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Most of the author’s original notes are embodied in this vocabulary.

The number following an idiom refers to the fable in which it is used.

Some phrases which do not occur in the Fables are given as examples; these are placed within parentheses.

a, rel. pron., who; which; that. a ḃfuil de ċaint agat, all that you have of talk; i.e., all the talk you have (10).
a’ for as, out of. See as.
aḃa, f., a river; g. aḃan; d. aḃainn.
aḃac, m., a dwarf.
aḃaile, home. Tiocfaiḋ sé aḃaile ċugat, it will recoil on you (3).
aḃal (or uḃall), m., an apple.
ábalta, able.
aḃfad, far; for a long time or distance.
aḃfus, over; on this side.
aḃí, who (or which) was.
acra, an acre.
aċran, act of quarrelling.
aċt, but; except; but to, provided that.
aḋarc, a horn; g. aḋairce, pl. aḋarca.
aḋarcáil, act of horning.
áḋḃaraíġe, more profitable. áḋḃaraċ, profitable.
aḋmaid, g. of aḋmad, timber.
adṁáil, act of admitting.
aér, air; g. aéir. Aér an tsaoġail, the vanities and pleasures of the world (17). (D’imṫiġ sé le h-aér an tsaoġail, he ran a wild career and was lost.)
Aesculapius, Æsculapius.
agá (ag a), at his; at her; at their.
aġaiḋ, the face. Aġaiḋ do ṫaḃaipt ar, to face. I n-aġaiḋ gaċ, on the occasion of each, i.e., at each (17). I n-aġaiḋ an lae, against each day, i.e., every day (31).
aibig, ripe.
aice, nearness. I n-aice, near. I n-a aice sin, besides that.
aicilliġe, having a light, gentle touch. go h-aicilliġe, very gently.
aicme, a body of people; a class.
aicionta, natural; by nature. (Ealaḋnta, artificial).
aigne, f., the mind. Ṫuigeadar ’na n-aigne, they knew; they felt (8).
áil, a pleasure; a wish. Cad dob’ áil leat? What do you want?
aililiú! Aliloo! (an exclamation).
aimsig, procure; aim at.
aimsir, f., time; weather; g. aimsire.
ainim, a name. Ainim airgid, the name of having money (13).
ainíos, up, from below.
áinle, a swallow.
ainṁíġe, ainiṁíġe, an animal; pl. ainṁiġṫe.
aire, care; observation.
airgead, m., money; silver; g. airgid.
airig, hear; notice. D’airíġeas, I heard. Ar airíġis! Do you hear! Airíġeaḋ, used to hear.
áiriġṫe, certain.
airís, again.
airiú! Aroo!
áirseóir, the adversary; the devil.
aisce, a favour. A roġa aisce, her choice favour, i.e., any favour she chose (25).
áit, f., a place; g. áite.
aiṫeantas, m., acquaintance.
aiṫne, f., acquaintance.
aiṫreaċa, pl. of aṫair, a father. Aiṫreaċa niṁe, serpents.
aiṫríġe, f., penance.
ál, a brood.
altóir, f., an altar; g. altóra, altóraċ.
am, time. Sa n-am san, at that time.