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Old-Irish Prose.
Lectio codicis. Textus restitutus.

fogeir anggalar inuile
corp issamlitli iscoma
das duun chanisin foge
ra each, nern oire nun
dem membur uili dudea
nach ces suth Ocus na
calar bess fairech om
nessam amail assind •
beir ap" • quiscandali
zatur etego nonuror
quis infirmator etego
noninfirmor • nifil hui
dea autrubert ind •
noeb • apstol inso om
bub. ade sence baca


dogalar caich bafrithor
gondo frithorgon caich ba
lobredo lobre cahic issamlith
his coraadas ducach oinonni
aure coicsa fricach inceseth
ocus insedomme tu ocus inae
lobri adcia isnaib inscib sco
eulis indaecni ascenel cru
che • adrimther incoicsath
filus trechenelae mar
tre daneu adrimiter
arcruich duduiniu madesgre
baan martre ocus glas
martre ocus derc martre

fogeir^ a n-ggalar in uile
corp : is samlith is coma-
das duun chanisin fonge-
ra each n-er nail — oire nun- 5
dem membur uili du Dea —
nach chsath ocus na
galar bess /aire chom-
nessam; amail assind-
beir apostukis : quis scandali- *°
zatur et ego non/uror?
quis infirraatur et ego
non infirmor ? ni fil. . .
... autrubert ind
ndebapstol inso dim- 15
bud adeserce ba ga


d6 galar cdich, ba frithor-
gon dd frithorgon chdich, ba
lobre do lobre chdich. issamlith 20
iscomadas du each din onni
aure coicsa fri cdch ince sdeth
ocus ince dommetu ocus inae
lobri. adciam isnaib inscib seo{l)
eulis ind aecni as ar chenel cru- 25
che adrimther in coicsath •
filus trechenelcB mar-
tre daneu adrimiter
ar chruich du duiniu, madesgre
bdanmartre ocus glas- 30
martre ocus dercmartre

disease inflames the whole body. Thus it is fitting for us ourselves, that every suffering and every ailment that is on his neighbours should inflame every part, for we all are members unto God, as saith the apostle : Quis scandalizatur et ego non uror? quis infirmatur et ego non infirmor ? 35

There is not...^ the holy apostle has said this from the abundance f. 38a of his charity; everyone's sickness was sickness to him, offence to anyone was offence to him, everyone's infirmity was infirmity to him. Even so it is meet for everyone of us that he suffer with everyone in his hardship and in his poverty and in his infirmity. We see in these wise 40 words of the sage that fellow-suffering is counted as a kind of cross. Now there are three kinds of martyrdom which are counted as a cross to man, that is to say", white martyrdom, and green martyrdom, and red martyrdom. [1] [2]


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  2. hui dea is not clear
  3. 'if it is {mad) an expression,' or 'utterance' {esgre from *e$-gaire, O'MuIc. 830 f.) W.S.