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Description of the MSS.

or different authors, for in the case of these isolated additions it is difficult to decide as to the hand. I have consequently examined them again:

“Certainly C are: 15b 11 buaid lię, 33a 24 genus doloris, 49a 2 lothor, 54a 12 iouis, 57b 5 sabinus, 62b 10 ligo .i. bacc buana fínime, 63a 12 .i. mocoll lín, 67b 14 soror uiri, 69b 10 .i. obedientia, 144b 2 .i. hastas colligo and ꝉ quero ꝉ populo alloquor, 145a 5, 6 .i. nutrio (but the marginal arbiathim may be from the usual hand).

“Probably C: 46b 13 ingen, 50b 21 .i. féle, 63b 17 bestia.

“The following shew lighter ink than C has elsewhere: 46a 2 ꝉ bóc, 46a 3 ꝉ, 53a 15 tened, 92a 4 uestimentum.

“Doubtful if C: 46b 13 rite (may be from the writer of the Latin text), 49a 3 and 7 .i. derg.

“A different ductus probably appears in 52b 9 cís rigda, 53a 13 .i. cliab noiden (in rasura).

“Certainly not C: 105b 1 7 capus sebocc, 106a 3 ꝉ soror, 106b 10 uersio (the writing of these glosses reminds one of that of the writer of the Latin text).

“Likewise not C: 143b 2, 146b 14 ꝉ foalgim.”

The codex also contains a number of marginalia[1] in Irish and Latin, in various hands; some of them are in the Ogham character.[2]

p. 5a [marg. sup.] bene est hic.
p. 42 [marg. sup.] faue brigita.
p. 50 [marg. inf., Ogham] feria cai hodie.
p. 52 [marg. sup.] daman ṡianach.
p. 70 [marg. sup., Ogham] fel martain[3].
p. 77 [marg. sup.] omnium.
p. 92 [marg. sup.] sancta brigita intercedat pro me.
p. 114 [marg. sup.] bendacht for anmmain ferguso. amen. mar uar dom[4].
p. 118 [marg. sup.] traces of a gloss cut away.
p. 150 [marg. sup.] v……e[5] faue.
p. 156 [marg. sup.] traces of a gloss cut away.
p. 157^ [marg. sup.] hvcvsque caluus patricii[6] depinxit.
p. 157 [marg. sup.] xp̅e faue.
p. 158 [marg. sup.] s(é)n (anói)bing(e)n[7].
p. 159 [marg. sup.] ruadri[8] adest.
pp. 163, 165 traces of letters cut away on the upper margin.

  1. With regard to the proper names in this and other manuscripts from the circle of Sedulius see Traube, O Roma Nobilis, 54 (350) sq.
  2. Cf. Nigra, Rel. Celt. 18 sq.
  3. = feria Martini.
  4. ‘A blessing on the soul of Fergus. Amen. I am very cold.’
  5. Die Buchstaben halb weggeschnitten, ausserdem der Rand geglättet. Ganz sicher wohl nur v dann am Ende e und faue, Thurneysen. Nigra conjectures vinniane = St Finnen of Mag bile.
  6. = Máil Patricc from the writer of the Latin text down to p. 157 a.
  7. ‘Bless, Holy Virgin.’ The margin has been cut; restored by Nigra.
  8. King of Wales, 844–878. Cf. Reeves, Adamnan, 390 sq., Nigra, Rel. Celt. 12, Traube, O Roma Nobilis, 66 (352).