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Thesaurus Palaeohibernicus, Volume II  (1903) 
Whitley Stokes and John Strachan, eds.
Colmán’s Hymn


I. Colman's Hymn.


T. Sen De. Colman mac hui Chlu- asaig, fer legind Corcaige, is e dorigne in nimmun sa dia s6erad arin liibuidechair rob6e irremis mac nOeda Slane. ar roptar imda doine i nHerinn in tan sein, 7 rob e a nimmed connaroichtis acht tri noi nimmaire docech fir i nHerinn, .i. a n6i do moin, 7 a n6i do min, 7 a noi do chain ; corothroiscset maithe fer nErenn im meic nOida Slane 7 im Fechine Fabair 7 im (Ailer)an 7 im Manchan Leith 7 im sochaide archena im huatigud nandoine, ar dodechaid tercca bid ann ara nimmed. conid aire sein tuccad in buidechair foj-ru, conid de atbathatar meicc ^da Slane isin bliar dain sin, 7 na sruithe roraidsem et alii multi. Dicunt alii combad Cholman dogneth uile. Atberat fairenn aile na- dernai acht da rann de nammd, 7 in scol dia denaim (6 sin) iramach .i. lethrann cech fir dib. I Corcaig dorigned i namseir da mac JEida, Slane .i. Blaithmac 7 Diarmait. Ise immorro tuccait a denma: teidm mor doratad for firu Herenn** .i. in

F. Sen De. Colman mac ui Chluasaig, fer legind Cor- 5 caige, dorone in nimmun sa 7 a scol immalle fris ; et commad lethrand cech fir foe sin, JV6 is a oenur dor6ne in nimmun .IS he immorro a loc, 10 otha inn inse co Corcaig corice in ninse dia ndechatar for teched in tedma . IN- amsir immo7-ro da mac ^da Slane dor6nad .i. Blathmac 7 15 Diarmait, IS he immorro tucait a denma : teidm mor doratad* for firu Erend, .i. in Buide CWdaill, co roindrestar Herind uile, 7 cowafarcaib 20 acht cech thres duine i n- Herind uile i mbethaid ; 7 conid de atbathatar meic Mda Slane, 7 atbath Fe- chene Fobair, 7 alii multi 25 clerici et reges in eodem anno perierunt . Oc2is conid dia n- anacul coTia scoil dorone arin

T. 'God's blessing,' Colman Mac Ui Cluasaig, lector of Cork, made this hymn to save himself from the Yellow Plague** which was in the 30 time of the sons of Aed Slane, For numerous were the men in Ireland at that time, and such was their multitude that they used to get only thrice nine ridges for each man in Ireland, to wit, nine of bog, and nine of arable land, and nine of forest. So the sons of Aed Slane and Fechin of Fore and Aileran and Manchan of Liath and many others fasted together 35 with the nobles of the men of Ireland, for the thinning of the people"; for scarcity of food had come because of their multitude. Wherefore the Yellow Plague was inflicted on them, and there died thereof in that year the sons of Aed Slane, and the elders that we have mentioned et alii multi. Dicunt alii that Colman made all (the hymn). Others say that 40 he made only two quatrains thereof, and that the school made the rest of it, to wit, a half quatrain by each of them. It was composed in Cork, in the time of the two sons of Aed Slane, to wit, Blaithmac and Diarmait. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [ 299 ]6ude Conaill, co rosirestar Herinn' hule, 7 ctmafarcaib acht cech tres dune i nHerinn i mbethaid . 7 conid dia nanacul cona scoil dor6ne arin teidm 5 sen Colman in ninimun sa . 7 is ann dorala dosom adenam, intan rothinsca- nastar ascnam co araile inse mara Herenn amaig ior teched in tedma sa, co mbetis .ix. tonna eturru 7 tir, ar nitic teidm 10 tarais innunn, ut /erunt periti. co roiar- faig araile don scoil Cholman^ cia sen i tarla doib dul for set. conid ann sein atrubairt Colman : "cia sen on tra," ol- seissom, " acht sen De 1 " Ar issed ro- 15 thrialsatsom dul for insib mara immach for teched resin ngalurc.

teidmsin Colman innimmun- sa. 7 is and dorala do som adenom, intan rotinsca- nastar ascnam coaraile indse mara, co mbetis .ix. tonna etarru 7 tir, ar nl thic teidm dar noi tonna, vtferunt periti. Co roiarfaig araile don scoil do Colman, cia sen i tarla d6ib dul for set . cmiid and atrubairt Colmda : "cia sen tra," olseseom, "acht sen Del"

Now this was the cause of its composition. A great pestilence was sent on the men of Ireland, namely the Buide Connaill, which ransacked all Ireland, and left only one man in every three alive in Ireland. And it ■20 was to protect them and his school against that pestilence that Colman made this hymn. And it befell that he composed it when he began to make for a certain island of the sea of Ireland, outside, fleeing from this pestilence, so that there might be nine waves between them and the land, for pestilence does not pass beyond that, ut f erunt periti. And one of 25 the school asked Colman what was the blessing wherein it had befallen them to take the road. So then has said Colman: "What blessing is it," said he "but God's blessing?" For this is what they essayed, to go forth on islands of the sea, fleeing before the disease.

Sdn D^*^ donfe^ fordonte^^ Mace Maire ronfeladar^^ :
for a foessam** dun innocht^ • cia" tiasam'^ cain'temadar'^

God's blessing lead us, help us ! May Mary's Son cover us !
May we be under His safeguard to-night ! Whither we go (?) may
He guard (us) well !

1. .i. ronfuca lets 'may He bring us with Him' T, .i. donfuca leis cipe 35 leth tiasam 'may He take us with Him, whithersoever we go' F 2, .i. forund de .i. ti f(ym^, 'upon us therefrom, i.e. may it come upon us' 3. .i, ronfialadar^, .i. dorata afial torund^ diar ditin, 'may He veil us, i.e. may He put His veil over us to protect us' 4. fov a oessitin^ 'under His protection ' 5. .i. in nocte tribulationis T, a nocte 40 dictum est quia in nocte ambulauerunt ut putant quidam, t in tempore tribulationis 7 ainm noctis furriside 'the name of nox upon it' F 6. .i. cipe leth tiasam 'whatever side we go' T, Cia .i. sedjye leth 'whatever side' F 7. .i. alaind 'fair' T 8. .i. {co ro)emdar sinn diar ditin .i. done ariulitin 'may He receive us for our protection, i.e. may He work our 45 protection ' T, Temada.r .i. donfem(adar) dondithnetar .i. doe(ne) ditin 'may He protect us,' i.e. may He make protection F [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13] [14] [15] [16] [17]

[18] [ 300 ]

Eter* foss^* no utraailli^^" • eter^ suide no sessam*^,
ruri®" nime fri" cech tress^ • issed attach adessam*^'.
5 Itge" AbeiP^^ maicc' Adaim^^ • Hele^ Enoc, diar cobuir':
ronsoerat ar diangalar" • sechip"" leth fon ihbith" foguir°'l
Noe^ ocus Abraham^ • Isac' in mace adamrae^* 5
immuntisat^" ar thedmaim"" • ndchantairle* adamnae*^
Ailmi" athair" tri cethrur^ • ocus Joseph^ a nuaser^^":
10 ronsoerat anernaigthi • co rig"' nilainglech" nuasal.
Sn^idsiunn"^ Moysi^^ degthdisech* • ronsnaid' tria** Rubrum

Whether in rest or in motion, whether sitting or standing,
the Lord of Heaven against every strife, this is the prayer that we
will pray.
5 May the prayer of Abel son of Adam, Enoch, Elias help us;
may they save us from swift disease*" (?) on whatever side, throughout 15
the noisy "^^ world !
Noah and Abraham, Isaac the wonderful son,
may they surround us against pestilence, that famine may not come
to us !
We entreat the father of three tetrads, and Joseph their junior : 20
10 may their prayers save us to the King many-angeled, noble !
May Moses the good leader protect us, who protected us*"* through
JRubrum Mare,

9. .i, cid fossidecht ' whether stationariness ' T, .i. cid i fosidecht 'whether in stationariness' F 10. .i. cid for imtecht ' or on travel' 25 11. .i. rori 'great king' 12, .i. contra 13, ,i, atchimit 'we pray' 14. ,i. ^wic^mii ' we beseech ' 15. .i. luctus 16. .i. terrenus uel terrigena uel terra rubra interpretatur 17. .i. arin galar ndian .i, arin mhude Connaill, 'from the swift disease, to wit, from the Buide Connaill, T, ,i. arin galar dian ,i. arin buide F 18. A. fograiges .i. done 30 tomaithium 'sounds, i.e. threatens' T, .. fogur res ,i tomaithium F

1. Noe consolatio interpretatur, quia per ipsum mundus consolatus est in reparatione hominum 2. .i. pater excelsus interpretatur 3. .i. risus interpretatur 4. .i, quia per miraculum datus est 5. .i. tisat immund 'may they come about us ' T 6. ,i. adamnP^ .i. gorta .i. 35 quia per Adam^^ uenit dolor'»^*, 'i.e. hunger' 7. .i. lacob T, Athair A. lacob, subplantator interpretatur F'"^ 8. .i. .xii, patriarchse T, .i. tri cethrurferY 9, .i. augmentum interpretatur 10. A. anuasalferT, A. a nuasal fer F 'their noble man' 11. .i. quia multos angelos tenet

1. .i. ronsnade sind" 'may he protect us' 2. .i. aquaticus inter- 4° pretatur, quia de Nilo flumine'^'^ sumptus est 3. .i. populum Israel [19] [20] [21] [22] [23] [24] [25] [26] [27] [28] [29] [30] [31] [32] [33] [34] [35] [36] [37] [38] [39] [40] [41] [42] [43] [44] [45] [46] [47] [48] [49] [50] [51] [52]

[53] [ 301 ]

Iessu** Aaron' mace Amrai" • Dauid' in gille dane°.
lob' cona fochaidib*^ • sech na nemi® ronsn^de^:
fathi Fladat^ rouanset • lasecht maccu Mocabe^
15 lohain^* Baptaist'*" adsluinnera" • rop ditiu ddn rop snadud !
5 Isu" coua^ apstalaib"' • rop" diar cobuir"" fri gabud !
MaireS Joseph =^ donringrat"* • et° spiritus* Stephani*"*:
as each ing donforslaice^^ • taithraef anmae' Ignati^
Cecil* martir", cech* dithrubach*'^°-cech noeb" robdi" i ngenmnai',
20 rop* sciath dun diar nimdegail • rop saiget huan* fridemnai^.

Joshua, Aaron Amre's son, David the bold lad.
May Job with his trials protect us past the poisons !
may Uod's prophets defend us, with Maccabee's seven sons !
15 John the Baptist we invoke, may he be a safeguard to us, a protection !
may Jesus with His apostles be for our help against danger !
15 May Mary and Joseph^ herd us et etc.
from every strait may the commemoration of Ignatius' name release us !
May every martyr, every hermit, every saint that has been in chastity,
20 be a shield to us for our protection, be a dart from us against devils !

4. .i. »nac lyiln T, lesu ebraice Soter graece N'un F'"^ 5. ,i. mons 20 fortitudinis interpretatur 6. .i. fortis manu interpretatur 7. .i. dolens interpretatur 8. .x.fiada dia .i. dia maith ' good God ' T, .i. jiada .i. dia da .i. maith F 9. .i. in quo gratia interpretatur T, lohaii .i. lohannes, in Deo gratia, uel lohannes Dei gratia interpretatur F°*«  10. .i. quia Christum baptizauif", uel quia primus homines babtizauit"" 25 11. .i. adsluindmeit ar cardes fris in hac laude ' we appeal to him by our friendship in etc' T, adsluin{nein .i. adsyuinmet ar cardes in hac laude F™^ 12. apostolus graece, missus interpretatur latine'^*' 13. .i. tisad'^^ diar cobair ' may He come to our help '

1. .i. stilla t Stella maris ®^ interpretatur 2. .i. aite Isu 'foster- 30 father of Jesus' 3. .i. rontograt diar nanacul 'may they summon us for our protection' T, .i. rontograt i ronanmniget 'may they summon us, or may they name us' F 4. .i. anima uel gratia eius 5. .i. coronatus interpretatur 6. .i. ronfuaslaice T, .i. donfuaslaige F 'may it release us' 7. .i. foraithmet ' the memory ' 8. .i. Ignatius episcopus secundus 35 post Petrum in Antiochia primus et passus sub Traiano imperatore. Ignatius a leonibus et aliis bestiis T, Eb... successor Petri in Ignatius f uit ad non solum praesentes tes ad fidem per suas multos. Ti-aianus .i. rex Romanorum et totius mundi legatos cum ad se de causam sibi fidei praedicandse ducentes missit. . ei praedicandi ad se lidem 40 trahenti regem uelle eum dare bestiis et se ... dicere .. uenisse eum sed ille negauit .... dicerent ... dicens quid sicut frangitur oportune quia ego fidentibus ... 7 deinde ductus est ad regem .... successor eius in Roma fuit uita Petri biduo fuerunt F'"^" 9. .i. pro deo T, .i. pro deo viartir .1. testis interpretatur F 10. .i. pro deo T, .i. pro deo beos '/»-0 deo stiU' F 11. .i. pro deo T [54] [55] [56] [57] [58] [59] [60] [61] [62] [63] [64] [65] [66] [67] [68] [69] [70] [71] [72] [73] [74] [75] [76] [77] [78] [79] [80] [81] [82] [83]

[84] [ 302 ]

Regem regum rogamus • in nostris*^ sermonibus,
anachf*" Noe a luchtlach"^^ • diluui" temporibus.
Melchisedech ' rex Salem ^»* • incerto de semine,
ronsoerat a airnigthe'^ • ab ornni formidine.
25 Soter* soeras® Loth" di thein • qui per saecla® habetur, 5
ut nos omnes precamur • liberare dignetur.
Abram" de ur^ na Caldae^^ • snaidsiunn^^" ruri rosnadai*":

Regem etc., who protected Noah with his crew* etc.
Melchisedech rex etc.
may his prayers deliver us ah etc. to
25 Soter who delivered Lot from fire, qui etc.
ut nos etc.
May the prince who protected Abraham from the fire" of the Chaldees,

12. .i. in Scotica linga uel huius ymni T 13. .i. inri roanacht 'the King who protected' 14. .i. a lucht locha t a luckt dub .i. Noe cum 15 suis tribus tiliis 7 -iiii- uxores eorum, 'his , or his black people etc' T, • i. alluct locha i a luct luath (t a)luG(t) dub dtib i a uxor ut quidam poeta dixit mna cetn(1) buada F™^'

1. .i. rex iustitise interpretatur T, .i. fuit reuera nomen ciuitatis*" F 2. Hieronynius : aiunt Ebrei hunc esse Sem filium Noe, et supputantes 20 annos uitse ipsius -cccc- ostendunt eum usque ad Isac uixise. alii hunc esse quendam Cannaneum et ignotum cuius Ebrei genelogiam ignorant. Secundum autem Augustinum 7 Origenem non homo fuit sed angelus Domini : homo sine patre et sine matre et sine genelogia esse non potest T, Melcisedech is i cetfaid nanEbraide commad he sein . . . . </raidQ) 25 ainy el... genelogia. non angelus , '... this is the opinion of the Hebrews that ..." F"*^ 3. Hieronymus : Salem non, ut losephus 7 nostrorum omnes arbitrantur, idem est 7 Hierusalem, sed oppidum iuxta Scithopolim quod appellatur Salem, et dicitur uenisse lacob in Salem ciuitatem regionis Sichem, quae est in terra Chanaan T, . . . issi immorro cetfaid nan Ebraide 30 conid inund 7 Hierusalem ; issi immorro cetfaid sin araile cathir beos fil (i) fail srotha lordanen 7 is innti roboi Melcisedek, ' . . . the opinion of the Hebrews is that it is the same as Jerusalem; this, however, is the opinion of others, a city still near the river Jordan, and in it was Melchisedech ' F'"^ 4. .i. ebreice lesus, grece [soter], saluator 35 latine, T, .i. grece... eb" saluator latine interpretatur F 5. .i. rosoe- ras^ar 'that delivered' 6. .i. declinaus interpretatur. Loth mac Aran meic Thara f rater Sari'a" 7. .i. pater excelsus interpretatur, abba enim 'pater' dicitur, ram 'excelsus'; Abraham pater multarum interpre- tatur, et subaudi gentium T, .i. a^cn^atiuus hic F et subaudi ... F'"» 4° 8. in Ebreo habetur in ur chethisim .i. in igne Caldeorum. tradunt autem Ebrei ex hac occasione istiusmodi fabulam, quod Abraham in ignem misus est quia ignem adorare noluerit quem Caldei colunt, et Dei auxilio liberatus de idulatriae igne profugerit ; quod in sequentibus scribitur egressum esse Tharan cum sobole sua de regione Caldeorum, pro quo in 45 Ebreo habetur 'de incendio Caldeorum,' 7 misus est Aram adhuc ante conspectum patris sui Thara in igne Caldeorum, quod uidelicet ignem [85] [86] [87] [88] [89] [90] [91] [92] [93] [94] [95] [96]

[97] [ 303 ]

soersnnn"" soeras" in popul • limpa"^^ fontis inGdbai*".
Riiri^ anachf^ tri maccu^ • a surnn® tened corr6dai'
30 ronnain amal roanacht^ • Dauid de manu Golai.
Flaithem*'* nime 16chamaig'* • ardonroigse"* diar tr6gi
5 nad* leic suum prophetam™" • ulli leonum ori.

May he deliver us who delivered the people lympha etc.
The Prince who protected the three boys out of the fiery furnace with
30 may He protect us, as He protected David de etc.
lo May the Lord of resplendent heaven have compassion on our
who left not suum etc.

noUens adorare igne consumptus est. loquitur autem Domiuus postea ad Abram dicens: 'ego sum qui eduxi te de igne Caldeorum' T'"s 9. na 1 5 Calda .i. Caldei dicti quasi Cassi .i. o Cased mac Nachor «ieic Thara .i. a filio fratris Abraham. De Ur... Abraham apud illos F"'^ 10. .i. ronsnade sind 'may He protect us ' F 11. .i. ronsoera^ sinn^ 'may He deliver us' 12. o thoin ^ 'from the wave' T, .i. ablatiuus TF 13. .i. isin gdbud irahatar sine aqua quando uenit ex Egipto, 'in the peril in which 2o they were sine etc' T, .i. isin gabud irrahatar isindithrub sine aqua intan tanic in popul ahEyipt. t com,mad yaba aintn ind luic irrabatar tunc sine aqua; tw intan roboi Samuel 7«,ac Elcanna i toisigecht in popuil atberar so : Filistina tancatar cucufor sluagud co iangatar maic Israel isna loccaib as Gaha 7 Masfad, et unde hie inGabai, 7 rothroiscsetar maic Israel andsen, 25 7 dwat Samuel uscq illustrationis tarsiu, 7 unde dicitur limpha, 7 romemaid re Samuel 7 re maccaib Israel for Filistinaib ' in the peril in which they were in the desert sine aqtui., when the people came out of Egypt. Or, Gaba may have been the name of the place in which they were tunc sine aqua. Or, when Samuel the son of Elkanah was in the 30 leadership of the people, this is said : Philistines came to them on a hosting, and the Children of Israel came into the places Gibea and Mizpah, et etc. And the Children of Israel fasted there, and Samuel put over them water illustrationis et etc. And the Philistines were routed by Samuel and the Children of Israel F"«.

1. .i. rori 'great king' T 2. .i. roangestar T 3. IN anno primo regni Nabcodonozor regis Babilonise uenit in Hierusalem et inuasit eam. In anno uero tertio lochim regis luda dixit (sic) Daniel 7 tres pueri in Babilonem ducti sunt et alii multi secum. 7 ait rex praeposito iuna- chorum, Arphanaz nomine, ut doceret alios pueros de filiis Israel et de 40 semine regio et de filiis tirannorum pueros decoros, ut ministrarent ei post peritiam Caldese lingae F'"» Tri maccu .i. tri maic .i. Sedrac, Misac, Abdinago'i nomina eorum apud Caldeos', Annanias, Azarias, Misael autem" nomina eorum apud Ebreos^ et in igne misi sunt quia noluerunt adorare formam JSTabcodononostor" 4. .i. Jlaith eim" 45 5. .i. sohista^' 'bright' 6. .i. arroairchise 'may He pity' 7. .i. Danielem, qui bis in Babilonia traditus est leonibus et fuit cum eis in lacu leonum per ebdomadem plenam sine cibo T [98] [99] [100] [101] [102] [103] [104] [105] [106] [107] [108] [109] [110] [111] [112] [113] [114] [115] [116] [117] [118]

[119] [ 304 ]

Amal foides*"'^ innaingel" • tarslaic' Petrura a slabreid,
dor6iter°* dun diar fortacht^ • rop reid remiinn*' cech namreid.
35 Diar fiadait*^ rontolomar^ • nostro opere digno :
robem* occa** imbithbethaid' in paradisi regno,
Amal soeras^ lonas^ faith • a brti rail moir, monor^ ngle^ h
snaidsiunn'"=' degri" tomtbach"^ tr^n • sen D^ donf^^ fordont^**.
Rop &*■ a Fiada*® rop fir" • roerthar^^ in guide "se^
40 robet maccain"^' flathaDe • hitimchuairt na sculese*.
Ropfir^ a Fiada' ropfir"^ • risam huili"^ sid^^^ ind rig:
Sechroised'^'^ rolssam*"® • hi"flaith nime cotrissam. »©

As He sent the angel that loosed Peter from the chain,
may he be sent to us for our aid, may every unsmooth be smooth
before us !
35 May we please our Lord nostro etc. !
may we be with Him in eternal life in etc. ! 15
As He delivered Jonah the prophet from the whale's belly — a
bright deed — ,
may the good King, threatening, mighty, protect us ! God's blessing
lead us, help us !
Be it true, O Lord, be it true, may this prayer be granted ! 20
40 may the little children of God's Kingdom be around this school :
Be it true, O Lord, be it true ! May we all reach the peace of the
...may we reach ^^, may we meet in the Kingdom of Heaven!

1. .i. praeteriti temporis F 2. Herodes Agripa occidit lacobum 25 iilium Zebedei et tradidit Petrum -iiii- quaternionibus in carcerem ad custodiendum, et liberauit eum Dominus per angelum suum T, Herodes tetrarcha mac Herodis meic Antipatris, meic Herodis Ascolonitse, is lais romarbad lolian Bahtaist 7 roches Crist 7 rolaad Petur i carcair, 7 is esede /oraithnieiitar hie 'by him John the Baptist was slain, and Christ 3° suffered, and Peter was cast into prison, and it is he that is referred to here ' F™*^ 3. .i. rotuaslaic F 4. .i. a Deo 5, .i. dar dia maith^^ 'to our good God' T, .i. dar dia maith .i. bona dait ondi as deus ata 'it is from deus' F 6. .i. rotholtnagem^^ 'may we please'

L amal soeras .i. amal rosoerastar F 2. .i. dolens sine columba 35 interpretatur, filius Amathi et'^" uiduse quern suscitauit Helias" quando"™ hospitauit apud earn"" fugiens Achab in tempore famis*^ 3. .i. rons- nade sind F 4. .i. toinaithmech 5. .i. ade maith ' O good God ' T, adegde F 6. .i. roemither'^^ 7. .i. angeli i maicc'^'^ becca atbalat/oc/ie- toir" in sanctitate'^ post baptismum*-*^ 'small children who die at once etc' 40

1. .i. celum [120] [121] [122] [123] [124] [125] [126] [127] [128] [129] [130] [131] [132] [133] [134] [135] [136] [137] [138] [139] [140] [141] [142] [143] [144] [145] [146] [147] [148] [149] [150] [151] [152] [153] [154] [155] [156] [157] [158] [159] [160] [161] [162]

[163] [ 305 ]

"Robem' cendes** hi llethu"'* • lahaingliu*^ i mbithbethii.
Reraig* Mthi® cen dibad" • aingil apstail — ard fegad' —
45 tairset liar nathair^nemdae" • ria sluag ndemnae* diar sdnad.
Sen dd"^
5 'Be^idacht for^rlam^ Patraic^ • co nnoebaib' Herenn™ irnbi":
bendacht" forsin chathraigse'* • ocus'^ for each filindi"*.

May we be without age widely (?) with the angels in eternal life !
Patriarchs, prophets without extinction, angels, apostles— a noble
sight —
lo 45 may they come with our Heavenly Father to bless us before the
host of devils !
Blessing on the patron Patrick, with the saints of Ireland about him !
blessing on this convent and on all within it !

2. {leth)rand so 7 tsed araili {l)ethrand aili occai{T) . . diatoracht 15 clengcdur, masu {lethra)nn cech ai dib doronsat anuas. {no ise C)holman wremorro a 6(ennr) dorigne in immun{sa -]for)acaib in leth(rann so) ar roeccom(lanaig) dianio che{nel)8a ecom.lanaig(/etsa amo)lad som T"'^, {Jiob)em. lethrand so 7 ni frith alethrand aile and 7 is ed{dora)le in fer dia torach[t a de{nam) atbath don tedmaim rnaso lethrand cech fir doronsat 10 anuasana . maso Colman immorro a oenur dorigne in nimmun sa, is airi fioracaib in lethrann sa gen lethranxd ele occai ar roeccomlanaig seovi mo muntir sa, ecoirdatiaigfetsa amoladsom 'this is a half-quatrain and its other half has not been found. And this is what befell : the man to whose turn it came to compose it died of the plague, if it is a half-quatrain ■25 for each man that they made above. If it is Colman alone, however, who made this hymn, therefore he left this half-quatrain without another half- quatrain'; 'since He has made my kindred incomplete, I will make His praise incomplete,' F"*» 3. .i. hifarsinge 'in wideness' T, Lethu leu, ut quidam dixit :

Momathair 7 mlathair
cein robatar na [ni]bethu
bendacht for ec(?) rodosfuc
robo bee mo ...* lethu ■

'with them, ut quidam, dixit : 'my father and my mother, while they lived, 35 Vjlessing on ... which carried them off; small was my. . with them" F"'^

1. .i. rorig 1 rerig^ .i. qui fuerunt ante dilunium 'great kings or time- kings 'etc. 2. .i. in poena 3. .i. is ard in Jegad'^ f egad a,ngeoruni et apostolorum 'lofty is the sight angelorum etc' 4. hue usque cecinit Colman T 5. Bendact for. Dermait hua Tigeman comarba Po^raic 40 is e rotuUl na cethri runnu sa - i is rand PatraXc 7 Bingtee tantum • f uit 7 Mugron amiarba Coluvicille fecit dorigne nadarannsa sis .i. na da rann dedencha, ' Diarmait hua Tigernain, comarb of Patrick, he it is who added tliese four verses. Or it is the verse of Patrick and Brigit tantum fuit, and Mugron, comarb of Columcille, made these two quatrains below, to 45 wit, the two last quatrains' F'"*^ 6. .i. erellam .i.^ adbulellam fri denaim ferta^ 7 mirbaile 'greatly ready, i.e. exceedingly ready to perform miracles and wonders ' 7. .i. for in erlam as Patra.ic ' on the patron Patrick' 8. .i. inte T [164] [165] [166] [167] [168] [169] [170] [171] [172] [173] [174] [175] [176] [177] [178] [179] [180] [181] [182] [183] [184]

[185] [ 306 ]

Bendacht* for^rlam Bright • co nogaib H^renn^ impe,
50 tabraid huili° cainforgall • bewdacht" for ordan Brigte.
Bendacht® for Colura^ cille^ • co nn6ebaib' Alban^ alia,
ior anmain Adamndn^*ain • rolacain'^ forsua clanna*.
For foisam'^^ rig na ndtile* • comairche'^ nachanbera' !
in spirut noeb ronbr6ena • Crist rons6era ronsena !
Sen d^"».

Blessing on the patron Brigit with the virgins of Ireland about
50 give ye all a fair testimony : blessing on Brigit's dignity. i©
Blessing on Columcille, with the saints of Alba on the other side,
on the soul of glorious Adamnan, who imposed a law on the clans.
(May we be) under the safeguard of the King of the elements, a
protection which will not betray us !
may the Holy Spirit rain on us ! may Christ deliver us, bless us ! 15

1. .i. collum ara diutecht dictus est 'he was called dove for his sim- plicity' T 2. .i, quia frequenter ueniebat nchill .i. . . Telaig Dubglaise quia a expectem {cU)le inde dictus (est) T, Colum cille : Cremthand a ainm baiste, ic Telaig Duhglase immorro roleg a salmu do sacurt na cille 7 ticed soni commenic cosinmag i fail na cille ...^^ 'his 20 baptismal name was Crimthann : at Telach Dubglasse, however, he read his psalms to the priest of the church, and he used to come frequently to the plain beside the church...' F 3. .i. fri muir anair 'to the east of the sea' T 4. .i. Adomnan muc Konan mec (T)hinne; Jionat ainm amathar 'Adamnan son of Ronan, son of Tinne: his mother's name was 25 Ronat' F"'^ 5, Cethri prinichana na Herend A. cain Patr&AC 7 Dari 7 Adomnan 7 dom,naig • Cain Patraic, immorro, cen chleirciu do marbad; cain Dari, cen bu do gait; Adomnan, cen (mnd) do marbad; domnaig, cen {(lul) ar imthecht 'four chief laws of Ireland, the law of Patrick and of Daie and of Adamnan and of Sunday. The law of Patrick, now, not 30 to slay clerics ; the law of Dare, not to steal cattle ; of Adamnan, not to slay women ; of Sunday, not to travel ' F'"^' 6. .i. /orsna mnaib i super gentes ' on women or super gentes ' F

1. .i. for foesitin F [186] [187] [188] [189] [190] [191] [192] [193] [194] [195] [196] [197] [198]

  1. MS. doratat
  2. MS. Herinn
  3. cf. mint'ir Laws vi. 571
  4. cf. F.M. a.d. 664, Ann. Ult. A.D, 664
  5. cf. ws oxXoi» PpoTwv irX'^dovs re Kovipl<rei€ ix-qripa x^^i'O; Eur. Hel. 40
  6. MS. herenn
  7. leg. do Cholman
  8. reshgalur T
  9. de F
  10. fordonte T
  11. ronfelathar F
  12. oessam T, oesam F
  13. tiasam T, thisam F; the conjunct form after cia is irregular, and the true reading and interpretation are uncertain.
  14. in T the second letter may be t
  15. /ormn F
  16. ronfialadar not in T
  17. Jial torond F
  18. oenitin F
  19. itiv T
  20. fosF
  21. utmaille TF
  22. essaniF
  23. ruire T, ruri F
  24. ties F
  25. =ad-n-tessam
  26. AbeilT
  27. meic TF
  28. HeliT,EleF
  29. co&atr TF
  30. secip TF
  31. bith F
  32. fogair TF
  33. adamra TF
  34. ivimuntisat T, immon- tesat F
  35. tedmaim T
  36. nachantairle T, nacluintarle F
  37. adamna TF, cf. Ann. Ul, 825
  38. ailme TF
  39. anuas. . T, aiwserF; for the rhyme cf. Hy. 11. 5, 6; 25, 26
  40. rig TF
  41. Sndidsium T, Snaidsium F; for the form cf. KZ. xxxi. 101
  42. Moisi T
  43. deghthoisech F, degtuisech T
  44. dria F
  45. tnaire T
  46. but cf. langor .i. diangalar Ir. Gloss, p. 142 ; cf. defendat nos ab omni langore LH. fo. 15
  47. foguir is taken as the gen. of fogur in an adjectival sense. The glossator takes it as a verbal form, v?hich is syntactically improbable
  48. apparently the writer identifies himself with the People of God; the native interpretation would require rodsndid
  49. adamnai F
  50. iUum F
  51. dolor: in mundum F
  52. siiiid T
  53. om, F
  54. Ihu T
  55. Amra TF
  56. gilla ddna TF
  57. cosna fochaidib T
  58. iieme F
  59. roiisnada T, ronsnade F
  60. m&ccu Mocaba T, macca Mochaba F ; cf. Fel. Oeng. Aug. 1
  61. Eoin T
  62. babtaist F
  63. IM T
  64. con T
  65. cobair TF
  66. doringrat F
  67. 0CU8 F
  68. Stefani T
  69. dorforslaigset F
  70. an7na TF
  71. each F
  72. dith- rubach T, dibtrobach F
  73. roboi F, robdi T
  74. hingenmnai T, igennia F
  75. rob F
  76. liuanT,huainF
  77. deintiuF
  78. according to Atkinson, Joseph does not appear in western martyrologies till the ninth century. See the Felire of Oengus at March 19
  79. babtizauit F
  80. babtizauit F only
  81. latine T only
  82. tisat T, tisad F
  83. stilla maris t stella F
  84. This long note b^ns on the left margin opposite Itge Ab6il
  85. =0. Ir. anachte
  86. luctluct F
  87. diluuii F
  88. ernaipthe F
  89. ssecula T, secula F
  90. Galdai T, Calda F
  91. snaidsiunn T, snaidsium F
  92. ronsnada TF
  93. for the construction of. Archiv f. Celt. Phil. i. 6
  94. of. Isid. Op. in. 476, Hieron. Op. in. 323, and for the meaning of ur supra p. 44
  95. on the margin of F before this gloss there is an illegible gloss G::er:::: A. i insinC!)
  96. This gloss is written over Melchisedech
  97. Sarrai P
  98. eoergum TF
  99. soeras T, sderais F
  100. limpha F
  101. gaba TF
  102. sumd F
  103. coruadi T, corrodi F
  104. leg. ronanacht?
  105. flathem F
  106. lochamnig T
  107. ardondrosgset F
  108. nat T, nad F
  109. profetam T
  110. for de cf . Ml. 61» 5, 9
  111. rousoerad F
  112. sin F
  113. Abdenago haec simt Caldea F
  114. apud Caldeos om. F
  115. F only
  116. Ebreica nomina eorum F
  117. et...Nabcodonostor T only
  118. em F; an etymological gloss
  119. solastai F
  120. foedes T, /aides F
  121. aingel F
  122. doroitei T, dorroiter F
  123. fortact F
  124. remunn T, remoind F
  125. fiadat TF
  126. robbem F
  127. occai F
  128. mbibethaid T, bcthbethaid F
  129. monar T
  130. gle F
  131. snaidsiunn T, snaidsiuvi F
  132. degri T, degrig F
  133. tomtach T
  134. donfe T, don'^ F
  135. /" T, /" te F
  136. rop fir: rofir TF
  137. fiado F
  138. afirthar corrected to rajirthar F
  139. guidi TF
  140. seo F
  141. maccan TF
  142. scuiliseo F
  143. rojir TF
  144. Jiado F
  145. rofir F
  146. uileF
  147. sithTF
  148. msad F ' whoever may reach ' ; sec/^ for sec/iip GC-. 717, W.S.
  149. roissavi T, roisam F
  150. in F
  151. cf. seek ni rista ni tUta Aisl. 53
  152. an ety- mological explanation of Jiada as though fodia 'good God'
  153. rotholtnaigem F
  154. et: hie est filius F
  155. EleasF
  156. apud quam F
  157. apud earn T only
  158. in tempore famis fugiens Achab regem Israel F
  159. roerniter T, roernidar F
  160. mac- cairn F
  161. fochetor T, focetoir F
  162. in sanctitate om. F
  163. bab" F
  164. robbem T
  165. esT,(BsF
  166. illetha F
  167. haingliu F
  168. faithi T,fadi F
  169. dihdad F
  170. nathar T
  171. nemda TF
  172. ndemna T, nemna F
  173. om. F
  174. CO noebaib F
  175. Herenn T, Heretid P
  176. imme T, uile F
  177. bennacht T
  178. cathraigse TF
  179. ocus F
  180. inde F
  181. it might be read o[r]ait
  182. roreig .i. seeul fota a tegul ' long their life ' F""*
  183. in fegad F only
  184. .i. seems to be wanting in F
  185. ilenmug jirt F
  186. hennacht T
  187. Herenn T, Herevd P
  188. huile T, uHe F
  189. bennacht F
  190. benedacht T
  191. connoebaih T, conoebaib F
  192. adamnan T, adamnain F, i.e. the law exempting women from military service, Rawl. B. 512, fo. 48*1: cf. I'Yl. Oeng. Lxiv. and Reeves' Cohimba, i. 179
  193. foesmii T, foisam F
  194. ndiila T, ndula F
  195. commairche TF
  196. nachanbera TF, leg. nachanmera ? which is translated
  197. sen dS T, S.D. F
  198. Nine illegible lines follow