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Seventhly, by Count Nigra, for his correction of our reading of the third gloss in the Vienna Eutychius, infra, p. 42.

Eighthly, by Dr Friedel, for information as to the codex of Eutychius in the Paris MS. lat. 10,400, and by Dr P. Giles for notes regarding the Irish MSS. at Cambridge.

Ninthly, by the reverend librarian of the Franciscan monastery, Dublin, for giving us access to the copy of the Liber Hymnorum in his charge, and to the authorities of the British Museum, the Royal Irish Academy, and the libraries at St Gall, Milan, the Vatican and Vienna for permitting MSS. to be photographed on our behalf.

We have, lastly, to express our surprise and regret that the statement in the preface to our first volume, as to the lack of scientific accuracy in some editions of Old-Irish glosses, should have been taken to apply to the publications of Professor Ascoli and Count Nigra. For the work of those distinguished scholars we have now, as we have had always, high admiration and sincere gratitude.

W. S.
J. S.

October 1903.