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Transcribing Oral Knowledge on Wikisource[edit]

Subtitling Workflow[edit]

Selecting a file[edit]

  • Select a video or audio file on Wikimedia Commons that you want to transcribe
    • Existing file on Wikimedia Commons
      • Or
    • Upload a new file (Read more on Commons)
  • Copy the original file link (usually just below the file on the left hand side and starts with

Creating closed captions[edit]

  • Go to and login (First-time users create a new account)
    • Click on Start Subtitling and Click on Begin under Subtitle for Free on Amara Public option
    • Click on Add Videos
      • Add the Original file link in the Video URL field > Select the video language > Add to Amara Public
    • Click on the Add/Edit subtitles dialog > Select a language under Add new subtitles
    • Start subtitling (Watch a tutorial on Youtube)

Wikisource Workflow[edit]

Commons workflow[edit]

Starting Wikisource in a new language[edit]