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Glosses on the Vienna Beda.

Zodiacum quidem xxuii diebus, et uiii horis21, sui uero cursus ordinem22 xxuiiii diebus, et xii· horis23 salua sui saltus ratione conficit. Ideoque rectius ita diffi­niendum, quod mensis lunæ sit luminis lunaris circuitus ac redin­tigratio24 de nouo ad nouum.

f. 2a 2

xiimus Mesor, ·uiii Kalen­darum Agus­tiarum die sumit exordium, quem ·xmo Kalen­darum Septim­brium die termi­nantes, residues ·u· dies epago­menas25 uel inter­kalares seu additos uocant.

f. 2b 1

xii. Secundum mensem nominauit Aprilem, quasi aperilem, eo quod in eo, remotís nubibus pruinís ac tempes­tatibus hibernís, celum et terra mare nautis et (agri)culis et horo­scopis26 aperiatur.

nam et edes Iunoni Monetæ27 Kalendis Iuniis dedicatæ sunt.

f. 2b 2

quod ubi contigisset, tantum28 dierum sine ullo mensis nomine patie­bantur absumi, quantum ad id anni tempus prae­duceret, quo cæli habitus instanti mensi aptus in­ueneretur.

eodem die sanctæ Mariæ…29.

paulopost Numma in honorem imparis numeri unum aducit diem

21: [In marg. inf. f. 2 verso] Et viii horis lunaribus rɫ ⁊ rethid fri­cachrind · binís diebus ⁊ senís horís ⁊ bisse it trímís deacc soli oc­timchull · ǽrat tonimchéla · luna innaóenmís ar nitesta dinco­trummus[1] sin[2] · nisi dihuáir ⁊ bisse ar xxuii diebus22: .i. reim ṅ greine[3]23: [In marg. inf. f. 2 verso] Luna tridecĭ rɫ .i. ind dala ⁊ inna iiii· horę dochaithi fria­rrachtin gréne iar­thimchul[4] ṅdí indrindidi[5] dogres it hé imme­folngat hatris­timchel[6] deacc trasin­dami deacc æscidi(?)[7]dano frisindamí deacc æscaidi ⁊ dano fridamí deac grene: ·xxui dies didiu cocenn damí deacc issed immefolṅgi dindib laib ⁊ iiii horis in anno et laithe et uiii horae testat de combath chomlan[8] rith lunae contra zodiacum24: tochomlud25: for­escaidi26: .i. donab nemin­dithib[9] [in marg. l.] hora numerus ꝉ cęlum scopin[10] intendere27: císdi28: ammar29: feil acosac­cartha intemplo

21. and it runs up every constellation in two days and six hours and 2/3 (of an hour). It is thirteen months to Sol in going round as far as Luna goes round in its one month : for of that equality there lacketh nought nisi two hours and 2/3 on 27 days.22. i.e. the course of the sun.23. i.e. the two days and the four hours which it spends to overtake the sun after its circuit of the zodiac continual­ly, ’tis they that con­stitute its thir­teenth circuit over the twelve lunar months, ………[11]. Twenty-six days then to the end of twelve months, ’tis this that it makes of the two days and four hours in the year; and a day and eight hours are wanting therefrom so that Luna’s run contra zodiacum may be complete.24. procedure.25. super­lunar.26. i.e. to the horo­scopists.27. moneyed.29. the feast of her conse­cration in the Temple.

  1. leg. dinchotrummus
  2. more probably sin than isin
  3. the first word cannot be read with certainty, the last looks like grein, but there may have been a letter after n, J.S.
  4. leg. iar timchull
  5. MS. indrindi
  6. leg. athristimchel, which is translated
  7. this seems almost certain
  8. chomlon Zimmer
  9. leg. nemindithidib?
  10. = σκοπεῖν
  11. the meaning of this is not clear
s. g. ii.