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Codices Prisciani.

p. 165a [marg. inf.] is dorchæ dom[1].
pp. 168, 169 traces of letters cut away on the upper margin,
p. 170 [marg. sup., Ogham] minchasc[2].
p. 171 [marg. sup.] faue brigita.
p. 173a [marg. sup.] faue brigita.
p. 175a [marg. sup.] patricie adiuua.
p. 176a [marg. sup.] sancta brigita.
p. 176b [marg. sup.] uit mo chrob[3].
p. 177a [marg. sup.] sancta trinitas.
p. 178b [marg. sup.] patricie benedic.
p. 181 [marg. sup.] faue patricie.
p. 182 [marg. sup.] faue brigita.
p. 182b [marg. sup.] finguine[4].
p. 184b [marg. sup.] sancta brigita oret pro nobis.
p. 189a {marg. sup.] lathæirt[5].
p. 190a [marg. sup.] patricie faue.
p. 190 [marg. sup.] follega[6].
p. 191a [marg. sup] faue brigita,
p. 192 [marg. sup.] sancta brigita adiuua scriptorem istius artis.
p. 193 [marg. sup., Ogham] cocart[7].
p. 194 [marg. sup.] donngus[8].
p. 194a [marg. inf.] do inis maddoc dv́n .i. meisse ⁊ coirbbre[9].
p. 194b [marg. sup., Ogham] cocart[7].
p. 195 [marg. sup.] sancta brigita.
p. 195 [marg. sup., Ogham] cocart[7].
p. 195a [marg. sup.] is gann in memr˘ ⁊ ascribend[10].
p. 195b [marg. inf.] ní ǽrmall roscríbad inletraimso[11].
p. 196 [marg. sup.] sancta brigita.
p. 196a [marg. sup., Ogham] acocart inso[12].
p. 197a [marg. sup.] sancta brigita.
p. 197a traces of letters cut away on the upper margin.
p. 199a [marg. inf.] ní mmall[13].
p. 203a [marg. sup.] sancta brigita.
p. 202a [marg. inf.] :::::thas patric ⁊ brig˘ ar máel bri(g)tæ namba olcc amenma frimm (arin)scribund roscribad indulso[14].

  1. ‘It is dark to me.’
  2. According to the probable restoration of Nigra; the characters have been cut away in part. Minchasc means ‘Little Easter,’ Dominica in Albis, ‘Low Sunday.’
  3. ‘Alas! my hand.’
  4. According to Nigra, Rel. Celt. 28, one of the scribes.
  5. See the ogmic latheirt infra at p. 204b. Is it = lathirt ‘crapula’? J. S.
  6. ‘Probabilmente è questo un nome proprio irlandese,’ Nigra. But it rather seems a verb.
  7. 7.0 7.1 7.2 ‘A correction’ or ‘correct.’
  8. According to Nigra, Rel. Celt. 28, probably one of the writers of the Latin text; the name, however, occurs in other manuscripts belonging to the circle of Sedulius, Traube, O Roma Nobilis, 54 (350).
  9. ‘We are from Inis Maddoc, to wit, Coirbbre and I.’
  10. ‘The parchment is rough (? ‘difficilis’ Nigra) and the writing.’
  11. ‘This page has not been written very slowly.’
  12. ‘This is a correction’ (acocart from ad-cocart? W. S.). Nigra would read cocart inso.
  13. ‘Not slow.’
  14. ‘……of Patrick and Brigit on Mael Brigte, that he may not be angry with me for the writing that has been written this time.’ W. S.