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This Wikisourcian has passed away.

It would be nice to read a little about you and your interests here!!Norwikian 13:01, 21 Jan 2004 (UTC)

In response to Norwikian I would say the following about myself.

  • I live in the suburbs of Vancouver, BC
  • I have a broad range of interests, and because of that have become a maniacal book collector.
  • I have been involved with Wikipedia since February 2002.
  • I have been active with Wiktionary since the day it started.
  • I believe that this project is primarily a great place to put material that is not otherwise available to the general public on the net.



你在China這條目中, 刪掉我們所編入的中國憲法,並且封鎖我們的網址, 中國憲法是我們在1997年9月18日, 出版的一本著作, 它由張天然學會發行, 根據著作權的原理,一部憲法就是一部著作, 我們樂意將它公開 在Wiki, 給全世界所有研究憲法學的人士參考, 特地在你的網頁告訴你這件事情, 希望你能瞭解, 如果你需要這本書, 我們可以寄贈給你, 謝謝你的關心.我們相信你看得懂中文,所以用中文回答你. -- 08:50, 1 Mar 2005 (UTC)--李學忠 林秀英 2005 3 1

Soy Novus. Perdon, perdon y perdon, por no haber leido antes tu mensaje. Te escribo en español ya que me es más rápido. De lo poco que he podido encontrar en la Web sobre Romanica, parece que es una variante del Interlingua del IALA. Desde luego alguien que sepa Interlingua entiende perfectamente Romanica. En cuanto a preguntarme si quitas la página, yo no te puedo aconsejar, no se los criterios de Wikipedia. Un fuerte abrazo. User: Novus11 Mar 2005

Rudyard Kipling

Hi! I think you left a message on my hungarian user talk page. I will move hungarian "author" pages to the Author: namespace; then you can delete the old author pages without Author:namepsace.

User: Gubbubu.