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Old-Irish Verse.

4. Quatrains in the Codex Boernerianus.

(Msc. Dresd. A. 145b).

Téicht doróim
mór saido · becc · torbai ·
INrí chondaigi[1] hifoss ·
manimbera latt nífogbái ·

Mór báis mor baile
mór coll ceille mor mire
olais airchenn teicht do écaib ·
beith fo étoil · maíc · maire ·

To go to Rome, much labour, little profit: the King whom thou seekest here, unless thou bring him with thee, thou findest him not.

Much folly, much frenzy, much loss of sense, much madness (is it), since going to death is certain, to be under the displeasure of Mary’s Son[2].

  1. between chondaigi and hi is .ṅ.
  2. According to Prof. Bernard (The Academy, Feb. 23, 1895, p. 172) these verses refer to two incidents in the legend of S. Brigit. See Lismore Lives, p. 335, and Fél. Oeng. May 3, note