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When Wikisource language domains were set up in 2005, I was one of the people who asked that this wiki,, be left as a functioning wiki (and not a static portal page as it is for and other projects).

The idea behind this was that even after the advent of language domains, the current wiki was still meant to serve three purposes:

  • First, a multilingual portal at However, unlike at Wikipedia and most other Wikimedia projects, our portal page is a dynamic wiki page maintained directly by the community.
  • Second, as a place for texts in languages that do not have their own subdomains. Each such language could continue to maintain a local main page, just as it had before the advent of individual language subdomains.
  • Third, this wiki was meant to serve as a sort of "Meta" for Wikisource projects in all languages, in order to help us all share ideas and news and make project-wide decisions. To further this last goal, I set up pages such as Wikisource:2005 and Wikisource:2006.

Though the third goal has not truly been met, the first two have been successes:

  • The Main Page Portal here is functional and great, and the community takes an active role in maintaining it and improving it. Anyone with ideas or corrections can share them on the talk page.
  • Our wiki serves as a home and library for texts in dozens of languages that do not currently have their own subdomains, and anyone who wants to add texts in additional languages can easily do so immediately and conveniently. Not only has this been a success here, but it also served as a model for the Beta Wiki at Wikiversity. This has proved more of a success (at both Wikisource and Wikiversity) than has the general "incubator" wiki for all languages in all projects found at The latter is far less user-friendly to new languages in existing projects, and also fails to provide the option of serving as a single-project "Meta" (also a declared goal at

It seems to me that the third goal has largely not been met simply because people at the subdomains have few if any reminders of this wiki. Most currently do not even have a link to this wiki on their Main Page. Furthermore, most day-to-day aspects of multilingual coordination and cooperation can be done at the subdomains themselves without a "Meta" wiki, just as they are done at Wikipedia. Nevertheless, I hope that in the future we can find ways to share news and ideas across all languages through this wiki. We should also keep an eye on to see how and if this works for them.


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