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I've been active here at Wikisource since April of 2004 (although I had not registered until around June). When I came here there were only about 1,200 documents and not many people working here at all. Now, though, the project has grown and there are many more people working on this project and it is expanding beyond what I imagined when I first came.

I usually work on random projects--I just pick something and go at it. Although, recently, I have found myself working more and more on house cleaning than on adding new texts. But, I guess someone's got to do it, yes?

I have been a sysop here on Wikisource since 30 April 2005.

This is just a list of things I can remember which I am working on:[edit]

Projects that I have/have been completed:[edit]

When I clear some of these and get more time, I'll probably start working on:[edit]

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