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Wikisource welcomes new texts.
Sometimes, however, we have decided that it currently does not merit inclusion in Wikisource. Pages listed here have been created and deleted multiple times.

Sysops: To ensure protection against creation, please delete pages before adding their titles to the list or purge this page's cache immediately following the deletions.

Instructions for using this page

  • Only administrators are able to list titles here. To request that a deleted title be protected, please list it, with the reason for the request, at Wikisource:Protection requests.
  • Instructions for administrators:
    • Delete the page to be protected.
    • Enter the title in alphabetical order.
    • Use {{Protected title}}, with the parameters {{protected title|pg=pagename|reason=reason|ns=namespace|talk=yes/no|commons=yes/no}}. Only the first parameter is required. For more information on using this template, see Template talk:Protected title.
    • For images or categories, you MUST use the namespace parameter as well, or the protection will fail. This is because images and categories are linked to in a nonstandard way ([[:Image)

Protected titles