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Liber Ardmachanus.

(b) Codex Parisiacus, MS. Lat. 10,400[1].

A manuscript in the Bibliothèque Nationale, consisting of fragments of MSS. found for the most part in bindings etc. The fragment ff. 109, 110 is in an Irish hand probably of the ninth century; it is a bookbinding and is very hard to decipher. In one instance at least beicim, the Irish gloss, is attached to the wrong Latin word.

(c) Codex Parisiacus, MS. Lat. 11411[2].

This is another fragment, also a bookbinding, in the same library, probably of the ninth century. According to Dr Friedel the glosses are in a different ink and thinner. He thinks that the leaf belonged to the same body as 10,400. Some of the Irish glosses are attached to the wrong words.

6. Codex Latinus Monacensis.[3]

In fo. 222a–226b of this codex, which has been assigned to the ninth century[4], is an alphabetical Latin glossary, in three columns, with glosses added in various hands. Among these glosses there are a few Irish ones, written in the same hand as the text.

7. Codex Iuuenci.

This codex is in the University Library of Cambridge, where it is numbered Ff. 4. 42. It is thus described by Hardwick and Luard: “A quarto, on parchment, 108 leaves, about 28 lines in each page; handwriting as early as the ninth century. The date 1233 is twice written in the margin, but if meant to indicate the time at which the MS. was executed, it is far too modern. ‘Quatuor Euangelia a Iuuenco Presbytero pene ad verbum translata,’ so reads the colophon….” The text contains a large number of British, and a few Irish, glosses[5].

8. Liber Ardmachanus[6].

The Book of Armagh is a small vellum quarto, containing 221 leaves, in the library of Trinity College, Dublin. The writing is generally in double columns (very rarely in three), and all seems the work of the same scribe, Ferdomnach, whose name occurs (fo. 214a) in the following entry: pro

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