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In the frame of the Wikisource vision development we are considering to have a set of templates common to all Wikisources. This would allow to keep all templates to the latest version and bug free with minimal effort. It can be combined with a migration to LUA scripting and to TEI. Compares to Wikisource:Shared Scripts.

Current situation[edit]

Each Wikisource maintains their own templates, some of them are common but each one is developed independently. Copy and paste of templates is not always easy, since there are dependencies of other (sometimes commons) templates, that again follow different development routes.


Define a set of templates that can be used for all Wikisource projects. The documentation and parameter names would be localized using Extension:Translate. The common set of templates residing in would be synchronized across language wikisources using a bot. Custom-developed templates and common templates could coexist, or the presence of this set could be opted in or out.


Template naming, migration, etc. Also that instead of modifying these templates locally the changes would have to be done on, so the other wikisources would benefit of the changes too.

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