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There have been one hundred and fifty deaths in Cregneish of old people in my time, besides many infants and young people.

I heave heard my grandfather telling about the old Karrans of Cregneish. They were very big men — half giants, and very powerful, who are said to be the offspring of the Spaniards of the Spanish Armada, which was wrecked on Spanish Head. It appears some of them escaped the briny deep, und afterwards married in the Island, and one Karran took a Cregneish woman. The father of the Karrans was a very big man, and he had some very strong sons. I heard one time they were herring fishing in rowing boats, and the Karrans were all in one boat. The fleet of rowing boats were going an far from the Island that the men could see the tattle in the folds in Wales and Ireland. Once one of the big Karrans wits not able to go to sea with the boat, and they got another man in his place, and they had a good haul of herrings that night. When they came to divide the money they gave the strange man only half a share, for they reckoned him only half a man. he summoned big Karran before Deemster Lacey,* and the Deemster asked in Manx: "Row uss son. gymmyrt noi gheay as roayrt rish Karran mooar Crenaish?" (Wert thou able to row against wind and tide like big Karran of Cregneish?)

* He lived at Sartfield, Jurby, 1798