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Description of the MSS.

to a somewhat later date[1]. It contains in ff. 33–127 a collection of Irish canons, with a few Irish glosses. Both text and glosses have been copied from an older codex.

4. Codices Libri de Computo.

(a) Codex Vaticanus n. 5755[2].

This codex consists for the most part of a copy of St Augustine’s work De Trinitate: to this, however, fo. 2, 3 and fo. 63–73 do not belong, but contain fragments of a computus. Fo. 2, which begins with nihil remanserit and ends with sí quando mense martio xiiii · luna pascalis incurrit xxxiii · regulares in primís teneas: ex quibus æpactas cuius uollueris anni deducas, contains the Paschal Arguments of Dionysius viii, ix, x, and xiv. On the margins of this folio there are copious notes in Latin, with the exception of one which is partly in Irish; between the lines are found notes and glosses in Irish and Latin. The codex has been assigned to the eleventh century[3]; on fo. 2, however, the Irish seems to represent the language of the eighth century, and there is no clear evidence that the Irish glosses have been copied.

(b) Codex Nanciacensis[4].

This is a fragment consisting of a single leaf, written in an Irish hand of the ninth century, attached to the inner cover of Cod. 59 of the Library of Nancy. It contains copious Latin notes and glosses on the margins and between the lines, and also a number of Irish glosses. The Latin text contains the Dionysiac Paschal Arguments xi, xiii.

5. Codices Eutychii.

(a) Codex Vindobonensis n. 16[5].

This manuscript, which formerly belonged to the Columban monastery of Bobbio, is now in the Royal Library of Vienna. Ff. 57–68 contain a text of Eutychii de discernendis coniugationibus Libri II. written in a hand of the eighth or ninth century, with Irish glosses. That these glosses have been copied is shewn by the fact that glaidim has become attached to rudo instead of to erado.

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