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Verse in the Life of S. Declan.

5. Verse in the Life of S. Declan.

(Usher, Britt. eccl. antiquitates, Dublin 1639, p. 450).

Ita Scotice cantatur ille uersus:

Ailbe umal Patric Muman mó cach rád
Declan Patric na nDéise, in Déisi oc Declan cobráth[1].

Let humble Ailbe[2] be the Patrick of Munster, greater than every saying: let Declan[3] be the Patrick of the Déisi[4], let the Déisi be with Declan till doom.

  1. Thus given by Usher Works, ed. Elrington, vol. vi. p. 428
      Ailbe umhal, Patric Mumhan, mó gach rath
      Declan Patric Nandeisi nadeisi ag Declan go brath
  2. Ailbe of Imlech Ibair, now Emly, co. Tipperary: his day is Sep. 12. See Fél. Oeng. ccxxxvii., cxlv. and Mart. Gorm. pp. 174, 330
  3. Declan of Ardmore in the Dési of Munster: his day is July 24. See Fél. Oeng. pp. cxii., cxx. Mart. Gorm. pp. 142, 352.
  4. now the Decies in Munster: see Book of Rights, pp. 49, 50, note k.