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THE SOUNDS OF IRISH. By Shán Ó Cuív, with a preface by Osborn Bergin, Ph.D. A book on phonetics and the application of phonetics to the teaching of Irish. Contains complete analysis of the sounds of Irish and shows how speakers of Irish-English can speak Irish like native Irish speakers. An invaluable book for both teachers and students on the lines of standard books for the teaching of the sounds of English, French and German. Contains 30 pages of individual words, phrases, and continuous prose and verse in ordinary spelling and phonetic spelling face to face. 2s. 6d.
DON CÍOĊÓTÉ. Part I. of Canon O'Leary's translation of Don Quixote. An admirable book for Junior or Middle Grade Intermediate Classes or Sixth Standard National School Classes. Edited by Rev. F. W. O'Connell, D.Litt., with notes and vocabulary, 1s. 6d. Text only in simplified spelling, giving key to the pronunciation, 1s. Complete Work, 5s.
ÁR NDÓIṪIN ARAON. A book of short stories. By Canon O'Leary. Edited by Rev. Richard Fleming, C.C., Ph.D. With exhaustive questions on the text and grammar questions, all in Irish; also notes and vocabulary. An invaluable book for teachers. 1s. 6d.
AR NÓHIN ARÄN. In simplified spelling, indicating the pronunciation, with English translation. 1s.
AN COṀGAR i gcóir leanḃaí sgoile, By Shán Ó Cuív. A first Irish book for primary and secondary schools, containing 24 lessons made up principally of dialogue and introducing a good vocabulary of objects in every school, Christian names and surnames, and constructed so as to obviate the necessity for using translation. Makes the learner think in Irish from the start. The lessons are carefully graduated. They contain many of the moulds of Irish speech as used by the best native speakers. It contains no phrase that would not be heard in ordinary speech in an Irish-speaking community. 4d.
AN CONGGAR. By Shán Ó Cuív. This book is identical with An Coṁgar, but is in simplified spelling, indicating the pronunciation. 4d.
AN TEAGASC CRÍSDY. The Catechism in Irish. Edited by Shán Ó Cuív according to the pronunciation of Canon O'Leary. Canon O'Leary went through the entire book with the editor and indicated the pronunciation of every word. He also read the proofs, and expressed delight with the book when published. An ideal book for enabling students to memorise the Catechism. 3d.