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Some confounded idiot keeps raiding the Cornish pages and putting them where they don't belong. You can now find Tregear's Homilies in the English section of wikisource, the Ordinalia is in the Latin section, etc. This is rubbish. What's the point of keeping these texts in a repository like wikisource if they're not going to be kept where they belong? QuartierLatin1968 20:22, 11 January 2006 (UTC)

What does it matter? The Cornish in this article is a complete abomination, written by someone that clearly does not speak one word of the language. It is a gross insult to Cornwall and the Cornish language. Fatell yllyn perthi hemma? Gwell via dilea an dra yn tien - piw a vynnsa gwitha kawgh a'n par ma? --User: (talk) (contributions)

You're talking about the main page. Fix it if you like; personally I don't much care, provided it serves as a navigational guide to the actual Cornish texts that we've got. (Origo Mundi, for example.) That's the kind of "kawgh" I want to keep. Honestly though, don't "despair"; just hit the edit tab on the top of the page and fix the mistakes. (For the record: The translation was done by a presumably well-meaning editor with very little Cornish and a computer translator. It's babelfish-grade.) QuartierLatin1968 21:33, 30 August 2006 (UTC)