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Table of Contents.
Names of Persons and Places: pages
   in the Book of Armagh (Dublin) 259–271
   in Adamnán’s Vita Columbae (Schaffhausen) 272–280
   in Bibl. Reg. 8 D. ix. (British Museum) 281
   in the Antiphonary of Bangor (Milan) 282
   in the Calendar in the Reichenau Beda (Carlsruhe) 283
   in the Litany of Saints in the Stowe Missal (Dublin) 284
   in the Würzburg Codex MSS. th. f. 61 285
Old-Irish Inscriptions 286–289
Old-Irish Verse:
   in the St Gall Priscian 290
   in the Milan Codex (Bibl. Ambr. C. 301) 291, 292
   in the Codex S. Pauli (Carinthia) 293–295
   in the Codex Boernerianus (Munich) 296
   in the Life of S. Declan 297
The Irish Hymns in the Liber Hymnorum :
   I. Colmán’s hymn 298–306
   II. Fíacc’s hymn 307–321
   III. Niníne’s prayer 322
   IV. Ultán’s hymn 323–326
   V. Broccán’s hymn 327–349
   VI. Sanctán’s hymn 350–353
   VII. Patrick’s hymn (Fáeth fiada) 354–358
   VIII. Mael Ísu’s hymn 359
   I. Glosses on Philargyrius (Bibl. Nationale, MS. lat. 11,308) 360–363
   II. Memoranda in the Book of Armagh (Dublin) 364, 365
   III. Gloss on the Turin Liturgy 365
Index of Things 366–378
Index of Persons 379–391
Index of Places and Tribes 392–400
Index of annotated Words 401–414
Addenda to Vol. I 415, 416
Corrigenda to Vol. I 417
Addenda to Vol. II 418–420
Corrigenda to Vol. II 421, 422
Colophon 422