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27.—scéiṫfeá orm, you would inform on me.
28.—scailpeanna, detached pieces, sections.
„—raic [? wreck], ḋein sí raic, she made a scene.
30.—is láidir nár ṁairḃ sí me, she killed me almost.
„—masmus, surfeit.
31.—d’alp sé, he ate voraciously; he gobbled.
„—míogarnaċ, nodding.
„—píopán, windpipe, neck.
„—ag breiṫ ċuġam, feeling uneasy.
„—“cocstí,” slang for a dead or spoiled thing.
„—ar séirse, diligently (lit. singing).
„—na croití deiriḋ, the last shake; last gasp.
33.—ag plé liom, annoying me, worrying me.
„—níor ḃe’ liom, I thought it enough.
„—ag deargaḋ bear, nagging (lit. blooding [her] lance).
34.—caiḋtí, quoits; a game.
„ 62.—loṁnán, a bladder.
35.—fé n-a bráid (.i. bráġaid), before her; under her observation.
„—spriúċ sí, she protested angrily (lit, “she kicked”).
„—smulc, a surly, sour expression on the face.
„—is mó is mór, somewhat too large.
„—ní fál go h-aer é, it is not an insurmountable difficulty (as a wall up against the sky! would be).
36.—aġaiḋ feidil, a mask.
37.—i dtaoiḃ le . . . ., having but . . . . ; trusting to.
„—ag déanaṁ tinnis dom, causing me anxiety.
„—greasáil, a beating or whipping.
„—deiċniúr, a decade (of the Rosary).
„—feistiú, putting in order; adjusting.
„—promsáil, prancing; ungainly movement.
41.—ana-ġeoin, great noise.
„—corragiob, ar a ċ, sitting on his haunches.
„—ag tarrac mo ṁáṫar ċuġam, reminding me of my mother (and consequent unpleasant possibilities).
„ 61.—stráice, a cut; a slice; a strip.
„—is maiṫ a scaras leis, I had a lucky escape.
42.—breill, an expression, on the face. of dejection or of being about to cry.