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About Wikisource[edit]

Wikisource is a Wikimedia project to create a growing free content library of primary source texts, and translations of source texts in any language. You can help this site by making a donation to the Wikimedia Foundation.

You can join this project right now, by submitting new texts, by helping us proofread books, or by scanning and uploading books we do not have. If you haven't done so already, you may want to create an account (see why).

Wikisource is organized in language subdomains :

ar - as - az - be - bg - bn - br - bs - ca - cs - cy - da - de - el - en - eo - es - et - eu - fa - fi - fo - fr - gl - gu - he - hi - hr - hu - hy - id - is - it - ja - kn - ko - la - li - lij - lt - mk - ml - mr - nap - nl - no - or - pa - pl - pms - pt - ro - ru - sa - sah - sk - sl - sr - sv - ta - te - th - tr - uk - vec - vi - yi - zh - zh-min-nan

This site ( hosts texts in other languages, for which the community does not wish to request a subdomain, or is not large enough to maintain one.



Most of the communication between Wikisource users takes place on the language subdomains. Here are a few channels that are used to reach users across subdomains :

  • The local Scriptorium (mostly for issues about this wiki)
  • IRC Chat : channels #wikisource and #wikisource-de on
  • We have a Mailing list. Bureaucrats should subscribe to it.

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Submitting a text[edit]

If you want to add new material to Wikisource, please make sure that it is acceptable for our project. Text should be either in the public domain, or published under a free licence. See what is Wikisource and Copyright Policy for more details.

You must identify the language in which the text is written. If a language subdomain exists for that language, the text has to be added there. If your language does not have a subdomain, and if you plan to add text on a regular basis, you are encouraged to request one here.

Note that some subdomains forbid pre-1923 works still copyrighted in their home countries due to local concerns even when they are in the public domain in the USA where this site is hosted. This multilingual domain will provisionally host these works and eventually move them into the subdomains when locally acceptable.

Wikimedia projects are based on the MediaWiki Software. There are help pages on how to edit a page and a Guide to layout.

Proofreading books[edit]

Wikisource provides a web-based interface for proofreading digitized text. As of April 2009, we have proofread more than 160,000 pages. See the proofreading statistics for more details.

More than 3600 books are currently being proofread, and this number is growing every day. Anyone can help proofreading a digitized book, or start digitizing a new book. If you want to help, checkout the list of projects in your language.

List of proofreading projects, sorted by language