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Éirim aigne, ability, capacity.

Claoiḋe le scláḃuiḋeaċt, devoting themselves to toil.

Taiṫiġe, experience, practice, drill.

I n-airm greanta, artistically finished weapons.

Méirdreaċaiḃ, prostitutes.

Cóisiríḃ, festive gatherings, wedding processions.

Aċarnaċ, impassable, rough, inaccessible.

Anacair (⸗an-ṡocair), uneven, hilly.

Mór-ċlú, renown, glory.

Page 8.

Tosaċ a ḃeiṫ aige, to be first.

Rainmdís (imperfect), used to divide.

Ruag, rout, defeat.

Ċorp nirt cóṁraic, by storm.

Is miniciġe, more frequently.

Réimeaṁail, holding sway, powerful.

Éaċtaċa, noted, illustrious, wonderful.

Sáiḋte in obair, absorbed in practical affairs.

Ba ṫúisge leis, be preferred.

Page 9.

D’á saoṫrú, being cultivated.

Deaġ-ṁéin, good disposition, harmony.

Coiṁsgar imreasán, dispute, contention, strife.

Coṁaltaíḃ (coṁ-ḋaltaíḃ), associates, colleagues.

Uṁluiḋeaċt, obedience, humility (here⸗worship).

Ar a leas, in a safe and advantageous position, maintained the welfare.

Deiṁne, a guarantee, an assurance, proof.

Na meirge (gen. after tar éis), the flag, standard, ensign.

Géille, surrender, submission (desert their post).

Maiṫeaṁ, forgive.

Díogailt, avenge.

Smaċtuiġṫe, subdued, controlled, conquered.

Tnúṫaċ, rival.

Ídiġṫe, destroyed, also, consumed.

Fíoċ, fury, rage.

Page 10.

Uaillṁian, ambition.

Is giorra do ṡoḃáilce, is less removed from, or, more akin to virtue.