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8.—ar néal buile, in a rage.
„—bóiricín, nickname; from bóraċ, “bandy-legged.”
9, 14, 42, 61.—goṁ, madness (of a dog).
„—speaḃraídí, ravings; hallucinations.
10.—i gceist, in fact. níl a leiṫéid i gceist, such has no existence in fact.
„—taoscán, part of a load or of a vessel-full.
„—meáḋ, a balance or weighbridge.
11.—léan id’ ċeann cipín, confound your wooden head!
„—olc air ċuġam, in a rage with me.
„—stiall, a cut, a cutting blow.
12.—smiotaḋ, smashing.
„—guaileáin, braces, shoulder-straps.
„—buaircín, a wooden stopper or button such as in cow spancel.
„—straiḋn, anger (? from “strain”).
„—i ḃfearras, in order; adjusted.
„—draid, a grin; a leer.
„—crúistín, a missile.
„—tairrig ort me, draw my attention (anger) on you (if you dare).
15.—sliogán ruacan, a cockle-shell.
17.—sciomarṫa, scoured clean.
18.—stalca, a stiff thing; dead.
„—sáruiġ, head off; s. iad, round them up.
19, 46, 60.—scaiṁ, a snarl; a scowl.
„—cleiṫire, a tall person; from cleiṫ, a pole.
„—plubaire, a fat, flabby person.
„—rian a ċoda air, showing sign of what he had eaten, i.e. fat and well-fed.
„—raga, a thin, emaciated animal.
„—nea’réasún, unreasonableness.
21.—súlaċ, .i. suġlaċ, juice (fig. pleasure).
„—briosca, a biscuit (briosc, brittle).
„—raispín, an impudent brat.
„—fara, with; along with.
27.—céapars, capers.
„—ní ċuirfeá amaċ, you could not guess.