Kaesong mirror inscription

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Kaesong mirror inscription
Undeciphered inscription in Khitan small script on the back of a Liao dynasty (916–1125) bronze mirror found at Kaesŏng (in modern North Korea), which was capital of the Goryeo kingdom from 919 to 1392. This is the longest known Khitan inscription on a metallic object.
Photograph of the mirror

𘭔𖿤𘭢 𘲽𘱸

𘰷𘭴 𘰝𘲥𘲦 𘲲𘯴𘱆 𘳍𘰄 𘰴𘳍𘰄

𘬜𘭞𘰷 𘬜𘭞𘰷 𘰷𘭞𘭟 𘰷𘭞𘭟 𘱓𘮯𘮡

𘬹𘯺𘮢 𘬥𘳍𘰄 𘲽𘲜 𘲫𘱮 𘮡𘰕

𘰺𘰂𘮅𘲚𘲳 𘬥𘱛 𘰭𘲣𘰥 𘭐𘰱 𘰺𘯜𘯺

𘮠𘱤 𘰺𘰗𘲆𘭢 𘯺𘮅𘭂𘯡 𘲜𘱤𘬚

𘰭𘱀 𘬜𘳍𘰄