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II Longes mac n-Uisnig.

V. 33, 34. <fj'l(iii(t(/(in schreibt cian o betis, „Hoivcvcr long theij loould he on the piain, Ulad's (nobles) at the heck of Gonor." „Though theij tverc upon the piain the U. all before the face of C." O'Currij.

V. 35. „Ich tüürde sie alle hingeben für N.'s Gesellschaft" Stokes Beitr. VII, 22. Des Versmasses loegen ist se zu streichen.

V. 39, 40. O'Flanagan theilt falsch ab: Is tresi comand a mair, Mo dae o la, Chonchobhair „The affection is stronger tliut lives, tho' my darling be clead, o Gonor!"" „Sorroiv is morc poiocrful than the sea, if you would know it, o C" O'Gurry.