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Wikisource vision development
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This is the main page used to centralize the discussion of the Wikisource vision for the next years as defined in the project proposal Elaborate Wikisource strategic vision.

What can I do here?


The first step is to read this text thoroughly and subscribe as participant. The aim is to create a vision collaboratively, your opinion is very important to shape it. The sections are:

  • About "core values": There are some core values suggestions that should represent the Wikisource values, feel free to add more if you think it is necessary. On the discussion you will find some prompt questions. As an example of "core values document" you can check the Wikimedia movement strategic plan. As a result of our discussion we should create together a similar document for Wikisource.
  • About "applying the Wikisource values": these are specific ideas that push the project in the direction stated by the core values. Feel free to add more, or comment on the corresponding pages.
  • About "idea evaluation": this is where we determine which are evaluated in terms of effort needed and if we have the current resources to make them come true. If not, there are several options to find the resources: 1) through a new IEG grant, 2) mentoring program, 3) Google summer of code, 4) applying for other grants (though this might require having a supporting organization).

Then you can let us know what you think of every option and help to shape the ideas. Additionally we will contact every language community to invite to participate in the discussion here. When the values and the ideas are ready we will hold a survey to know what the priorities should be.

How will it be done?

  • Till the end of May 2013: we will have time to discuss the ideas and make them specific enough to be of any use.
  • June: we will vote to set priorities and to validate the decisions.
  • July: the final document will be created, and if possible translated into other languages.
  • August: it will be presented to the communities and at Wikimania.
  • September: prepare applications to gather resources for specific projects.