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My way[edit]

I'm exploring another way, based on Scribunto function mw.loadData(). The idea is, to write into a Lua data file, that can be read very fastly by server, a complete set of data about a book; this set of data can be retrieved by Lua and, therefore, can be used in templates, so being dynamically included into html produced by wiki parser.

A js javascript (or a python bot script) can be manually launched or can be launched by a #irc bot to update data on Lua data file when related Index page has been updated.

I'm working into some test uploads, Index:Labi 1996.djvu and Index:Labi 1997.djvu, just to show this job running. See Module:Data/Labi 1996.djvu, the data storage file; User:Alex brollo/parseIndice.js, the js script filling the former data page; Module:Pag, a script that uses some of data (a much larger use of those data can be imagined and easily implemented). --Alex brollo (talk) 19:29, 31 July 2013 (UTC)Reply[reply]