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CEACHDA BEOGA GÄLUINGI—Reading Lessons for Beginners. Compiled by Norma Borthwick. With Illustrations by Jack B. Yeats. Edited in Simplified Spelling by Osborn Bergin, Ph.D. Book I. 2d.; by post 2½d. Book II. 2d.; by post 2½d. Book III. 4d.; by post 5d.
SHLIAV NA MAN VIÚN. Two short stories by Canon O'Leary, divided into chapters, with complete Vocabulary at the head of each chapter. 4d.; by post 5d.
ÆSOP'S FABLES IN IRISH. By Canon O'Leary. Book I., edited in Simplified Spelling by Osborn Bergin, Ph.D. 8d.; by post 9d.
SHIÀNA. Canon O'Leary's great story in Simplified Spelling. 1s. 6d.; by post 1s. 9d.
CUÍNE AIRT Í LAERI. Beautiful elegy on the death of Arthur 0'Leary. By his Wife, Eilín Duv ní Chonuil. Edited by Shán Ó Cuív. With an Introduction in English and a Vocabulary. 1s.; by post 1s. 1d.
CATILÍNA. Canon O'Leary's translation of Sallust's "Catiline." A charming gift book. 2s.; by post 2s. 2d.
ESHIRT. Canon O'Leary's modernisation of a Lilliputian Story from early Irish. Edited with Vocabulary and Notes and Paradigms of the Verbs. 2s.; by post 2s. 2d. The text only, 1s.; by post 1s. 2d.
AN CHRÓING VUIRI. The Rosary in Irish. By Canon O'Leary, in ordinary Gaelic Spelling and Simplified Spelling on opposite pages. 2d.; by post 8d.
AN TEAGASC CRÍSDY. The Catechism, etc., in Irish in Simplified Spelling, according to the pronunciation of Canon 0'Leary. 8d.; by post 4d.
IRISH SPELLING. The Case for reform explained by Osborn Bergin, Ph.D. 6d.; by post 7d.