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This category lists local Main Pages for languages at this wiki. These languages do not currently have their own Wikisource subdomains.

How to categorize the local Main Page in your language[edit]

The local Main Page for each language is categorized here by adding the following code: [[Category:Main Pages|language]], where "language" is a language code such as "eo" (Esperanto) or "hi" (Hindi), so that it will be placed in the proper order in this category.

Each local Main Page should also be placed in a language category along with all other texts in that language. For instance, Main Page:Kurdî (the local main page for the Kurdish language) is in Category:Kurdî (for Kurdish texts). All of these language categories should themselves be subcategories of Category:Languages.

Where else to list local Main Pages[edit]

The local Main Page in each language should be found in the following lists. Please add your own language to them!

  • Template:AllLanguages, which lists all Wikisource languages: both those that have their own subdomain and those that have a local Main Page here at this wiki. Languages are listed in alphabetical order ("A-Z") by their language codes. Add a request here to have your language added to this list.
  • Wikisource is a page listing the word "Wikisource" and the slogan "The Free Library" in some 80 languages. This is similar to the big circle in the Main Page Portal, but the circle only shows the ten largest languages. The Wikisource page is for all languages, large and small. You are welcome to add your own language to the list!
  • Wikisource:Languages is a page listing the various languages hosted locally at this wiki. The variables for each language are: The language code, the name of the language in English (with an optional link to an article on the language at the English Wikipedia), a link to the associated language category, a link to the local main page for the language, and a "size" statistic based on the number of pages listed in the category for the language.

Languages that have their own subdomains[edit]

For languages that already have their own subdomains, see the Main Page Portal. For the local Main Pages of languages that were once housed at this wiki before they moved to their own subdomains, see Category:Old Main Pages


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