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Poems in the Milan Codex.

2. Poems in the Milan Codex.


1. Ad(co)ndarc alaill innocht · ba ingnad Hum etarport
  f(er)scal fiadam …. ba · duluith frigualamnada.
2. (Dalim) rugenair iarsin · cenmathir cenathargein
  teuir oenaidchi fobrú · ba cunda(il)[1] sem immurgu.
3. Gabsusa iar f… mnert · fert maith foraṡliuchtairecht[2]
  macc fir[3] as duil[4] emnitha[5] · dochuindchid á altrama.
4. Indalim ba brathir dam · mathirse amathirsem[6]
  mu nóidenán menman mais · ní dúthrais a bithingnais.
5. Huar hirogénair amne · nichelt (in) macc sochuide[7]
  ni centrichet airm[8] imbá · ocdeicsin a lámnada.
6. Ba lán ortain indalimm · armaccan[9] brigach barrfind
  ba mían ṅingen ocus ban · ba mór meld a acaldam.
7. Ariced gor cáich lasin · bá : : r : : : s[10] do anchortib
  cia[11] ba[12] nóidenán aráes · nilil la(macc)u ingaes.
8. Amalbatoich adé bi · ba macc athar ointindi
  bá ortán már[13] cid in macc · du cach oen nar bu[14] fordarcc[15].

1. I have seen another thing to-night. Strange I deemed it ….[16]
  a man before me … came to false parturitions.
2. Methought he was born afterwards without mother without father:
  three nights (were passed) in the womb: he was sage however.
3. I took …………………………… a goodly miracle after it.
  the son of a man ……… to seek his nurture.
4. Methought he was my brother, his mother my father:
  my babe of goodly mind, thou wouldst not desire his perpetual absence.
5. At the time when he was thus born, a multitude did not hide the son (?):
  not without three hundred was the place in which I was, beholding his parturition.
6. Methought our vigorous white-headed lad was full of dignity:
  he was the darling of girls and women: his converse was very delightful.
7. He used to find …. of all therewith: he was … to anchorites:
  though he was a babe in years, he clave not with boys in wisdom.
8. As was right, O living God, he was the son of a father of one…
  even the lad was a great honour to every one who was not manifest (?).

  1. in the photograph the word is almost illegible
  2. sliuchtainecht Zeuss; in the photograph the word is very indistinct, but it seems to be r rather than n
  3. in the photograph there are traces of f and r; the preceding macc is illegible
  4. it might be read dail; macc fir as duilem might mean ‘the Son of the Man who is Creator’
  5. in the photograph this seems tolerably certain
  6. se and ama are written under
  7. but the aspiration of chelt seems to point to some such rendering as ‘the son of a multitude did not hide it,’ J.S.
  8. amm, Zeuss; in the photograph the word is illegible
  9. the letters after macc are not clear; maccan seems most probable
  10. amer, Zeuss. In the photograph r is visible preceded by indistinct letters; some illegible letters seem to follow, the last is pretty clearly s
  11. indistinct
  12. bu, Zeuss; but the photograph shews rather a
  13. más? in the photograph the word is indistinct
  14. in the photograph the word is indistinct
  15. do rig nél ba fordarc, Fél. Oeng. May 11
  16. cf. vol. i. 387 note e