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Laws of Puerto Rico

evidence of such violation, and shall swear out the proper complaint before competent authority against the persons guilty of such violation.

Section 5.—The Public Service Commission of Puerto Rico shall revoke any franchise or license issued pursuant to the Laws of Puerto Rico, whenever it shall be judicially determined that the person doing business under such franchise or license has violated more than once in the course of business, any of the provisions of this Act; Provided, That no similar franchise or license shall be issued to such person within the year following such revocation.

Section 6.—Definitions.
⑴ as used in this Act, the term “person” shall mean individual, corporation, association, business firm, business trust, or any incorporated organization; it shall include, further, any agency of the Government of Puerto Rico, and the officers, officials, agents, employees, and grantees thereof.
Place of Public Accommodation
Public Business
⑵ The phrases “place of public accommodation” and “public business” shall, among others, mean auditoriums, assembly rooms, and other places of public meeting; barber shops, cafes, concert halls, pastry shops, department stores and all wholesale houses, stores, and factories where foodstuffs, medicines, beverages, provisions, merchandise, or services are sold or offered, advertised, or displayed for sale to the public; parks, stadiums and every other place of amusement and recreation; elevators, dining rooms, hotels, eating houses, inns, theatres, athletic fields, gymnasiums, places where sporting events or competitions are held, and any other place where merchandise, services, or amusements are offered to the public.
Public Transportation
⑶ The phrase “public transportation”, shall include, among others, airships, ships, boats, hearses, busses, railroads, automobiles, cars, carriages, and any other vehicle offering transportation to the public for pay.

Section 7.—This Act shall be known as the “Civil Rights Act of Puerto Rico.”

Section 8.—If any clause, paragraph, section or part of this Act is declared unconstitutional by a court of competent jurisdiction, the said decision shall not affect, impair, or invalidate the rest of this Act, but its effect shall be limited to the clause, paragraph, section, or part hereof so declared unconstitutional.