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The book uploader is a proposed customisation on the Extension:UploadWizard targeted to fulfill the needs of the Wikisource community. This is a proposal part of the Wikisource vision development.

Current situation[edit]

When a user wants to upload a book, he or she has to go through steps thought for the upload of pictures, therefore there are no specific fields for book data. Moreover, the user has to create an "Index:" page for the file with exactly the same data as in Commons, since the data is not propagated.

Proposed project[edit]

This project can be deployed either as modification to the UploadWizard:

  • On the "Upload" screen there would be another button labeled as "Import book" which would activate a similar functionality as now provides the "Internet Archive Import tool".
  • On the "Describe" screen there would be an additional option to import external metadata from external sources either in MARC, BibJson or others. Currently MARCsman exists as a standalone tool
  • Extra data fields for books
  • Store all book meta data in the commons Template:Book
  • Create automatically an "Index:" page on Wikisource with the relevant data.
  • FUTURE: When Wikidata is deployed on Commons and Wikisource, create an item in Wikidata with book meta data and link the fields both in Commons and in Wikisource.


  • The changes needed on the UploadWizard need code review.
  • Wikidata is still not deployed on sister projects

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