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I have created the following pages on this and other Wikisource projects:


Tangut (𗼇𗟲)[edit]

  • 𗢳𗗚𗵃𘟙𗗙𗹙𘟩𘒣𗖰𗚩 — Tangut translation of Fó wèi hǎilóngwáng shuōfǎyìn jīng 佛為海龍王説法印經 (Question asked by the Dragon King of the Sea) [T599] (Sanskrit Sāgara-nāgarāja-paripṛcchā)
  • 𗣛𘟙𗯨𗙏𘝯𗖰𗚩 — Tangut translation of Gāowáng Guānshìyīn jīng 高王觀世音經 (High King Avalokitesvara Sutra) [T2898]
  • 𗵒𗭭𘃎𘐏𘝞 — "Grains of Gold in the Palm of the Hand", a non-rhyming poem in 100 pentasyllabic couplets using exactly one thousand different characters
  • 𗼑𗼑𗫉𗊱 — "Ode on Monthly Pleasures", an ode on the twelve months written in two linguistic versions, a "ritual language" version and a "common language" version

Welsh (Cymraeg)[edit]