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Place this template at the top of the Talk page for each text you add to Wikisource. At the same time, place set edition=yes in {{header}}, so that the reader is aware of this template's existence.

The parameters to this template should look something like this:

{{Textinfo| First edition, published 1913 
            (or whatever edition you're working from)
| A link to any online source you used, such as Project Gutenberg
| ~~~ (three tildes, producing your Wikisource username)
| A progress indicator; see below
| Any short notes you have for future editors
| ~~~

The fourth item in the Textinfo table is a progress indicator. For all the gory details, see Wikisource:Text quality; essentially, this line should contain one of four things:

Text being edited
Text complete
Proofread and corrected
Proofread by n users

The "Notes" section is just for short comments; don't fill a whole page with the green box! You can always write "See Notes section below," and then start a new Talk-page section for your detailed notes.

The last item in the table is a list of proofreaders. If you have read through the text and are satisfied that it is correctly formatted, wikified, and free of typographical errors, then sign your name there with three tildes (~~~).

Information about this edition
Edition: Published 1913
Source: Project Gutenberg
Contributor(s): YourUsername
Level of progress: Proofread and corrected
Notes: There are a couple of typos in the text,
marked with HTML comments.

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Because you cannot text templates inside parameters, would it be worthwhile to add some kind of support for Template:Book_reference citations into this template natively? (I copied Book_reference over from Wikipedia before I realized it just wasn't going to work.) Standardization is good, and templates facilitate standards, but could it be more work than it's worth? User:GeoffCapp 02:13, 22 July 2005