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74.—sáilíní, the projecting ends of the shafts of a cart at the back.
75, 85.—flíp, a vigorous, sweeping blow.
„—óspairt, an accident.
76.—ċuir sé an sáspan ar a ċeann, he raised the saucepan to his mouth—to drink.
„—sciṫiríl, skitting, laughing in a giddy fashion.
„—níor ṁór dom féin dul ag píceáil, I was not content till I went to pike (turf).
77.—méiṫ-ṁóin, the dense white turf found near the bottom in a bog.
„—spairt, the soft spongy turf found at the top in bog.
„—arc-luaċra, a lizard, a newt.
78.—spior-spear a ḋéanaṁ de, to dissipate the trouble; to throw oil on troubled waters.
„—frídíní (friġidíní), microbe; atoms.
„—sceilimis, a scare; great terroc
79.—fé clár, laid out dead.
„—danarṫa, hard; inexorable.
81.—aṁailt, an apparition, a ghost.
„—scraiste, an idle, good-for-nothing fellow.
83.—foċal, the empty space inside an overgrown apple or potato.
84.—giodam, sprightliness; playful energy.
85.—liúraḋ, striking, beating.
„—ċoṁ tiuġ le tiul, following closely one after the other.
„—Aon Muileat, the Ace of Diamonds.
„—Deiċ Tiuġ, the Ten of Clubs.
86.—suae, sway; victory.
„—dula, a thole-pin, a wooden peg to hold an oar in position.
89.—gíotam, strife, the noise of battle.
91.—Ráṫ’íoċt .i. ráṫaiḋeaċt, a shoal of fish racing along the surface and flecking the sea into foam.
„—maidí snaḋmṫa, the couplings or ties between roof beams.
„—mogail, meshes of fishing net.
„—braiġdeáin, short pieces of cord attached to lower rim of fishing net and to which “pinkers” are attached.
„—bórdáil, arranging the nets “on board” ready for letting out.