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Table of contents.

Preface vii, viii
Description of the MSS. ix–xl
Glosses on S. Augustine's Soliloquia (Carlsruhe) 1–9
Glosses on Beda (Carlsruhe):
   De Rerum Natura 10–13
   De Temporum Ratione 14–30
Glosses on Beda (Vienna):
   De Temporum Ratione 31–37
Glosses on Canons:
   Corpus Christi College, Cambridge 38
   Bibliothèque Nationale, Paris 38
Glosses on Computus:
   (a) Codex Vaticanus No. 5755 39
   (b) Bibliotheca Nanciensis cod. 59 41
Glosses on Eutychius (Vienna and Paris) 42
Glossary in Cod. Lat. 14,429 (Munich) 43
Glosses on Juvencus (University Library. Cambridge) 44
Glosses on Patrician documents (Dublin) 45
Glosses on Philargyrius (Florence and Paris) 46–48, 360–363
Glosses on Priscian (St Gall) 49–224
   „   (Carlsruhe) 225–230
   „   (Leyden) 231
   „   (Milan) 232
Glosses on Prudentius 233
Glosses on Sententiae sanctorum doctorum (Milan) 234
Glosses on Servius (Berne) 235
Glosses on Sortilegia (Munich) 236, 237
Specimens of Old-Irish Prose:—
   1. The Notes in the Book of Armagh (Dublin) 238–243
   2. The Cambray Homily 244–247
   3. The St Gall Incantations 248
   4. The Spells in the Stowe Missal (Dublin) 250
   5. The Rubrics in the Stowe Missal 251
   6. The Tract on the Mass in the Stowe Missal 252–255
   7. The Notes on the cover of the Reichenau Beda 256
   8. The Notes in the Books of Dimma, Durrow and Deir 257
   9. Extracts from Vita S. Findani (St Gall) 258