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User:Quuxplusone is currently working on adding all the operettas, with wikilinks, to Wikisource. I also like wikifying old British texts with plenty of opportunities for Wikipedia crosslinks; Romantic poetry; and political speeches. Below, find out some of the things I think Wikisource needs to work on.

Author pages[edit]

See also Help talk:Author pages.

I would really like to see author pages standardized and internationalized. I think the current system, in which each author has N different and unsynchronized pages for N different languages, linked to N different and barely more synchronized Wikipedia biographies, is ridiculous.


I have a sort of "common-sense" theory of annotation, which I may attempt to explain here at some point. For the time being, see some of the stuff I've wikified.


On August 21, 2005, I created some categories for poetry: Category:Romantic poetry and Category:Modern poets and so on. I will be working on filling them over the next couple of weeks. However, I encourage all Wikisourcers (Wikisouciants?) to be bold in creating useful categories (with common-sense, properly capitalized names) and classifying texts as you find them. Check out the English Wikipedia for inspiration.

I'm intrigued by the LC- system, but I don't think it's worth the bother — it's basically a Wikipedia-style subcategory system shoehorned into the 26 letters of the Latin alphabet. (And they said Wikisource was language-agnostic!) In my calculated opinion, all the LC- categories should get proper English names. Of course, that isn't language-agnostic either — but language-agnosticism was never one of my goals! (Nor Byron's, if it comes to that, which is why I think it makes sense to put him in Category:Romantic poets without guilt.)

The "Subject" system is Eclecticology's way of getting around the clumsy LC- system; see for example Subject:National anthems, a redirect to Category:LC-MKN. Why not just create a Category:National anthems? It's beyond me.


I have developed a "standard" for formatting poetry on Wikisource, along with my annotation style. See some of the poetry I've wikified, then proceed to User:Quuxplusone/Poetry.

Useful templates[edit]

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