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60.—gaḃáil steallaḋ, chastising with rod or whip or tongue.
„—mo ċroiḋe agus m’ae ag riṫ ar a ċéile, out of breath from dint of speed and hurry.
61.—gligín, a giddy girl or woman.
„—scoṫ cinn, hair of the head; top knot.
„—caid, a football.
„—beiste, a wooden cooler or tub.
62.—gleamaiġ, lobsters.
„—iascáin, mussels; shellfish that are scraped off the rocks at low tide and are used for manure.
„—pota gliomaċ, a lobster pot.
„—partán (portán), a sea crab.
63.—ana-ṡuaiṫte, rough (at sea).
„—úrlacan, vomiting.
„—toċta, the seat (thwart) in an open boat or canoe.
64.—i n-earraid, unfriendly, at enmity.
„—go prínsiopálta, definitely and particularly.
„—mairḃitiġe, numbness, deadness.
„—naoṁóga, canoes.
„—toċt, a rush of feeling.
„—daḃaċ, a vat or large vessel to hold liquid.
„—plaintíntí, flannels.
65.—potḃiaṫaḋ, being fed with delicacies and rich foods. pot ? pota: pot-feeding.
„—bioránaċ, a sly rogue, a “boyo.”
68, 82.—smíste amadáin, a great fool.
„—deiscréideaċ, discreet; secret.
71, 76.—ag breiṫ ċuige, anxious; fearful of impending punishment or exposure.
72.—réasún, reasonableness. Níl aon réasún le mnáiḃ, women are unreasonable.
73.—ar leiṫiliġ (.i. ar leiṫ i leiṫ), especial, particular.
„—failp, a thump, a blow.
„—sleán, a spade of peculiar design used for digging or cutting turf.
„—ṁeasas go dtairriceoċaḋ sí an baile orm, I thought she would draw the attention of the whole village on me.