Irisleabhar na Gaedhilge/Imleabhar 5/Uimhir 6

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Irisleabhar na Gaedhilge, Imleabhar V, Uimh. 6
Irisleabhar na Gaedhilge

[ 81 ]

No. 6.—Vol. V.] DUBLIN, SEPT. 1st, 1894. [Price 6d., post free.
[No. 54 of the Old Series.]


Until further notice all business communications are to be sent to Gaelic Journal Manager, Dollard’s, Wellington-quay, Dublin. All editorial matter to be sent to Mr. John MacNeill, Hazelbrook, Malahide. Father O’Growney requests that no communications may be sent to him at present, as he is unable to attend to any work at present. Postal orders sent to the manager, as directed above, are to be made payable to Joseph Dollard, at Post Office, Dublin.

In recent issues of the Journal a good deal of matter was given for the special advantage of learners of Gaelic. In our present issue we provide chiefly for those who can speak and read the language. It will be noticed that in this issue a very large number of new words appear for the first time in print.

Back numbers of the Journal can still be procured, with a few exceptions. See the advertisements on the cover of the Journal.

[ 96 ]


The Gaodhal—247 Kosciusko-street, New York (60 cents a month).

The Irish Echo—3 La Grange-street, Boston (ten cents a year).

The Celtic Monthly—17 Dundas-street, Kingston, Glasgow (4/- a year).

MacTalla—Sydney, Cape Breton, Canada (one dollar a year).

Publications containing an Irish column—Tuam News, Weekly Freeman, United Ireland, Cork Archæological Society’s Journal; in America—Irish-American, San Francisco Monitor, Chicago Citizen; in Scotland—Oban Times, Inverness Northern Chronicle.

Printed by Dollard, Printinghouse, Dublin, where the Journal can be had, price Sixpence for single copy. All remittances to be addressed to the Manager, Dollard’s, Printinghouse, Dublin, payable to Joseph Dollard. Editor also requests that he will be communicated with in case of delay in getting Journal, receipt, &c. The Journal can also be had from the Booksellers in Dublin, Cork, Belfast, &c. Applications for Agencies for sale of the Journal invited.

Printed by Dollard, Printinghouse, Dublin.