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Glosses on the Vienna Beda.

conputa dies a principio mensis Ianuarii usque in diem de quo queris, et cum scieris, adde ætatem lunæ quæ fit in Kalendis Ianuarii; partire72 omnia per ·l ·ix·, et si amplius xxx reman­serint tolle xxx·, et quod superest ipsa est luna diei quam queris. Item si uís scire hoc uel illo anno quota sit feria, conputa dies á Kalendis73 Ianuarii usque in diem de quo inquiris…

si ergo uis scire, uerbi gratia, anno quo per Kalendas Ianuarias nona est luna, quota sit luna in Kalendas Maias, dicito: Maius in Kalendas cxxi, tolle Kalendas, remanent cxx·74, adde uiili, fiunt cxxuiiii, partire per luiiii, quin­quagies nouies bini cendecus­octus75, tolle cxuiii, remanent ·xi·; xima luna est in Kalendas Maias.

72: .i. issi insin aram indi acuiretha(r)[1] (?) fobith is noichtech ⁊ xxx file isindarg⏑ (?) sin73: .i. ⁊ ni­airmisiu[2] allae nisin74: [marg. d.] dindrala[3] huait cxuiii dofuarat latt oienar (?) x (?) nonus ⁊ x condid (?) ·xi·75: .i. aocht de(ac archét)[4]

72. i.e. that is the number in it, what he puts (?), because it is a month of twenty-nine days and of thirty which is in that argument (?).73. i.e. and thou reckonest not that day.74. if thou put from thee a hundred and eighteen there remains with thee from January (?)……so that it is eleven.75. i.e. a hundred and eighteen.

  1. docuirethar Zimmer, but before c there is only one letter apparent, which is most like a peculiar form of a found in this text in chomlan gl. 23, and in secht­maine gl. 64.
  2. as a second down stroke of the r cannot be read, it looks like s
  3. leg. probably diandrala
  4. cf. BCr. 32d 2