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This page has been archived. For new messages see Wikisource:News.

Archive: 200520062007200820092010201120122013


  • 31: zh.wikisource had 1326 pages.
  • 31: sv.wikisource had 417 pages.
  • 31: sr.wikisource had 348 pages.
  • 31: ru.wikisource had 878 pages.
  • 31: ro.wikisource had 2985 pages.
  • 31: pt.wikisource had 220 pages.
  • 31: pl.wikisource had 2080 pages.
  • 22: nl.wikisource had 300 pages.
  • 21: it.wikisource has 1047 pages
  • The Hebrew Wikisource already started a year ago, before all the other languages. We are continuing as usual, and several new contributors recently joined. Now that the other languages have been set up we are starting to link our texts to theirs and back. We are also starting to link to Hebrew Wikipedia more, because when the rest of the languages were set up our interwiki links were fixed as well!
    he:User:Rotemliss has worked very hard over the past couple of days putting together an array of templates for the language proficiency of contributors, to use on their personal pages. Now we'll know how truly mutlilingual we really are at he:. Dovi 14:07, 21 December 2005 (UTC)[reply]
  • 21: es.wikisource has 5692 pages
  • 21: el.wikisource has 396 pages
  • 21: gl.wikisource has 45 pages
  • 20: en.wikisource had 20.500
  • 18: de.wikisource had 2450 pages
  • 17: hr.wikisource had 1500 pages.
  • 16: la.wikisource had 1150 pages
  • 14: french wikisource had 6600 pages and 350 author pages.
  • 11: ja.wikisource had 800 pages.
  • 8: he.wikisource had 650 pages.
  • 1: ar.wikisource had 750 pages


  • 11: A major copyright dispute involving the United Nations works started and would last for one year.
  • 8: da.wikisource had 150 pages




  • 27: ko.wikisource had 100 pages.
  • 20: The translation of MediaWiki system messages were completed. New users have been incorporated to the proyect and we have a new main page on es.wikisource.
  • 17: On gl.wikisource: It's being come to the translation of System messages, and appear the first texts, mainly laws of Galicia
  • 17: A huge number of pages have been cleared off of this website... (oldwikisource)
  • The korean main page has a nice animated gif: a fish swarm! I looooove it :-) It is original, goes well with the iceberg, and totally non-conventional when you realize that we're selling books :-) I wonder if the same gif will not show up on the french main page from time to time ThomasV 19:55, 17 September 2005 (UTC)[reply]
  • 17: The initial period of the English subdomain was characterized by numerous software bugs (please feel free to elaborate…), most of which have finally been solved. Special thanks to Brion Vibber for his extraordinary assistance!
  • Lots of activity and a beautiful new Main Page on de.wikisource.
  • Lots of activity and a beautiful new Main Page on fr.wikisource
  • Lots of activity by high-quality contributors (especially notable because some doubt was expressed about the need for a Latin wiki) and a beautiful new Main Page on la.wikisource.