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Poems in the Codex S. Pauli.

3. Poems in the Codex S. Pauli.


Adgúisiu fid nallabrach ⁊ arggatbrain etir tenid ⁊ fraig.
Adgúisiu na tri turcu tercu . tairi siabair mochondáil ɔith ⁊ mlicht neich arindchuiriur.
ma rom thoicthersa inso rop ith ⁊ mlicht adcear manim rothcaither ropat choin altai ⁊ ois ⁊ imthecht slebe ⁊ oaic féne adcear.

I wish the wood of Allabair and Argatbran (?) between fire and wall.
I wish the three meagre boars….. with corn and milk……[1]
If this…… may it be corn and milk that I see. If it be not…. may it be wolves and deer and wandering on the mountain and warriors of the Féni that I see.


1. Messe ocus Pangur Bán, · cechtar nathar fria saindan
  bíth a menmasam fri seilgg · mu menma céin im saincheirdd.
2. Caraimse fos ferr cach clú · oc mu lebran leir ingnu
  ni foirmtech frimm Pangur Bán · caraid cesin a maccdán.
3. Orubiam scél cen scís · innar tegdais ar noendís
  taithiunn dichrichide clius · ni fristarddam arnáthius.
4. Gnáth huaraib ar gressaib gal · glenaid luch inna línsam
  os mé dufuit im lín chéin · dliged ndoraid cu ndronchéill.
5. Fuachaidsem fri frega fál · a rosc anglése[2] comlán
  fuachimm chein fri fegi fis · mu rosc reil cesu imdis.
6. Faelidsem cu ndene dul · hinglen luch inna gerchrub
  hi tucu cheist ndoraid ndil · os me chene am faelid.

1. I and Pangur Bán, each of us two at his special art:
  his mind is at hunting (mice), my own mind is in my special craft.
2. I love to rest—better than any fame—at my booklet with diligent science:
  not envious of me is Pangur Bán: he himself loves his childish art.
3. When we are—tale without tedium—in our house, we two alone,
  we have—unlimited (is) feat-sport—something to which to apply our acuteness.
4. It is customary at times by feats of valour, that a mouse sticks in his net,
  and for me there falls into my net a difficult dictum[3] with hard[4] meaning.
5. His eye, this glancing full one, he points against the wall-fence:
  I myself against the keenness of science point my clear eye, though it is very feeble.
6. He is joyous with speedy going[5] where a mouse sticks in his sharp claw:
  I too am joyous, where I understand a difficult dear question.

  1. The sense of the preceding portion is obscure
  2. rosc is neuter (rosc n-airard n-adanta, LL. 253a45); hence the neut. article before glé
  3. cf. Ml. 35b16, 17, Wb. 10a12
  4. cf. ní dron act is diuit et is glé Wb. 17b4
  5. lit. ‘with going of swiftness’