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Information about this edition
Level of progress:
Proofreaders: {{{6}}}
Template documentation


| edition      = 
| source       = 
| contributors = 
| progress     = 
| notes        = 
| proofreaders = 

This template is placed at the top of a work's "discussion" (talk) page, a red tab on the main page, by use of the edition = yes parameter in the {{header}} to make the reader aware of additional information.


The progress parameter should contain one of these lines:

  • Text being edited
  • Text complete
  • Proofread and corrected
  • Proofread by n users

The Notes section is just for short comments; don't fill a whole page with the green box! You can always write "See Notes section below," and then start a new Talk-page section for your detailed notes.

The proofreaders parameter is a list of users who have read through the text and ensured that it is correctly formatted, wikified, and free of typographical errors.


| edition      = ''Trent's Last Case'', 1913.
| source       = ''Trent's Last Case'' from [http://www.gutenberg.org/etext/2568 Project Gutenberg]
| contributors = [[User:YourUsername|YourUsername]]
| progress     = Text complete [[Image:50%.png]]
| notes        = There are a few ambiguous typos in the text, marked with HTML comments.
| proofreaders = 

results in:

Information about this edition
Edition: Trent's Last Case, 1913.
Source: Trent's Last Case from Project Gutenberg
Contributor(s): YourUsername
Level of progress: Text complete
Notes: There are a few ambiguous typos in the text, marked with HTML comments.

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