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Internet Archive has a central role in the roadmap of paper book digitalization (scanning; deriving from scans; proofreading and formatting), since it offers an excellent and free service of deriving from scans (adding too a very good OCR).

Very often wikisource projects, whose scope is the last step (proofreading and formatting) of book digitalization, use IA as a "deriving engine"; nevertheless it comes often from individual initiative and it lacks of guidelines about best metadata upload and of backlink. As soon as uploaded metadata into Internet Archive would be so detailed and clear to be used as they are into Commons, and into wikisource projects, and a backlink pointing to wikisource proofread book into wikisounce, data flow among IA, Commons, Wikidata and Wikisource could be enhanced and promoved.

Opal it.source initiative[edit]

Recently, some it.wikisource users are exploring such IA/Wikisource relationship, the opportunity being a batch IA upload of many books from Opal libri antichi, a valuable Italian academic library. A new collection has been opened: opallibriantichi and a it.source user admins it. Uploads are going on by a Tool Labs tool (itsource) mainly using internetarchive module for the job. In the meantime, IA API are explored from a "wikisourcian" point of view. Here some recipes and suggestions, coming from these tests, will be shared. Please add your experience.