ' F™» 6. do Letha .i. do Roim ' to Rome '

1. .i. Crist icoa himthus 'leading her' T 2. .i. nisdiubrad T, nisterbroth .i. nisdiubrad F 3. A. tuc 4. .i. etoc/t 'dress' 5. .i. i criol di croccund roin roboi int etach 'the dress was in a basket of sealskin' T

1; .i. in dabach 'the vat' F 2. A nol.i. lind rodlecht rt Lage^i do rig 35 Ua Culduib, co rodlect side do fir dia muinlir. Co tdnic side co Brigit dia hatach co rocobrad he, ar ni rabai occa ni doberad, ar dorat som do Brigit in lind ann, iiair na ragaib ri Ua Culduib uad he. Et proinde uenit ad Brigitam necessitatem habuit. Co tucad iarsen usee isna dabchuib roboi i farrad tigi Brigte, 7 robennach Brigit in usque sen corbo mid 40 iarsen, 7 corruc in trudg he leis iarsen. 7 ni rabdi mid bafsrr andaas, 7 ni rabai plus } minus acht amal rodlecht de misero, ' ale to which the king of Leinster was entitled from the king of Ui Culduib, and he was entitled to it from one of his folk. The latter came to Brigit to beseech her to help him, for he had nothing to give, as he had given the ale to 45 Brigit, since the king of Ui Culduib had not taken it from him. Et etc. Afterwards there was put in the vats water that was by Brigit's house, and Brigit blessed that water, and it then became mead. Thereupon the poor wretch took it with him. And there was no mead better than it. [336] [337] [338] [339] [340] [341] [342] [343] [344] [345]

[346] [ 348 ]

co frith*" itoeb tegdaise • ni conairnecht" and chucai :
Asrir^ do raith a hathig^ • intan rondnicc° a leass :
88 sech ni furecht*^*" forcraid"and® • ni contesba' banne ass^.
Fordonitge^ Brigte bet • si*^^ frigabud condonfdir'^
robbet inna lobran leith* • ria ndul ingnuis spirta^ ndib^ 5
Donfair^ co claidiub™* thened" • don chath" fri ialla^ ciaral
92 ronsnadat^ annoebitge*' • hi flaith nime sech piana'.
Ria ndul lahaingliu^ donchath* • recam in neclais forrith.
taithmet"® Fiadat^" ferrcechnath" -ni car Brigit^ buadach bith.
Ni car Brigit"^. 10

till it was found by her house, it had not been found there till then.
She gave it for her vassal when he had need of it :
88 no superabundance was found therein and not a drop was wanting
On us be Brigit's prayers ", that she may help us against danger! 15
may they be on the side of her weaklings^ before going into
the Holy Spirit's presence !
May she help us with a fiery sword for the battle against dark flocks !
92 may her holy prayers protect us into Heaven's Kingdom past pains.
Before going with the angels to the battle let us come to the Church 20
speedily :
commemoration of God is better than any poem. Victorious Brigit
loved not the world.

And there was no more nor less but as it was due de misero' F*"^ 3. .i. do Brigit 'to Brigit' F 4. .i. iucad 'was given' 5. .i. nibu 2$ domain ' it was not deep ' 6. donti tuc in dabaig do Brigit^ ' to him who gave the vat to Brigit' 7. .i iar nol anarahai inti do Brigit cona muintir '.. after what was in it had been drunk by Brigit and her household' T 8. .i. {roeirn)estar 'gave' T, roernestar F 9. .i. a Jir muintire 'her man of the household' 10. A. ni frith ^o 11. .i. ni harnexht 'there was not found' F

1, .i. rohet fornd a hitge 'may her prayers be upon us' T, .i. robet A. Jbrnn itge Z^rigte .i. roortachtaiget dun a itgesi 'may Brigit's prayers be upon us, i.e. may her prayers help us' F 2. .i. Brigit T 3. .i. ronfore T, .i. Brigt .i. done ar foridin F 'may she help us' 4. .i. rohet 35 na lohrain 7 na truaig innar leith ic ernaigthi erund 'may the weaklings and the wretched be with us praying for us' T 5. .i. done ar toridin 'may she help us' T 6. .i. cum gratia Dei T 7. A. fri demna A. elta duha demoniorum 'against devils, i.e. black flocks of devils' T, .i. ciara A. duha A. elta duha demoniorum F 8. .i. donet ar soerad ' may they 40 deliver us' 9. .i. comarcc A. imrecra^'^ '...i.e. correspondence' 10. .i. ill De maith 'of the good God ' F 11. A.ferr cechfilidecht 'better than any poetry'; [in marg.] ... filidecht (dogni)ther do Dia 'the poetry that is made for God ' T, .i. cech ddna ' of any poem ' F [347] [348] [349] [350] [351] [352] [353] [354] [355] [356] [357] [358] [359] [360] [361] [362] [363] [364] [365] [366] [367] [368] [369] [370] [371]

[372] [ 349 ]

Atteoch*^ ^rlam*'^ sanctBrigte • cosanctaib Cille'^ dara.
96 robbet etrom ocus phein*^ • in'anim ni dig immada^
In chaillech reided'* Currech^ • rop scfath^ fri foebra fdgi*".
ni fuar' a sset"' acht Maire • admunemar" mo Brigi"^
5 Admunemar mo Brigi" • rop imdegail diar cuire'.
100 conacna™'" frim ah^rlam" • asroillem" ternam*"" huile".
Molad Crist clothach^ labrad • adrad Maicc De dan"^ buada.
rop^flatha D^ censena • each" rodgab" each rochuala.
Cach rochuala each rogab • robbe^ bennacht" Brigte fair.
lo 104 bennacht Brigte ocus De^ • fordonrabat immalle.
Fail dl chaillig^ irrichid^- • nicosnagur** dom dichilP^^,
Maire ocus sanctBrigit • fora ftSessam"* dtin diblinaib.
'^"Sanctae Brigtse uirgo sacratissima
In Christo domino fait fidelissima. Amen*^**.

I entreat the patronage of St Brigit with the saints of Kildare:
96 may they be between me and pain ! may not my soul be lost !
The nun that used to range the Curragh be a buckler against sharp
edges !
I have found not her like save Mary : we appeal to my Brigit.
10 We appeal to my Brigit. may she be a protection to our host !
100 may her patronage help me ! may we all deserve, may we all escape !
Praise of Christ, famous utterance ! adoration of God's Son,
victorious art !
may every one who has sung it, who has heard it, be of God's Kingdom
25 without denial.
Every one who has sung it, who has heard it, may Brigit's blessing
be on him !
104 the blessing of Brigit and of God be on us together !
There are two nuns in Heaven, who I do not fear will neglect me :
,0 Mary and St Brigit : may we be under the protection of them both !

1. .i. atchini 2. .i. erellam .i. adbuhllam fri denam ferta 7 mirbaile * very ready, i.e. vastly ready at working miracles and marvels ' 3. .i. roriadaig .i. roimtkig T, .i. roriadaged .i. roimtect F, ' she drove i.e. she proceeded' 4. .i. curreck a cursu equorum dictus est 5. ..fri 35 Jig... uaim . .foebor ' again .... of the edges ' T 6. .i. ni /uarus T 7. .i. asamail 'her like' T 8. .i. hennaichmait t ailmit 'we bless or we beseech' T 9. .i. mo Brigit T 10. .i. rochongrm ' may she help' 11. .i. roerna??i ' may we escape '

1. .i. airdirc 'glorious' 2. .i. irrigiath .i. hi ferann ind rig 40 nemda 'in the royal land, i.e. in the land of the Heavenly King' T, .i. irriglaith .i. ferand rig 'into the royal Kingdom i.e. the land of the King' F™^*^ 3. .i. a aaragud andictg/ialguinande (sic) ,i. ecnach and.. subauditur dun F [373] [374] [375] [376] [377] [378] [379] [380] [381] [382] [383] [384] [385] [386] [387] [388] [389] [390] [391] [392] [393] [394] [395] [396] [397] [398] [399] [400] [401] [402]

  1. cluain T
  2. Broccan T
  3. meic luadach P
  4. herenn T, herend F
  5. airdbrecain F
  6. corinnisedT
  7. mbriathairT, trea b... mar briatharF
  8. JilitaF
  9. arise" F
  10. ule doF
  11. ni car T, ni cair F, nichar Ir. Text. in. 1, 63
  12. siasair T
  13. n6ib T, noeb F
  14. necnaig etaide T necnaige etaide F
  15. tvinoit T, trinoit F
  16. huasail T
  17. ruirech F
  18. ni pu char F
  19. brigach T
  20. naithir T
  21. beimnech F
  22. 'not much blasphemy did the Trinity get with her of lofty faith '(?) uasalhires being translated as a bahuvribi adjective, and con as for ocond J.S. For trinoit gen. 8g. cf. togairm Trindoit infra, p. 354, and posit, superlait Sg. 39' 1, 40" 15. W.S.
  23. 'she was not frail (car, cf. Wb. 18*2"), fond of women's war (banchath a bahuvrihi adj.), vehement' (?) J.S.
  24. rosdidestar F
  25. asa F
  26. an undecipherable siglum in both MSS.
  27. uasal T
  28. nirbu F
  29. rorec F
  30. bu¥
  31. seutu F
  32. erneis F
  33. nirbu T, nirbo F
  34. domun F
  35. nirbu T
  36. 6igthiu MSS.
  37. bai T
  38. truagu T
  39. arautachtF; is arutacJit used here improperly for conutacht 'was built'? J.S.
  40. = doflaith
  41. the n seems otiose or does it mean 'may it protect us, hosts'?
  42. siuagu T
  43. nirbu T, nibu F
  44. argech F
  45. eirybe F
  46. medon T
  47. arad T
  48. do ascnam T
  49. saimid T
  50. conhualai T
  51. cf. nirbat santach forsinbith LBr. 261» 8, corresponding to which YBL. 407» 17 has the usual imm
  52. nirbu F
  53. roernistar F
  54. nirbo ghand F
  55. catim F
  56. quidem F only
  57. 12 and 13 seemed to me to be one gloss : .i. cdin nobii(d ic) airchisecht na lob(ar) truag; I could see faint traces of ic J.S.
  58. in cathir A. b.F
  59. cr'HF
  60. dal T
  61. comtip F
  62. damn T
  63. fo uair T
  64. om. F
  65. calle uas chind F
  66. i...eo nerbailt F only
  67. The meanings of the line of the Hymn and of gabud in the gloss are not clear
  68. hoegidu F
  69. maith sen F
  70. See Beda Hist. Eccl. in. 17 for a similar miracle
  71. Now Turvey ou the northern coast of the co. of Dublin, Rev. Celt. xvi. 77
  72. The margin is cut; probably some letters (eps'l) have been cut away before Mel
  73. mend F
  74. rochloss T, roclos F
  75. itge F
  76. ires F
  77. rosasad T
  78. vi6 T, moo F
  79. denfer F
  80. sceoil T
  81. fuacru T, foachri'i. F
  82. cath TF
  83. snecta F
  84. gath TF
  85. Either nodguidiu is improperl.y used for nanguidiu, or perhaps d here is relative, as often in Mid. Ir. 'God whom I beseech,' cf. CZ. iv. 3
  86. cf. cath ebraice cades .i. sanctus, O'Mulc. Gloss., bdi cath, bdi cast, Amra Col.
  87. rosesset F
  88. fudumna F
  89. MS. senechto (or senechta)
  90. the note refers to the position of snechta
  91. nglind F
  92. da T, recte Glinn da Locha ; correct loch to lind ?
  93. cesta T
  94. saith T swth F
  95. sanctbrigit suanach T ; the regular order would have been iuanach sanctBrigit
  96. huarach T « chiuir TF
  97. hosena F
  98. dibad T
  99. bethath T
  100. che T, ctfobrdn betlmd cilAj. 192"
  101. sanchtbrigti T
  102. arni dernta ar duni F
  103. carm F
  104. ciiala T
  105. 6i T
  106. foided T
  107. cetim T, ceteimF
  108. perhaps 'chilly' cf. Salt. Rann. 942, 8350. The Irish glossator takes it from liar in the sense of 'intermittent' J.S. " the subjunctive puts the case hypo- thetically 'supposing it to have been done': cf. Wb. 4*^6, dia tarta seuta do chach, ni gataim airi ' if ye have given treasures to another, I take (them) not from him' Trip. L. p. 128
  109. cf. na togorta gl. na hairge LBr. 63»
  110. arngalur T only
  111. M T
  112. 7 — bid ova. T
  113. acce sere Bee F
  114. cenadart F
  115. so F
  116. nisgeib F
  117. cf. am maith-sea im rath 7 tidnacul LL. 54» 1
  118. about twenty letters cut off
  119. about forty letters cut off
  120. cf. etim .i. baoghal P. O'C ; FM. ni. 1574
  121. cf. Lismore Lives, p. 320
  122. lluct salle F
  123. fescur F
  124. a F
  125. sathech T
  126. ni T
  127. lathi F
  128. buana T
  129. di F
  130. frith T
  131. ann T
  132. crdbdig F chraibdig T
  133. bat&r F
  134. caidchi F
  135. na F
  136. hith T
  137. anmich T
  138. a syllable is wanting in the last half of the line
  139. dodaascensat F
  140. nirho T, nirhu F
  141. diur F
  142. cf. Lismore Lives, pp. 37, 38; also LBr. 62 where 'guests' are mentioned, cf. cum... hospitibus esset diuimm, Cogitosus: toscur = tascar Laws vi. 707
  143. .i. ignim F (here the gloss begins in F)
  144. do T
  145. manbad F
  146. forarair F
  147. dnbige T
  148. coercha T, cdircha F
  149. ro- athascnastar F
  150. nibu bed F only
  151. MS. /ocetoir
  152. M.S.friafria
  153. MS. don
  154. leg. bed
  155. some words seem to be wanting
  156. something like o dorat is wanting
  157. deslem T., desleind F. We have no other example of the word
  158. rodascaid F
  159. Brigta T; it is ace. &%. — Brigti, cf. KZ. xxviii. 146
  160. cf. scarais Airmedh a prat Eev. Celt. xii. 68
  161. lit. ' put a word upon'; in a good sense fordcaib brethir fair Trip. L. p. 162
  162. scailess T
  163. t — archena F only
  164. merlech F
  165. hiiade F
  166. tret T
  167. dam T
  168. leg. ma atchous
  169. ndorigenai T
  170. fothrugud TF
  171. =s^iiaid-i
  172. comaill F
  173. In Cogitosus coTwaM is taken in the sense of 'pregnant'; for a miracle of a like kind see LL. 285"45sqq. But comaille of the glossator ia = comalne (gl. intercus) Sg. 110" 2, PCr. 42»!
  174. taF
  175. tabair dam nidona caircaib F
  176. ninisiur F
  177. om, F
  178. derc F
  179. comallaig
  180. mo amro P
  181. don F
  182. ruirmiu T, rurimo P
  183. armo P
  184. noebduil F
  185. comdar T
  186. forreil TF
  187. suit T
  188. leg. dobreth
  189. Brigta T
  190. om. P
  191. allaim T, aldim P
  192. asa P
  193. llaim, with the second I added over the line T
  194. comtar TF
  195. forreil T
  196. a ccomlabra P
  197. cf. in Clarainech Ann. Ul. 713
  198. i ni airmim not in T
  199. cecha dernai T, cechinderna P
  200. senaitar T
  201. rodogUnnestar F
  202. Ian scoin F
  203. nicon- F, nocon- T
  204. dotlucestar T
  205. dan luct F
  206. a mafarta F
  207. huct F
  208. rogaid T, gade F ; gdde is the relative form of gdid as berte is of hirt
  209. ailges di F
  210. cf. usee brothach usee fuar LBr. 228
  211. about twenty-eight illegible letters
  212. rotothlaigestar F
  213. .i. ::tat F
  214. here the note ends in T
  215. coroernastar F
  216. forclu na loeg F
  217. forclu na F
  218. charpat F
  219. fotuaith T,fothuaid F
  220. Bri T, Brig F
  221. indiad F
  222. a lloeg F
  223. dodaascensat F. For the translation of 1. 53, W.S. alone is responsible
  224. rodoscload F, = O.Ir. rondacload ' should have heard them,' J.S.
  225. a dissyllable, like fria lia
  226. conucab indob matan F ; oub = aub LL. IS*" 7
  227. togam&il T
  228. na bo F
  229. apparently =rorott/i from roithim 'drive'
  230. See for him LL. 269, Celt, Zeitschr. in. 1
  231. leg. sesrech
  232. MS. adarcJia
  233. tuarcaib F
  234. cend abret F. The reading and the interpretation are doubtful, breit is explained by fobreit, apparently something running under the neck of the horse to keep the yoke in its place. Perhaps cennfobreit should be read as a compound word: 'her horse parted the cenn/o^eit' J. S.
  235. dorethetarF. The genuine word is uncertain : leg. dorerttar = di-r-ess-rathatarJ fan does not rhyme properly with Idim; transpose the two halves of the second line W.S. But F suggests in the last line maic De fororaid rigldm 'the royal hand of God's Son helped.' J.S.
  236. fon F
  237. lethisel F
  238. fororaid rigldim F
  239. tathig F
  240. thiuiid F
  241. dosefain F
  242. ano« TF
  243. senais T
  244. fria T
  245. fog F
  246. of a neut. oss or noss we have no other instance
  247. MS. J diaid
  248. roreitsetar F
  249. cf. Keeves' Adamnan p. 217
  250. rotobnestar F
  251. .i. in muic nalla F
  252. taifnetar F
  253. comboi F. combdi T
  254. nuactur P
  255. athig F
  256. fedai F
  257. dosepnatar F
  258. intluaig TF
  259. hoenmathair F
  260. cf. Vol. I. p. 534
  261. of. -coisle LU. 64» 16, cotsela Rev. Celt. xi. 444
  262. om. F
  263. roemastar F
  264. leg. ara scdth : cf. Aisl. p. 134, Laws iii. 26
  265. now MuUaghmast, co. Kildare, Eev. Celt. xv. 336
  266. In T it is more like rosin ; in F the last letter is indistinct, J.S.
  267. senaisT', leg. sinaissil
  268. luamnachF
  269. conidnimmert F
  270. nonbur dibercach F
  271. dercsait T, amcsat F
  272. viinda F
  273. chro F
  274. fordagoirsetar F
  275. gdeta T, goita F
  276. coll and : collann T, coland F., corr. Atkinson
  277. do F
  278. cf. O'Dav. s.v. alt
  279. leg. dara
  280. written over amcsat
  281. fertaibT
  282. dorurmel!
  283. prainn 1 praind F
  284. trenfer T
  285. na digaib F
  286. sluaig F
  287. asbert a mace F
  288. Brigtee F
  289. irochlaid F, leg. irrochleth from fo-ciallaim 'expecto, euro'? J. S.
  290. cf. nitharda th'ainech ar choirm na biad aris ferr din cloth oldas din blid LL. 344» 13
  291. thurem T, turim f
  292. MS. intes primdun
  293. =sdith
  294. In the MS. it seemed to be al:id .i. and
  295. tetF
  296. arggait F
  297. clethi F
  298. ulT
  299. fraic F
  300. focreis immuir fuit P
  301. bantrebtach T
  302. recte ardautacht
  303. in bratan F
  304. leg. bantrebthach
  305. a district north of Dublin, formerly in possession of the Danes
  306. nueT
  307. ten T
  308. fune T, fuin F
  309. Ideg F
  310. hog F
  311. garmain T
  312. dith F; for dith, perf. act. sg. 3 of dinim: cf. KZ. xxxvii. 112
  313. Idig T
  314. dan P
  315. arggat F
  316. natJicombaig T, nadchomviaig F
  317. cerd T
  318. rosbi F
  319. bois F
  320. focreis
  321. fofrith T
  322. furecht T
  323. araile F
  324. fertaib T
  325. dodadecha T, dodecha F ; if the translation is right, asidchdi would be the proper compound, but does it mean 'who can come to it'?. So it is understood in the gloss in F
  326. robo moo in firtsa beos do denam and F
  327. roimoilgistar F
  328. rodinistar F
  329. i set arcaid F only
  330. foremthetar T
  331. Erend F
  332. cororoind F ; so far as I could judge the reading of T might equally well be coro{roind) J.S.
  333. dono... sin F only
  334. 'troben T only
  335. ceirdai F
  336. senais F
  337. chonlaid F
  338. nisderbrad T
  339. roncinn T, ronchind F
  340. f carpat do F
  341. dt F
  342. bu T
  343. each T
  344. tucai F
  345. MS. scetaig
  346. For the story see note in the F61ire Oengusso at May 3
  347. In T CO frith is illegible
  348. niconaiitiect F
  349. rordnicc T, ronanicc F
  350. furect F
  351. ann T
  352. -tesbad TF ; the imperfect is out of place
  353. banna asF
  354. sith F
  355. condonfair T
  356. ingnuis in spirta T
  357. noeb TF
  358. claidib T, claideb F
  359. tened T
  360. cath T
  361. ialaF
  362. noebitge F
  363. phiana F
  364. haihgliu F
  365. cath T
  366. tathrnet F
  367. Brig^ Bri ova. buadach bith F
  368. iVt car Brigit om. F
  369. fordonitge Brigte bet=fordonbet itge Brigte; cf. barr buide fordotd LU. 121» 20
  370. if robbet inna lobran leith=robbet i leith a lobrdn
  371. in.... Brigit T only
  372. .i. comarcc .1. (co)mracc .i. imrec{ra) [on cut marg.] T
  373. ateoch T
  374. erlam F
  375. Chille F
  376. pein T
  377. imoda F
  378. imreded F
  379. sciath T
  380. frifotbrafegi T, rofoehra fege F
  381. fuair asetF
  382. admunemmar mo Brige F
  383. cure T
  384. =co>t-ad-^ne with perfective ad- : cf. co comtala (f&cs. co comthala) LU. 68" 22, co comtastar YBL. 28" 51
  385. nerlam F
  386. asrollem T
  387. te.rnam
  388. uile F
  389. de dan F
  390. ro T
  391. cach T
  392. rogah F
  393. robe T, robhe F
  394. benncwt F
  395. de F
  396. challig F
  397. i rriched T
  398. nochosnagur T, noschosnagur F
  399. dichil F
  400. foesam F
  401. qjh^ p
  402. Under this gloss which is opposite to Fail there is .i. igandiguin; for the meaning of diguin cf. Arch, f. Celt. PhU. I. 13