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Thesaurus Palaeohibernicus, Volume II  (1903) 
Whitley Stokes and John Strachan, eds.
Old-Irish Inscriptions


Inscr. — Christian Inscriptions in the Irish language, vol. i. Dublin, 1872; vol. II. 1878.

Journal = Journal of the Royal Historical and Archaeological Association of Ireland. 5

A. Bare Names.

AED, Clonmacnois, Inscr. i. fig. 74. ARTTRI, Clonmacnois, Inscr. i. fig. 63. COLLAN, Clonmacnois, Inscr. i. fig. 43. DUB INSE, Clonmacnois, Inscr. i. fig. 36. lo FERCHOMUS, Clonmacnois, Inscr. i. fig. 8. FERGUS, Clonmacnois, Inscr. i. fig. 67. LONGECNAN, Breafy, co. Mayo, Inscr. ii. fig. 61. MJiLOENA, Clonmacnois, Inscr. i. fig. 48. MiEL TUILI, Clonmacnois, Inscr. fig. i. 56. '5 MAILDUIN, Clonmacnois, Inscr. I. fig. 1. MUIRGALAE% Clonmacnois, Inscr. fig. i. 107. ORTHANACH, Clonmacnois, Inscr. fig. i. 33. RONAIN^ Clonmacnois, Inscr. fig. i. 99. SECHNASACH, Clonmacnois, Inscr. fig. i. 113. io SNEDGUS, Clonmacnois, Inscr. i. 62. TOICTHEG, Clonmacnois, Inscr. i. fig. 75. TUATHGAL, Clonmacnois, Inscr. i. 29.

B, Names with Names of Fathers.

SUIBNE M CONHUIDIR, Lismore, Inscr. ii. fig. 40. 25 SUIBINE • M MAlLiE HVMAI, Clonmacnois, Inscr. i. fig. 82.

C. Names with Epithets.

►J< colman, Clonmacnois, Inscr. i. fig. 4. name followed by an ogham inscription, which is read from right to left as Bocht ' poor.' 30 tomas ap, Aranmore, Inscr. 11. fig. 34. SCI bre(ca)ni, Aranmore, Inscr. 11. fig. 24.

D. Names preceded by the Formula Or a it ar.

>J<OR ar bran nailither, Aranmore, Inscr. 11. fig. 26. A prayer for Bran, a pilgrim. 35 OR ARCHUINDLESS, Clonmacnois, Inscr. i. fig. 11. ►J<OROIT ARCHU3/MASCACH M AILELLO. On the Bell of Ballynaback, Inscr. 11, fig. 96. OROIT ARFERDAMNACH, Clonmacnois, Inscr. i. fig. 51. OR ARFIACHRAICH, Clonmacnois, Inscr. I. 95. 40 [1] [2] [ 287 ]OR ARFINDAN, Clonmacnois, Inscr. i. 42. OR ARGILLA GIARAIN, Cloiimacnois, Iiiscr. I. 105. OROIT ARMAELAN", Clonmacnois, Inscr. i. 47. OR ARMAEL QUIARAIN, Clonmacnois, Inscr. i. 76. h OR AR MAINACH, Aranmore, Inscr. II. 21. OROIT AR SCANDLAN, Aranmore, Inscr. ii. 23. OR AR THUATHAL, Killamery, Inscr. ii. 35. OR AR TUATHCHARAN, Hare Island, Lough Ree, Inscr. i. 91. or AR huidrine", Clonmacnois, Inscr. i. 57.

E. Names preceded by the Formula Orait do.

OR DOAIGIDIU, Durrow, Inscr. ii. fig. 66. OR DO BRAN, Tisaran, Inscr. ii. fig. 62. OR DOBRAN DUB, Monaincha, Inscr. ii. fig. 50. OR DO bresal aq : iHC XRS, Gleudalough, Journal 1884, p. 43. i.s OR DO BROTUR, Clonmacnois, Inscr. i. fig. 24. »i«R DO chathalan, Durrow, Inscr. ii. fig. 65. OR dochobthac, Clonmacnois, Inscr. i. fig. 32. ►J«OR DO coinmursce*", Inismurray, Inscr. ii. fig. 18. OR DOCHOLMAN, Clonmacnois, Inscr. i. fig. 104. 2o OR DO CHOLUMBAN*^, Clonmacnois, Inscr. l. fig. 3. OR DOCOMGAN, Clonmacnois, Inscr. i. fig. 13. OR DO CHUNN^ Clonmacnois, In^cr. i. fig. 147. OR DOCHUNN, Iniscealtra, Inscr. ii. fig. 56 a (p. 43). OR DOCORBRiv*- CHRVMM*, Clonmacnois, Inscr. i. fig. 96. 25 OR DO CORMAC. P., Lismore, Inscr. 11. fig. 42. [o]uoit do [cJormacan, Clonmacnois, Inscr. i. fig. 122. OR do daineil, Clonmacnois, Inscr. i. fig. 90. ort do degen, Kilconriola, Inscr. 11. 80. OR dodiarmait macc delbaid, Iniscealtra, Inscr. 11. fig. 57. 30 OR DO dicu(l) ocus maelodran SAiR, Delgany, Inscr. 11. fig. 72. OR DU DORAID, Clonmacnois, i. fig. 118. >i«OR DO dub litib, Clonmacnois, Inscr. i. fig. 53. OR DODUNCHAD PSPIT Hio, Aghavea, CO. Fermanagh, Inscr. 11. 80a (p. 74). 35 OR DV ETICH, Clonmacnois, Inscr. i. fig. 89. >i«OR DO FECHTNAOH, Clonmacnois, Inscr. i. fig. 83. OR DO FiNNACHTU, Clonmacnois, Inscr. i. fig. 45. OR DOFLANNCHAD, Clonmacnois, Inscr. i. fig. 132. OR DO GUARiu, Clonmacnois, iTiscr. i. 117. 40 OR DOLAiTHBERTACH, Iniscealtra, Inscr. 11. fig. 59. OR DO MAEL BRIGTE, Clonmacnois, Inscr. i. fig. 81. OR DOMAEL CHIARAN, Clonmacnois, Inscr. I. fig. 151. [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [ 288 ]>i<OR DU MAEL CLUCHI, Kilcoo, CO. Leiti'im, Journal, Jan. 1879. OR DOMAEL FINNIA, Clonrnacnois, Inscr. i. 130. >J<OR DOMAEL MAIRE, Calry (Westmeath), Inscr. I. fig. 52. OR DOMAIL • MAIRE, Clonmacnois, Inscr. I. fig. 152. OR DO MAEL* PATRic, Clonmacnois, Inscr. l. fig. 61. 5 OR DO MARTANAN, Clonmacnois, Inscr. i. fig. 103 a. OR DO MUREDACH HU CHOMOCAIN Hic DORMIT, Inismurray, Inscr. n. fig. 17. OR DOODRAN hAu eolais, Clonmacnois, In^cr. i. fig. 131. OR DURUARCAN, Monasterboice, Inscr. ii. fig. 77. 'o OR DO THORPAITH*', Athlone, Inscr. i. fig. 55. OR DO VADA, Clonmacnois, Inscr. i. 39. OR DO UALLAIG, Clonmacnois, Inscr. i. 112.

F. Benedictory Epitaphs.

BENDACHD FORANMAIN N- lOSEPH", Roscommon Abbey, Inscr. 15 II. fig. 12.

A blessing on the soul of Joseph.

BENDACHT FOR ANMAIN COLGEN, Lismore, Inscr. II. fig. 42 [leg. 39]. _ BENDACHT FOR AN MARTAIN, Lismore, Inscr. II. fig. 41. 20

G. Precatory Epitaphs.

OR AR ANMAIN OIDACAIN, Fuerty, CO. Roscommon, Inscr. ii. fig. 14. A prayer for the soul of Aidacan. ORAIT ARANMAIN SEMBLAIN, Aran, Inscr. II. fig. 32. OR AR ANMAIN NAEDAIN iJiOR ARANMIN AEDAEN**. 25 Killamery, co. Kilkenny, Inscr. 11. fig. 36. ORT AR ANMAIN *^ M ETICH >M<, Inscr. II. 60.

H. Anonymous Epitaphs.

OR AR II canoin, Aranmore, Inscr. ii. 29. A prayer for two canons. 3° uil ROMANI, Aranmore, Inscr. Ii. 28. ►}<ILAD liV^DECHENBOiR, Iniscealtra, Inscr. li. fig. 56. The tomb of the ten persons.

I. Miscellaneous Inscriptions.

>J<>J«LIE LUGUAEDON MACCI MENUEH®, Inchagoile, Loch Corrib, Inscr. 35 n. fig. 11. The stone of Lugu-aed son of Menb, ►J<LIE COLUM MEC GR..., Gallerus, Journal, 1892, p. 270. The stone of Colum son of Gr... [10] [11] [12] [13] [14] [ 289 ]»i<OROIT DOULTAN ET DODUBTHACH DORIGNI INCAISSEL, Termon- lechiu, Iiiscr. ii. fig. 77^ p. 70.

A prayer for Ultan and for Dubthach who has made the stone- wall.

OROIT AR THURCAIN LASANDERNAD IN(c)HROSSA, Clonmacnois, Inscr. I. fig. 153.

A prayer for Turcain, by whom this cross has been made. OR DO muiredach las(a)ndernad in chro(ssa), Monasterboice, CO. Louth, Inscr. Ii. fig. 76.

A prayer for Muiredach, by whom this cross has been made. >j«oroit acvs bendacht choluimb chille do flavnd macc mailsechnaill dorig herenn lasandernad acumddachso, engraved on the (lost) case of the Book of Durrow, Inscr. il. pp. 146, 158.

The prayer and blessing of Colomb cille for Fland son of Maelsechnaill, for the King of Ireland, by whom this case hais been made.

IN LOC so TANIMMAIRNI* TERNOIIC^ MAC CERAN BIG ER CUL PETER APSTEL, pillarstone at Kilnasaggart, co. Armagh, Inscr. ii. fig. 38.

This place, Ternoc son of Ciarau the Little has bequeathed it on behalf of° Peter the Apostle. [15] [16] [17]

  1. gen. sg. of Muirgal
  2. gen. sg. of R6n&n
  3. Only the first stroke of the N is preserved
  4. The first i is written over the line
  5. The NM is expressed by a ligature like m with four downstrokes. Coin-mursce is the dat. sg. of Cu-muinsce
  6. The AN (a like a diamond) is written under the lo
  7. dat. sg. of Conn. Neither the mark over or, nor the h, is visible in the figure
  8. dat. sg. of Corbie. A mark like I, above the c, may denote aspiration
  9. dat. sg. m. of cromrn
  10. the first three strokes of the m are lost
  11. -PAiTH written under thob
  12. only part of the first stroke of h remains
  13. the -EN expressed by a ligature, like on with a bar across the o
  14. gen. sg. fem. of menb ' little,' Thurneysen, KZ. 37, 114n.
  15. The air is perfective, W.S. timmainii = to-imm-ro-dni , J.S.
  16. The h here indicates the lengthening of u. Ternoc from to-Ermc
  17. cf. raith iarcul Laws v. 340, 18, a surety on behalf of the first surety, iar cul dligid, ibid. 348, 2