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Almost 10 years have passed since Wikisource started on November 24, 2003. For the next years we suggest these core values, as builders, librarians and conservators of the Wikisource library of virtual books, and to meet the general Wikimedia vision:

Imagine a world in which every single human being can freely share in the sum of all knowledge. That's our commitment.

The laws cited in this blog might help (thank you to the author)  :)

S. R. Ranganathan laws :

    Books are for use.
    Every reader his [or her] book.
    Every book its reader.
    Save the time of the reader.
    The library is a growing organism.

M. Gorman's additions to these laws:

    Libraries serve humanity.
    Respect all forms by which knowledge is communicated.
    Use technology intelligently to enhance service.
    Protect free access to knowledge.
    Honor the past and create the future.

w:Five laws of library science

Means to be used to meet this vision

  • High quality digital books: One of the differential values of Wikisource is the fidelity of the user-created digital versions to their paper counterparts, in content and in format.
  • Embrace standards: Standards being necessary to satisfy different needs and uses, WS will embrace standards related to text encoding, text export, scan bundling, citation, book authority, metadata exporting, and catalog browsing.
  • Increase organization and volunteer participation: In order to access funding for development, Wikisource might need a supporting organization composed by its volunteers. This will allow to create a platform from where to increase volunteer and partner organization outreach.
  • Work with other entities to the same goal: entities in the free culture movement, and/or in the booksphere and other commercial or non-commercial organizations, and so on.

More ideas?


Discuss the core values proposal here.