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See also Wikisource related bugs and enhancements tracked by tracking bug 35925.


Bug # Type Title Creation date Reporter
189 new extension Add a music wikimodule 2004-08-22 xmlizer
6421 core Extract embedded text from DjVu documents for search 2006-06-24 Brion Vibber
6575 core need way to have header not be in table of contents 2006-07-06 Aaron Peterson
6808 core Allow import to different page name 2006-07-24 Effeietsanders
7355 new extension Enable mw:Extension:LilyPond on Wikisource sites[1] 2006-09-17 Jennifer Zagurski
7756 core multi-resolution image viewer 2006-10-30 David Monniaux
8697 core Provide "mark these n changes as patrolled" button 2007-01-19 Borgx
9536 core Improve inline data editing with textual dialects 2007-04-09 xmlizer
9890 core Reasonably efficient interwiki transclusion 2007-05-13 Simetrical
11259 core Djvu thumbnailing should dynamically select PNG or JPG
12223 core Add a tag for inline math 2007-12-06 Florian
18890 Cite Enable editors to declare ref body text outside of main article prose. Also Enable editors to control footnote ordering 2008-01-26 (as bug 12796) Bill Mitchell
13644 Poem Line Numbers on Wikisource 2008-04-07 Tyler Romeo
26448 Collection Make Collection extension to automatically create collections for existing books on Wikibooks/Wikisources
28865 DoubleWiki manual synchronisation points
29023 EPUB export To look to ability to output files as EPUB versions, and suggestion to possible extension Separate gadget available, and now available through Special:Book

Site configuration[edit]

Bug # Title Creation date Reporter
4547 Enable template inclusion from Commons 2006-01-10 Melancholie
13334 Add "mul" local interwiki link prefix for and 2008-03-12 White Cat
14801 Global deleted image review for Commons admins[2] 2008-07-12 Christian Nurtsch
19821 Batch-rename 作者: to Author: on zhwikisource 2009-07-19 wmr


Bug # Title Creation date Reporter Status
14788 Support linking to djvu page 2008-07-11 Snottygobble
14910 Paragraph due to <poem compact> tag 2008-07-24 Giro720
15071 Wikibooks/Wikisource needs means to associate separate pages with books 2008-08-07 Mike.lifeguard
16674 database problems 2008-12-16 Brion VIBBER
17791 ProofreadPage broken for GIF images due to assuming it can always create thumbnails 2009-03-05 Brion Vibber labelled as fixed
18861 Search should index template expansion 2009-05-21 Conrad Irwin
19168 <includeonly> is broken inside <ref> tags 2009-06-12 Snottygobble
21339 Transclusion from pages built by a template 2009-10-29 Jamie Hari
21653 Creating a PDF with collection extension does not render the <pages> tag hook from proofread page extension 2009-11-26 Yann Forget labelled as fixed

Bugzilla listing[edit]

Wikisource has a tracking bug that enables a view of individually linked bugs


  1. Resolved as "LATER" since bug #29630 needs to be fixed first.
  2. Not directly related to Wikisource, but helpful for all Wikisources